2016 U.S Olympic Trials: Day Seven Finals Live Recap


Tonight could be a historic night for swimming at the 2016 U.S Olympic Trials. Both Katie Ledecky and Michael Phelps could be making history tonight as they each have one final to contest.

Phelps is up first in the men’s 100m butterfly which will be his last race on U.S soil. If he makes the team in the event, he’s in a position to win four straight Olympic gold medals in the event, something that’s never been done before. There’s plenty of talent in the final tonight, and Phelps is far from a lock in the event after the speed that was displayed in semifinals.

Ledecky has the 800m freestyle final. In order to qualify, she swam an 8:10.91. She described that that performance felt easy, meaning that there’s plenty of potential for her to smash her own world record tonight.

200m backstroke world record holder Missy Franklin will be looking to qualify for one more event with her last swim at these trials. Franklin has been swimming consistently well in the 200m backstroke, and just needs to finish second tonight to qualify. Maya DiRado and Elizabeth Beisel will be there to add challenge to the chase.

The men’s 50m freestyle final is the fourth final of the night. There have been several swimmers under 22-seconds and this final should heat up to be one of the best of the evening. It will come down to the wire as it usually does.

Along with the finals there’s the women’s 50m freestyle semifinal led by Madison Kennedy.


Top seed: Maya DiRado (2:08.14)
World record: 2:04.06 – Missy Franklin
American record: 2:04.06 – Missy Franklin
U.S Open record: 2:05.68 – Missy Franklin
U.S Nationals record: 2:05.68 – Missy Franklin
JR World record: 2:07.43 – Daria Ustinova
2012 Winning Time: 2:06.11 – Missy Franklin

Maya DiRado took the first final of the night with a swift 2:06.90 that put her well ahead of the rest of the field as she won her third event of these Olympic trials. DiRado took the lead at the 100-meter mark and never looked back, holding her consistency into the wall as she touched in for gold at 2:06.90.

The race for second behind her was between Amy Bilquist, Missy Franklin, and Lisa Bratton for the majority of the race. Although Danielle Galyer took it out fast with the leaders, she was passed heading into the 150-wall.

At the 150 it was Franklin in second with both Bilquist and Bratton hot on her tail. Heading into the wall, it looked as though both Bilquist and Bratton were gaining on Franklin. Regardless of that fact, she managed to hold on for silver securing a 200m backstroke swim at the Olympic Games.

At the touch Franklin was a 2:07.89, Bratton was a 2:08.20 for third, and Bilquist was a 2:08.30 for fourth.

Franklin’s lineup is now complete. She’ll be on the 4x200m freestyle relay and compete in both the 200m freestyle and 200m backstroke. DiRado will be swimming three individual events now, adding the 200m backstroke to her lineup which includes both medley swims.

  1. Maya DiRado (2:06.90)
  2. Missy Franklin (2:07.89)
  3. Lisa Bratton (2:08.20)
  4. Amy Bilquist (2:08.30)
  5. Danielle Galyer (2:09.31)
  6. Erin Voss (2:09.81)
  7. Elizabeth Beisel (2:11.12)
  8. Bridgette Alexander (2:11.41)


For official results click here.


Top seed: Seth Stubblefield (51.26)
World record: 49.82 – Michael Phelps
American record: 49.82 – Michael Phelps
U.S Open record: 50.22 – Michael Phelps
U.S Nationals record: 50.22 – Michael Phelps
JR World record: 51.33 – Li Zhuhao (China)
2012 Winning Time: 51.14 – Michael Phelps

The 100m butterfly has always been that one race that Michael Phelps gives everyone a heart attack. He leaves it until the last minute to come home with the win, and why would the last time he raced on U.S soil be any different?

Phelps was out in fourth with a 26.06, but on that final 50 he came home strong. It wasn’t until the last 20-meters that Phelps really began to edge out to the front of the field in order to establish himself as the leader.

At the touch, he clocked in a 51.00. He smacked the water. He spit water out of his mouth. And then he climbed out of the water at these trials for the last time after a race.

Right behind Phelps was Tom Shields who rocked a 51.20 to secure his second swim at these Olympic Games. Phelps and Shields will both be competing in the 100 and 200m butterflies in Rio.

Seth Stubblefield of Cal and Jack Conger of Texas just missed the Olympic team. Stubblefield was a 51.24, 0.04 seconds behind Shields, and Conger was a 51.26, 0.06 seconds behind Shields.

2012 Olympian Tim Phillips was third in 51.44.

  1. Michael Phelps (51.00)
  2. Tom Shields (51.20)
  3. Seth Stubblefield (51.24)
  4. Jack Conger (51.26)
  5. Tim Phillips (51.44)
  6. Matthew Josa (51.86)
  7. Will Glass (52.25)
  8. Giles Smith (53.56)

For official results click here.


Top seed: Katie Ledecky (8:10.91)
World record: 8:06.68 – Katie Ledecky
American record: 8:06.68 – Katie Ledecky
U.S Open record: 8:06.68 – Katie Ledecky
U.S Nationals record: 8:17.12 – Janet Evans
JR World record: 8:11.00 – Katie Ledecky
2012 Winning Time: 8:19.78 – Katie Ledecky

Katie Ledecky put everyone on the edge of their seats through 600-meters tonight as she chased her own world record, finishing shy of that mark, but still claiming gold and securing the event for Rio.

At the 50-meter mark Ledecky turned slightly faster than the first 50 split of her world record. By the 100, she was 0.99 seconds under world record pace. At the 200, she was almost a full second and a half under pace splitting a 1:58.75.

Halfway through, Ledecky turned at the 400 a full second under world record pace with a 4:02.21 split. She stayed under world record pace through 550-meters before falling off that pace.

At the 650, Ledecky really started to drop off the pace, slowly but surely falling farther and farther from her record each 50. At the final touch, Ledecky was an 8:10.32 to take the win, just slightly faster than what she swam yesterday morning.

As expected, Leah Smith finished second in 8:20.18 to secure a second individual event for Rio.

  1. Katie Ledecky (8:10.32)
  2. Leah Smith (8:20.18)
  3. Stephanie Peacock (8:24.71)
  4. Lindsay Vrooman (8:29.10)
  5. Ashley Twichell (8:29.85)
  6. Hannah Moore (8:31.01)
  7. Haley Anderson (8:33.66)
  8. Sierra Schmidt (8:36.09)

For official results click here.


Top seed: Anthony Ervin (21.55)
World record: 20.91 – Cesar Cielo
American record: 21.37 – Nathan Adrian
U.S Open record: 21.14 – Cesar Cielo
U.S Nationals record: 21.47 – Nathan Adrian/Garret Weber-Gale
JR World record: 22.00 – Yu Hexin (China)
2012 Winning Time: 21.59 – Cullen Jones

Sixteen years after winning gold at the 2000 Olympic Games, Anthony Ervin will be back competing in the 50m freestyle at his third Olympics.

It came down to the wire, but ultimately it was American record holder Nathan Adrian who got his hand on the wall first with a 21.51 in order to secure his second individual event for Rio.

Ervin was right behind him by the smallest of margins, finishing second in 21.52.

Cullen Jones finished third in 21.75 and will not be returning to the Olympic Games.

  1. Nathan Adrian (21.51)
  2. Anthony Ervin (21.52)
  3. Cullen Jones (21.75)
  4. Caeleb Dressel (21.80)
  5. Josh Schneider (21.95)
  6. Michael Chadwick (21.96)
  7. Jimmy Feigen (21.99)
  8. Dillon Virva (22.40)

For official results click here.


Top seed: Madison Kennedy (24.52)
World record: 23.73 – Britta Steffen (Germany)
American record: 24.07 – Dara Torres
U.S Open record: 24.13 – Cate Campbell (Australia)
U.S Nationals record: 24.25 – Dara Torres
JR World record: 24.74 – Rikako Ikee (Japan)
2012 Winning Time: 24.50 – Jessica Hardy

Abbey Weitzeil and Madison Kennedy look to be the top two prospects for tomorrow night’s final in the women’s 50m freestyle.

Weitzeil and Kennedy battled things out in the second semifinal. Weitzeil came out on top with a 24.34, Kennedy was second in 24.39.

Both were faster than this morning and are closing in on Dara Torres’ 24.07 American record.

Simone Manuel qualified third overall in 25.48.

  1. Abbey Weitzeil (24.34)
  2. Madison Kennedy (24.39)
  3. Simone Manuel (24.58)
  4. Katrina Konopka (24.68)
  5. Olivia Smoliga (24.84)
  6. Lia Neal (24.85)
  7. Dana Vollmer (25.03)
  8. Amanda Weir (25.08)

For official results click here.

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  1. Jim Graham says:

    Ledecky predictions…Go!

    (8:08.2 for me)

  2. Damiansport1 says:

    Predictions for 100 Fly? Phelps gonna make it or not?

  3. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    Ervin! Ervin! Ervin!

  4. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    Shields and Conger will have to fight to beat err Stubberfield. But I think Phelps is going to turn on his motor. He knows that he is going in lane 7, he isn’t dumb or blind. And he is going to fight hard to make sure he gets it in. Team MP!

    • Rishabh says:

      Phelps’ last half was terrible yesterday. And, his underwater looked half-hearted.

    • G.I.N.A. says:

      You don’t need to bring in disabled attributes for someone so exceptional -it’s unfair for MP & those who cannot speak nor see.

  5. Alec says:

    Dressel had an off swim last night. But i think he finds a way to get in the top 2 tonight.

  6. mixer says:

    What happens if two guys tie for second in 50?

  7. Joel Lin says:

    Tom Shields 50.7

  8. Swimgeekgirl says:

    Anybody know how to watch online without using NBCSN?

  9. The Dream Final says:

    Go Phelps
    50.79 1st Michael
    50.80 2nd Shields
    50.92 3rd Stubblefield
    50.95 4th Phillips
    50.99 5th Conger and Josa

  10. pianoback says:

    Anybody know if the stream will show the women’s 50 free semis?
    (Presumptive “Screw NBC!”)

  11. Caeleb Dressel\'s Occupied Stall says:

    For the 50 free its mens finals and womens semifinals

  12. EliteSwimmer99 says:

    Why is NBC not airing tonight’s finals on TV? This is the worst coverage of any event I have ever seen. Every night coverage starts at least one event late, and then cuts off halfway through. Additionally, the stream doesn’t even work for those outside of the United States (96 percent of the world population). Absolute garbage and a disgrace to the fast-growing and otherwise highly respectable sport of swimming.

    • JudgeNot says:

      Anyone without cable/satellite TV IN the US is hosed tonight also. No free stream since they moved it from NBC to NBC SN. Must authenticate… Well, that frees up the next hour I guess…

    • pvdh says:

      because nascar delivers better ratings

  13. Back2Back says:

    I hope Conger makes the team in the 100Fly. There I said it!!! Go Jack.

  14. SeanSwimmer says:

    8:04.32 Ledecky Mark my words.

  15. SHM says:

    ughhh is NBC not showing the swimming tonight ? does anyone have a stream that an international person can use?

  16. Hint of Lime says:

    Hoping Amy swims well in the 200, especially after such a close third in the 100 earlier this week. Exciting to see what happens!

    • Hint of Lime says:

      Ahhh… Great job to Amy, but a little bummed that she missed out by such small margins in the 100 and 200 this week. Oh, well! Awesome job.

  17. Guilherme says:

    Go to nbcsn!!!

  18. PVSFree says:

    Let’s go Beisel!

  19. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    Nice turn by Missy

  20. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    Comeback for Missy

  21. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    Missy Missy! Dirado 2:06

  22. Stat says:

    Maya 2:06.9!!!!!!!!!

  23. pvdh says:

    ugh…we lose our best female swimmer after ledecky after this olympics.

  24. tm71 says:

    Dirado 20690 another best time
    Missy barely made the team

    • tm71 says:

      Missy 20789
      That won’t win anything in Rio so can she has to improve her start and walls. She is getting killed every time they come off a wall!

      • John says:

        It doesn’t matter! Missy could come last and still say “It’s awesome!” so she’ll be pleased!

  25. Zanna says:

    Maya is on fire! Missy 2nd.

  26. Damiansport1 says:

    Whoa. That was close

  27. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    Franklin went 2:07.89

  28. Stay Human says:

    Cutting it close for Franklin! Unless she finds another gear, she’s likely coming home from Rio with one medal, although at least it will be gold (4×200). DiRado, on the other hand, finds herself contending for 3 medals assuming she can bring her 4IM back to her previous time.

    • SwimmerFoxJet says:

      Gold in the 800 free relay
      Bronze in the 200 free
      ??? In the 200 back. Hopefully a medal.

      • K.B. says:

        I think it will be a big upset if she makes the podium in the 200 free — I would not be shocked if she misses the finals altogether. And same goes for 200 back — although I think she has a better chance in that event.

        • SwimmerFoxJet says:

          She is probably going to final. 2015 Kazan she won the bronze remember. She could finalize, maybe not a medal, but really, nothing is a lock.

  29. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    If Missy can make the 200 back, Phelps can make the 100 fly.

  30. HulkSwim says:

    How many Texas A&M women 3rd place finishes is that? 🙁 they are swimming so well, that’s a tough way to finish the week

  31. BC Eagles says:

    SwimSwam, just a small favor!!!! If you post race videos it would be much appreciated if you would title them as just the race and not include who won in the headline for those of us who don’t have NBCSN and are waiting to watch later 🙂 Thank you!!!

  32. Bayliss says:

    if phelps crunches his turn he won’t make the team. This is a damn good field.

  33. SHM says:

    2 Aussies vs the Iron Lady maybe Maya can grab herself a bronze in the 200m back

  34. Philip Johnson says:

    Glad Franklin made it, but she is not the same swimmer. Should be in her prime. Dang.

    • Steve Nolan says:

      She had to really have been pressing in the earlier stages of the race, she almost got caught. The poor walls we’ve seen before, but I’d never seen that.

  35. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    The Goat is up

  36. Philip Johnson says:

    Are people really doubting Phelps? I think he pulls through.

  37. EliteSwimmer99 says:

    Here we go boys and girls, this race will make history so pay attention.

  38. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    I can’t stand the tension.

  39. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    Phelps making a comeback

  40. scott says:

    WHy is it only on a cable NBC channel? These people represent a nation unlike NASCAR. I’m really mad the finals are not televised on broadcast TV like the rest of trials.

  41. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    Phelps 1 51.00

  42. tm71 says:

    The man is the greatest !

  43. SwimmerFoxJet says:


  44. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    Who got 2nd lol

  45. SHM says:

    Oooo Phelps next to Shields there both going through

  46. Lsswim says:

    What’s there ever any doubt?! Phelps!!!

  47. Philip Johnson says:

    Don’t doubt the GOAT!!!!

  48. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    He is BOSS

  49. Paul says:

    The King of the North!

  50. PVSFree says:

    51.00 with a REALLY long glide into the finish. He’ll definitely be faster in Rio

    • Irish Ringer says:

      Said tonight was the first time his stroke felt good. He could have been 50.7 if he nails the finish.

      So as the week goes on he gets stronger….sounds like a full taper wasn’t in place for OT.

    • swimdoc says:

      His underwater off the wall was also not Phelpsian — Shields crushed him on that. He’ll improve on that with more rest.

      • bigNowhere says:

        Phelps has good underwaters, but he has never had the *best* underwaters, especially against a specialist like Shields. Shields always beats him on that portion of the race, just like Crocker used to in the old days. The same will be true in Rio. Phelps will not be first to the wall, and he won’t have the fastest underwater. But he still may win.

        Where Phelps kills people in the 100 fly is when he freight trains everyone in the last 20 meters or so. That’s always been his secret weapon.

        • Scott Morgan says:

          World Champs 2007: Phelps did indeed have the best underwaters.

          • Irish Ringer says:

            Agreed, they really didn’t catch on until he was so dominant on 07. The beating Lochte got off the walls in 07 convinced him to focus more on them.

            But in 2016 he doesn’t have the best underwater/walls. They are close, but not the best.

          • bigNowhere says:

            Phelps underwaters were great in 2007 but they wouldnt have beaten Crockers in a 100 fly race. (yes I know crocker was still competing in 2007) Mostly they were awesome in that he could do them effectively off the last wall of a 200 (free or fly) which in thise days was still unusual. That was more about fitness.

          • bigNowhere says:

            here is the 100 fly race from 2007 WC. Crocker is ahead going into the last 20 meters, and Phelps does the usual freight train at that point. again, Phelps had great underwaters, but not the best.

            and, of course this was not Crocker at his best.

  51. Zanna says:

    Wow Shields!! Aww no Conger.

  52. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    I honestly thought he was going to lose in 70 m

  53. Swim Taxi Dad says:

    As I suggested the other day, it’s my strong suspicion (and strong hope) that Phelps is not fully rested. At Nationals last year Bowman talk about how frightened he and Phelps were with the lengthy rest Phelps needed to be peaking for that meet. Thus it seems to me that if Phelps was fully rested for Trials, especially given how hard he trained this year, it might jeopardize his swim-taper-rest cycle for RIO. (That might mean that the double-taper cycle that worked so well for previous Olympic years won’t work the same now.) Perhaps they hoped, then, that he would be rested enough at Trials to make his events and be ready to peak for RIO. At Phelps age, the thinking might be, better to risk swimming slower at Trials and swim your best at RIO than be relatively assured of making your events at Trials and jeopardize your performance at RIO. (I don’t think just making the team has much meaning for Phelps at this point.) If this is accurate, that strategy perhaps paid off (we won’t know for sure until RIO), but barely, especially given the competitiveness of the 100 fly at Trials.
    It also seems to me that Phelps would be A LOT more upset with his times if he believed he was fully rested.

    • SwimmerFoxJet says:

      Yea, he would be like……………………………………………………………………………..

    • scott says:

      USA Olympics would be pissed at anyone fully tapered for trials. The goal is the win in Rio, not just trials. Tapering for trials jeopardizes a win in Rio.

    • Crawler says:

      It sounds like a logical albeit risky (for the 100fly) strategy. We will find out in Rio. MP sounded confident that he could be faster and win there.

    • swimdoc says:

      It’s just interesting that in all his post-race interviews, he never mentions “more rest.” He always says there are things he’ll have to work on. You’d think he’d put out there that he wasn’t fully rested, especially to put some fear into the competition.

  54. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    SHIELDS 51.2

  55. Philip Johnson says:

    wow, he needs to work on that finish.

    • Jim Graham says:

      So so long….I thought he might have blown it. But he can clean that up. He has a 50.5 in him. Hope he finds it in Rio.

  56. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    Boomer! Such a close race.

  57. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    All deh doubters will doubt.

  58. breastroke is stupid says:

    51.2 doesn’t make it to rio. oh.

    • swimdoc says:

      How did men’s breast and 100 fly suddenly get so fast for the U.S.?

      • scott says:

        Brendan Hanson has been there for mens breast for the last few olympics. Not anymore, but breast is strong for the US. It’s stronger for the Japanese though I think.

  59. Celery126 says:

    Heartbreaker for Stubblefield – Heck of a swim

  60. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    2008 anyone?

  61. Joel Lin says:

    Thank God MP won’t be allowed to wear that ugly ass Under Armour combat gear at the Olympics. UGLY.

    • Irish Ringer says:

      Just be happy your boy Shields is through and refrain from taking shots at the GOAT in his moment 🙂

    • Justin Thompson says:

      I wonder if the combat gear was in honor of the 4th of July? Maybe saluting our armed forces? Maybe Phelps/Under Armour will get the memo and put that away for you in Rio.

    • Lazy Observer says:

      Too bad you will still be allowed to faint onto the chaise lounge over every possible detail you don’t like about Phelps.

  62. Philip Johnson says:

    51 won’t cut it though, he needs to improve if we wants to medal.

    • PVSFree says:

      He definitely will. There are already suspicions that he’s not fully tapered for this and he had a really long glide into the finish

  63. EliteSwimmer99 says:

    PHELPS 51.00. As Rowdy would say, “UNBELIEVABLE AT THE END!!!!”

  64. Sean S says:

    Pisses me off that Shields makes the team in 2 events and NBC acts like he doesn’t exist. We can’t even get one interview?

    • JudgeNot says:

      My guess – he walked away. All he has to do is stand there, like all of the other 2nd place finishers. No love lost – MP and TS. Chilly at the end in the water?

    • Dan says:

      Yeah. And Phelps is pretty disrespectful towards him too.

      Getting spot on the US men’s medley relay is almost a guaranteed gold medal. I’m happy to see Tom Shields get in that event. He has stuck around and worked for this for a while.

      • BearlyBreathing says:

        How exactly is Michael Phelps disrespectful towards Tom Shields? Just curious.

        • Irish Ringer says:

          I don’t think he is. I think they’ve know each other long enough there’s a mutual respect there that doesn’t require a bunch of hugs and kisses.

      • Scott Morgan says:

        Fans love rivalries so much it seems they will flame them, or even invent them, if necessary. Phelps DID and HAS given props to Shields.

        NBC will of course choose to promote–and dote on–Michael Phelps. He’s the GOAT, a proven commodity, known by the public. He won the races. NBC’s advertisers would demand no less. To expect NBC to do anything other than follow the star is a tad naive. Shields is not well known; I think he has yet to win an international LC medal. Want more of Shields on camera? Take it up with NBC and Shields.

        I think Phelps has been very humble under the spotlight, and has given much of himself. He seems to shout-out teammates and other swimmers regularly. I don’t think the complaints against his character are justified.


      simply ugly

    • SHM says:

      Hopefully he’ll give them a reason in Rio to make sure they remember who he is

    • aussie crawl says:

      Mate… im with you.
      They should interview both swimmers.

    • Sarah83 says:

      Yes, I thought that was strange. Shields has always seemed like a nice guy to me, not sure what the problem is there.

    • E GAMBLE says:

      It took them at least 3 minutes to tell us that Shields had gotten second. When Michael is in a race it’s probably quicker to check live results. lol

      • Justin Thompson says:

        I’m not saying it was OK. Whatever happened there, and let’s be clear we don’t know, NBC should have interviewed Shields too. One thing to keep in mind is this is NBC. They’ve built a good portion of their Olympic coverage around Phelps since 2004. They have a lot invested in Phelps from a ratings perspective and absolutely nothing invested in Shields. Again, it’s not right and it’s no slight to Shields, but this is NBC. The network who dictates what time events start at the games.

        One thing I don’t understand is people are acting like it’s Phelps’s fault. Did he tell the bosses at NBC keep Shields away from me if he is top 2?

  65. Dude says:

    NBC (again) not giving Shields an interview is so wrong.

    • Joel Lin says:

      I’m fuming about that. In the 400 IM and in the 200 IM the second place finisher was interviewed with him. In the other events, same thing.

      What’s the deal here? Why is Shields being disrespected? Who is behind this? Completely unacceptable. This is twice now NBC pulled this garbage.

    • PMD says:

      NBC has an agenda and it is: push Phelps on the public

    • swimdoc says:

      I kinda wonder whether Shields didn’t want to be interviewed. In his SwimSwam interview after the 200 fly, he was asked what drove him. He said “you guys” (the media) and all the other doubters. Why would he want to give an interview to media he things have been doubting him?

      I think the chip on his shoulder is working for him, so I’m glad he wasn’t interviewed. On to Rio.

  66. Alec says:

    Phelps aside, that was an amazing 2nd 50 for Shields. That dude is a SWIMMER now. Not just a dolphin kicker.

  67. SHM says:

    Atleast when Phelps retires there is talent ready to take over the young bucks in the middle of the pool dropped some impressive times sucks that its limited to 2 per nation

  68. Lsswim says:

    Whew I can relax now – who is ready for the Ledecky show?!

  69. Philip Johnson says:

    Yeah Franklin, you having too much fun.

  70. bobthebuilderrocks says:


  71. Phelpone says:

    Be scared Chad, be scared Laslo, the GOAT is ready to fight

    • Felix says:

      Both chad and lazio have displayed some serious speed, I think MP should be more worried

      • Scott Morgan says:

        I’d argue that much of Phelps’ success resides in his unique ability to not “worry” under pressure.

    • Billabong says:

      King Chad, Schooling and Laslo, are all going to be very hard to beat. I think that the old GOAT is going to get a good whipping from the two young guns. Same can be said for Hagino in the 200IM. It’s time for youth and class to triumph. It time guys.

  72. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    I was more nervous for MP on the 100 fly than I ever was for my own races.

  73. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    Wr pace

  74. Stay Human says:

    C’mon Leah, keep her feet in sight!!

  75. Damiansport1 says:

    After 2 very tense races, now we can chill a little as women’s 800 free is foregone conlusion.

  76. scott says:

    When did the 10k open water event begin in the olympics?

  77. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    Wr pace by one second

  78. Alli says:

    Ledecky out fast and barely kicking.

  79. Pvdh says:

    She’s not even kicking

  80. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    She is way ahead as usual.

  81. SwimmerFoxJet says:


  82. Stat says:

    4:02.21 at the 400!!!! Go ledecky go

  83. Mikeh says:

    Katie is following a strange kick pattern. Kicking only with her left leg, then switching to both. Maybe it’s no pattern at all.

  84. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    Barley kicking, another easy 8:07?

  85. tm71 says:

    I think she went out too fast

  86. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    8:08 prediction.

  87. HypeTrain says:

    KL with a one beat kick!? Gary Hall Sr., we need an in depth explanation!

  88. SwimmerFoxJet says:


  89. EliteSwimmer99 says:

    Why did she go a 8:06 at a mere grand prix meet in Austin in JANUARY? I don’t understand.

  90. tm71 says:

    Ledecky 81032

  91. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    8:10.32 easy swim 🙂

  92. tm71 says:

    Smith grabs the other spot

  93. Alec says:

    Ledecky went pretty easy on the legs for most of that race. Similar to her prelim swim.

    • swimdoc says:

      It’s possible that the 100 actually took something out of her. Completely different energy systems, and coming so far into the meet may have hurt more than her endurance stuff.

  94. Philip Johnson says:

    Leah Smith is having a fantastic trials.

  95. Zanna says:

    No WR. Somewhat disappointed. If she goes out fast, she can’t catch her own WR. And Leah Smith is having hell of a meet!

    • Philip Johnson says:

      Are we expecting a WR every time she swims? lol

    • tm71 says:

      And that she is what happens when u aren’t fully rested and tapered, it is hard to finish races. MP has had the same problem with his 200s here.

    • G.I.N.A. says:

      The first tipping point where KL can not keep on barging ahead. I don’t stalk ppl on how they look but I’m guessing mother nature has caught up with KL.She is looking less like a boy & it is showing in her times.

      • Philip Johnson says:


        • G.I.N.A. says:

          Someppl understand but I wouldn’t expect you .

        • tm71 says:

          That was a very trollish comment made about KL

          • G.I.N.A. says:

            Why? It has to happen sooner or later.When guys finish growing they just get stronger -when girls mature they get more body fat & their power to weight decreases & their lungs do not grow any more.

            A good sports scientist will tell you exactly that . From here on separates the coaches -those who work with it & those who fight against it.

            Suit yourself .

          • swimdoc says:

            Case in point: Missy.

          • Scott Morgan says:

            Not disagreeing in with your take on aging, but wonder what evidence you have for this “tipping point”? If you are saying she won’t do another best time, I will take that bet gladly.

  96. Danjohnrob says:

    So far no new athletes making the team, all doubles; I guess those 6th place freestyle relay people will have their positions on the team assured after tonight!

  97. Stay Human says:

    Ledecky bumps herself out of the top 10 times in history! She looked tired with her body riding lower in the water almost the whole race after the first couple hundred, and her kick not quite as strong as usual. Long week for her! I think the 3 rounds of the 100 actually took a lot out of her, she didn’t have her usual pop. She’ll be much faster in Rio when fully tapered. Smith very solid though also a little slower than I expected for her and a long week for her too; she’ll be in strong contention for 3 medals in Rio herself. Nice swim for Peacock in 3rd, I picked her for 4th after Becca Mann. Thoughts are with Mann for hopes of a full recovery as her future is also very bright.

    • Back2Back says:

      No way the rounds took a WR away from KL. She is definitely not rested. Two beat kick to the 15M line then a couple of four beat – then back to two. Almost like a training swim… Scary

      • Stay Human says:

        Yeah you’re probably right, back-to-back 8:10’s at the end of a long week without a taper is still amazing though.

      • G.I.N.A. says:

        So you think she did not want that 100 spot ? She does not strike me as the type that would just expect the head coach to give it to her.

        • Attila the Hunt says:

          you are just making too much sense lately!
          Your thailand getaway does not come soon enough!

  98. John26 says:

    Let’s remember in 2010, Phelps swam a 50.64 while swimming comparable 200fly and 200IM to this meet. The 100fly victory isn’t surprising

  99. SHM says:

    Who wouldve thought the only World Record being broken this week would come from the Australian Grand Prix


    Men’s 50 free predicitons ?
    I go with Adrian in 21.30 and Ervin with a 21.45 .

  101. Teacher and Coach says:

    Tough trying to figure out Ledecky’s kick pattern. 1 beat kick for the first 375, then 4 beat for 75, then back and forth between the two. Then 6 beat for the final 25. Hard to say if there was a pattern, especially since the underwater cam shots were inconsistent. Interesting to watch though.

    • Lsswim says:

      She said in her post race interview that she didn’t have the legs tonight and was feeling tired. I’m guessing that’s why

  102. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    Phelps almost got caviced, at the finish I mean.


      LOL – Great one

    • Danjohnrob says:

      Winning by 0.2 is a dominating margin of victory for MP! You can judge that with the naked eye, no stop-motion photography necessary!

      • G.I.N.A. says:

        Yes I posted that if Shields/Philips /other had it in them – they could win with MP in lane 7 . BUT he has those arms that are uniquely built for applying force extended forward. But it wasn’t really needed because Shields & co did not have it in them. M won without going insectorama.

  103. Joel Lin says:

    MP — come on. An interview that goes for several minutes on and on about the race, about your finish about anything and everything….and you don’t congratulate Tom Shields on a great race and qualifying also? With due respect, that was completely classless. What’s the deal here? Did Shields tell him his shoes are ugly? What?!??


      Not calls act at all – He could get lessons from Matt Grevers , he is a real class act Hero .

    • Sarah83 says:

      I hope Shields goes on to do something special in Rio, he seems like a great guy.

    • Irish Ringer says:

      Joel get over it. You cried long enough over this and we realize you like Shields and are hurt Phelps won.

    • Justin Thompson says:

      Ledecky race over and here we are back hating on Phelps like he personally snubbed out Shields on the trials coverage. I can’t believe Costas interviewed him. It’s only his last meet on American soil leading up to the Olympics and there is that one thing. He has 22 Olympic medals.

    • swimdoc says:

      Reliable sources told me that Shields said to Phelps after the race, “What kind of an f’d up name is Boomer, anyway?”. Probably explains the chill.

    • Lazy Observer says:

      Phelps won his race. He is not obligated to set aside time to congratulate anyone. Shields, if he wins in Rio, is likewise not obligated to congratulate Phelps or anyone else.

      I think the only thing Phelps could do that you would approve of is lose.

      • Lazy Observer says:

        Sigh. I feel like I am being sloppy this week with phrasing. To be clear: winners should acknowledge second-place finishers at the end of the race and on the podium.

        But I don’t think they should feel as if they have to bring up or highlight their competitors in every interview they give, which is what Phelps is being pilloried for here. If no one asks about Shields, that’s on the reporter, not the swimmer.

  104. Steve Nolan says:

    Leggo Anthony Ervin!

  105. Rishabh says:

    Ledecky went 53.75 at Austin. She isn’t tapered here for sure… It’s more than possible that she’ll be on the 4*100 free relay after time trials at the Olympic Training Camp But it’s even possible that she swims the medley relay. That could amount to 6 medals.

    • Attila the Hunt says:

      The only way Ledecky swim in Medley relay if she goes Tonya Harding on Manuel, Weitzeil, Weir and Vollmer.

  106. tm71 says:

    Splash and splash I mean dash

  107. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    21.51 Adrian

  108. tm71 says:

    Adrian 21.51
    Ervin 21.52

  109. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    21.52 Ervin!


      I called for him in a 21.45 ….just off that . We’ll done Dude . At 35 years old , he has got True Grit . Fantastic

  110. Zanna says:

    Wow Adrian and Ervin! Was hoping for Dressel to be top 2 but his time will come.

  111. Philip Johnson says:

    The status quo lives on in the 50 free!!

  112. Teacher and Coach says:

    7 dudes under 22. Geez.

  113. SHM says:


  114. Philip Johnson says:

    Anthony Ervin, the greatest comeback of all time!

  115. Damiansport1 says:

    No surprises there. Adrian and Ervin going to Rio. not best times but they will be ready in Rio.

  116. Steve Nolan says:

    In before Bobo chastises Dressel for swimming fly yesterday.

  117. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    Yes, I knew Dressel would fail it

  118. Philip Johnson says:

    Cullen Jones is probably finished.

    • Hint of Lime says:

      Kind of bummed on his behalf, but he has nothing to be ashamed of. Great races in his previous Olympics!

      • BearlyBreathing says:

        Yep. A 47-mid split on one of the greatest swimming relay races of all time in Beijing. That alone is a career accomplishment.

    • swimdoc says:

      That guy knows how to show up in Olympic years. Nice swim for him.

  119. Steve Nolan says:

    Seven guys under 22! That’s not terrible.

  120. Philip Johnson says:

    Just imagine if Ervin would have applied himself. He probably would have been one of the greatest sprinters ever. Like Phelps, he just has natural talent.

  121. Stay Human says:

    7 guys under 22, not bad. Not sure if there’s ever even been an Olympic final with that feat yet?(though probably will be this year) Impressive.

  122. Joel Lin says:

    Bust out the Nirvana Nevermind cover tshirts…Ervin did it!

  123. Back2Back says:

    I’ll say it again – BRING THE 200 FREE RELAY TO THE OLYMPICS!

    • Alec says:

      If not the Olympics they should at least have the 200 free and 200 medley relay at the long course world championships.
      They’d make for some really exciting races.

      • ERVINFORTHEWIN says:

        They allready created those mixed relays – in SC and LC last year …..and the 200 free relay allready exisst but only at SC WC –

      • Crawler says:

        Not so sure, it s a bit gimmicky and would be too fast. I like the 400 relay where you can’t go flat out but have to do some thinking.

    • Back2Back says:

      INVITATION: Top 4 teams with fast 50M guys meet at the RIO Holiday Inn pool after the last event – beer optional… Anyone guess who the four countries would be right now?

      • Back2Back says:

        Permit me to press the point a little further – Girls 200 FREE RELAY will follow the guys at the RIO Holiday Inn. 4 US Women under 25sec again… Who would the 4 women’s top 200 Free Relays be?

  124. SwimmerFoxJet says:

    Crocker gave Phelps the gold.

  125. Philip Johnson says:

    Awww Crocker. I miss the Phelps vs Crocker days.

    • SwimmerFoxJet says:

      Crocker could have made it in 2012 🙁 I wish he got that bronze in 08, losing by .01

      • Stay Human says:

        Me too, but he’s doing great now, has a great life and probably no big regrets. And still has the textile WR.

        • SwimmerFoxJet says:

          Not the legal wr. Phelps 50.65 was in a jammer, then 50.45 last year.

          • Stay Human says:

            ah ok Crocker was in a Fastskin?

          • SwimmerFoxJet says:


          • Attila the Hunt says:

            So Phelps’ 200 free WR from 2007 was not legal either?

          • SwimmerFoxJet says:

            It was at the time of course, but not now. He still went that time, like Crocker. But according to FINA, it must not extend above the navel and and below the knees. Phelps’s jammer time is 1:44.79, quite impressive considering the shape he was in (bad).

          • Irish Ringer says:

            You have to go back aways if the logic is anything swam outside a jammer doesn’t count. So Thorpe’s full body suit would fall under that too. In that case what is the textile 200 free record?

          • SwimmerFoxJet says:

            1:43.14 Agnel.

      • Danjohnrob says:

        Everytime I watch that race I want yell at Crocker, “Why didn’t you wear a full bodysuit! You would have won the bronze!”

        • SwimmerFoxJet says:

          I wonder with Phelps too, I wonder why they didn’t wear those full bodysuits every racce, but probably because they took much longer to put on. But doing butterfly using a bodysuit looks weird, at least it was for me watching Phelps in 2009.

  126. Alec says:

    Obvious now the 100 fly yesterday was probably a mistake for Dressel.

    Knew he didn’t have it when he broke out in the pack, his biggest advantage is the start and he wasn’t clearly ahead like he was in the 100 free or his 50 last summer.

    • Alec says:

      I’m not trying to be a hater…I’m a big fan of Dressel.
      But can anyone reasonably rationalize the decision to swim that 100 fly heat?

      • Stay Human says:

        No, I’m a big Dressel fan too. I was surprised to see him on the blocks; I thought I had read he had scratched finals, but now I’m thinking maybe I just automatically assumed he would because it was the obvious move. Still not sure he would have made it, but now we’ll never know. His coach has to answer for that. Anyway, glad he’s in for the 100 and probably the relay.

    • SHM says:

      Even scratching the 100 fly swim Ervin is very stiff competition to overcome it was never a foregone conclusion this is special event.. atleast Caleb make the team for the 100 im sure his time will come in Tokyo

  127. Back2Back says:

    Way to represent the old guys Ervin! Gives me hope for a comeback at 60!

  128. Irish Ringer says:

    Phelps asks Shields if he’s going to walk around the arena with him after the ceremony and Shields says no and goes running off? Maybe he was letting the GOAT have his moment.

    • Hint of Lime says:

      Yep, I’m a little confused by what happened. Shields didn’t simply walk away, but he actually ran off deck… maybe to go see coach/teammates?


      He probably didn’t care about it – knowing its a Phelps show anyway , once more .

      • Irish Ringer says:

        That or he realized that it was an Olympic icons last swim on US soil. I doubt Shields is emotionally unstable and would run off like that because he felt he wouldn’t get his due.

    • Taa says:

      i think you guys are reading too much into it. Shields doesnt want the limelight.

    • Joel Lin says:

      He ran off to give his flowers to someone and then came back go around the arena to shake hands with the kids behind MP. I just don’t get the general lack of attention and respect Tom got for qualifying individually twice. MP didn’t congratulate or recognize Tom once all week in the interviews after the 200 or 100 fly races. bob Costas interviewed him for over 4 minutes and never mentioned Shields placing and making the team either. I don’t think I’m being a Cal homer to state this is very unbecoming sportsmanship. Very disappointing.

      • ERVINFORTHEWIN says:

        To be the Goat doesn’t mean he can act like he wants towards other Olympic qualifiers …. Phelps looses 50 points in my book at least …..

      • IRO says:

        Shields tweeted a congratulations to MP after the 200 fly, too.

        • Irish Ringer says:

          And Phelps paid Shields a complement after the 200 fly in his post meet press conference (read JUSTIN THOMPSON just below this with the link to the video)

      • Justin Thompson says:

        Pump the breaks. Phelps 200m fly post race interview at 1:47 into this video the reporter asks Phelps what he thought of Shields effort the two of them going to Rio.

        Phelps complements his stroke, says they swim the race the same way and Tom has put together some good 200 flys these past few years. He’s excited to train with Tom and race him in practice.


        • jt159158 says:

          Everyone seems to forget who exactly Michael Phelps is and what tonight meant. Michael Phelps lifted the sport of swimming exponentially to the degree that trials were actually broadcasted on live TV this week. He gets a 4 minute interview and doesn’t mention a first time Olympian, who cares? The interview was specifically about him and his last swim in the USA.

        • Scott Morgan says:

          Agreed, Justin. Fans love rivalries so much it seems they will flame them, or even invent them, if necessary. Phelps DID and HAS given props to Shields.

          NBC will of course choose to promote–and dote on–Michael Phelps. He’s the GOAT, a proven commodity, known by the public. He won the races. NBC’s advertisers would demand no less. To expect NBC to do anything other than follow the star is a tad naive. Shields is not well known; he has yet to win an international LC medal. Want more of Shields on camera? Take it up with NBC and Shields.

          I think Phelps has been very humble under the spotlight, and has given much of himself. He seems to shout-out teammates and other swimmers regularly. I don’t think the complaints against his character are justified.

    • PMD says:

      That didn’t happen

  129. SHM says:

    Its a shame Roland Schoeman didnt qualify for South Africa couldve been the race of the old dogs 😉

  130. Steve Nolan says:

    They’re showing the women’s 50! Had the livestream all ready to go just in case.

    Thanks, NBCSN.

  131. Caeleb Dressel\'s Occupied Stall says:

    Wow shields got a whole 10 seconds of screen time during his own medal ceremony

    • Philip Johnson says:

      Lol Shields getting hosed these entire trials.

    • Hint of Lime says:

      Camera was focused solely on Phelps for almost the entire ceremony. Don’t get me wrong, I love Phelps and understand it’s a potential 4-peat, last race in the US, etc., but Shields deserves a little more recognition, IMO.

      • Lazy Observer says:

        Yes, and LeBron James should have been more gracious in sharing the spotlight with Steph Curry, right?

        It is a competition and yes, sometimes the winner gets the attention.

  132. tm71 says:

    Manuel 2458
    It is like she has a governor on mid 24

  133. Stay Human says:

    Totally shocked that NBC is allowing the swimming to run over into the Tour de France time slot. Manuel looked very smooth and solid, if she had Smoliga’s start and breakout, she’d win finals pretty easily.

  134. Philip Johnson says:

    The state of women’s sprinting for the US is still weak. Let’s see if anyone proves me wrong in this last semi. Not counting on it.

  135. Sean S says:

    “The breakout dictates how much speed you have going into the breakout.” – Rowdy “Vin Scully” Gaines

  136. Stay Human says:

    PBs for Kennedy and Weitzel!

  137. tm71 says:

    Weitzel 24.34 best time
    Kennedy 24.39

    • Danjohnrob says:

      Those times might not win in Rio, but they could make it back for finals, which is more than I was really expecting this year.

  138. Steve Nolan says:

    On the replay, Weitzel took a breath right before Rowdy said she didn’t. (She also breathed twice in a row in prelims yesterday. Which I thought was super weird, didn’t notice it tonight.)

  139. Irish Ringer says:

    Hoping Kennedy and Weitzeil go 1-2 tomorrow night.

  140. Alec says:

    Weitzeil has that Anthony Ervin esque natural hand speed…can’t coach it.

  141. Hint of Lime says:

    Anyone else see lane 1 in the second semi-final (Schick, I think?) with just a practice/training suit and no kneeskin?

  142. bobthebuilderrocks says:

    This sucks… Jack is going to have to wait until next year to drop new fly PB’s…


      He will be there for Trials – there will be no Goat next year …the door will be open

      • bobthebuilderrocks says:

        Hey, at least he’ll be in Rio! 🙂

        Eddie’s going to get to focus on Haas’, Conger’s, and Smith’s freestyle now! 🙂

  143. G.I.N.A. says:

    So Cam McEvoy would have won the US 50 100 & 200 . Howzat for quality & quantity ?

  144. xenon says:

    caleb dressel mentally was on one this trials. Dressel was clearly riding the coat tails of serigio going 21.5 last summer. I mean I saw on twitter that dressel was going 8×200’s with troy. what the hell? Is this 1993? greg troy clearly doesnt know what he is doing and dressel should transefer to cal, michiagan, or ncst with the quickness. Any sprinter knows how long .3 is. Troy is an imposter whos ego is to big to admit he is wrong. he will ruin dressel.

  145. Henrik says:

    Terrible meet for Phelps. No gold medals in rio.

    • SwimmerFoxJet says:

      Well, he did better than you predicted. So, he proved you wrong already here. Plus, I think the taper isn’t full. He isn’t like (CRAP THOSE TIMES SUCK), he was unhappy, but not like fuming with anger. I think Chad wasn’t tapered for his 51.0 and 1:54.4 flys either. Not fully.

  146. bobo gigi says:

    Day 6 quick thoughts

    Women’s 200 back
    The 1-2 expected in the order expected.
    Maya is the second best US female swimmer right now behind KL. She will be a medal contender in that event too.
    I hate watching Missy lose a 200 back since the first time I watch her. That’s her baby race. I’d love seeing her be mad in interview and tell us she’s not happy to lose. I can’t believe she’s happy to lose.
    Everybody talks about her underwaters and her turns. But it was not better 4 years ago and she destroyed the competition. Since 2013 she’s just not the same swimmer anymore. She looks flat with no power. Her lethal finish has disappeared. She’s not high in the water. She looks heavy in the water. And mentally she’s not the same killer either anymore. Has she peaked 3 and 4 years ago? Her coaching change in 2013 to go to college at Cal? Hopefully I’m wrong but I don’t see how in one month she can transform. I think a bronze in the 200 back is her only individual medal chance.
    After Rio maybe she should take 1 or 2 years of break to rebuild a mental and a body and be fresh for 2020. Just an idea.
    For the rest I’m impressed by Amy Bilquist. Remember she’s only 18 and she performed very well this week. 59.37 in the 100 back/2.08.30 in the 200 back. Her body is built for backstroke. She will be a dominant force for US women’ backstroke in the next quad.

    Men’s 100 fly
    All 100 fly races are special with MP. And that one has been the same. He couldn’t lose his last race on the US soil.
    Overall a very solid week considering his level of taper. No doubt he will be faster in Rio. I still have serious doubts about his 200 fly but even if he loses maybe that race will serve him as warm-up for the rest of his week. He’s always better and better as the meets go on. The most important is that he peaks for the second part of the week in Rio with the 200 IM and the 100 fly.
    Shields logical second. He can make a final in Rio but I don’t see him as a medal contender.

    Women’s 800 free
    I was wrong about a possible world record. I just forgot that she was not a machine. She’s well human. And this time she looked tired. The 3 rounds of 100 free plus crazy fast 800 free prelims have been hard in the last 2 days. Maybe 8.10 in prelims was unnecessary. 8.20 was well enough. Last year at worlds she swam 8.19.42 in prelims. A good lesson for Rio. But man, I’m disappointed with one of the fastest times in history! 😆 It’s unfair. Overall considering that the full taper is planned for Rio, I think her times were very impressive. Fireworks in one month!
    Leah Smith logical second. I think she wanted to go faster but the most important was to qualify. I don’t see her as a medal contender in that event with KL, Ashwood, Kapas and Boyle but anyway the most important race for her is the 400 free. And the silver is the main goal.

    Men’s 50 free
    Veterans have given the lesson!
    Adrian and Ervin as expected.
    Ervin’s start looked better than usual. Crazy to think he was olympic champion in that event in 2000. It’s no surprise. He looked so great in season.
    Adrian won but I think he wanted to go faster. He looked so easy in semis but once again a final is well different and you swim much less relaxed.
    I don’t think Manaudou is worried after that meet. He’s still the huge favorite but both Americans can medal. For sure.
    Dressel not at the rank many swim fans here on swimswam expected. But SCY is another sport guys. He still has a lot to learn in the big pool. He’s still young. I add that swimming the 200 free and the 100 fly has not helped him to be fresh for the end of the meet. Good lessons for the future.

    Women’s 50 free
    Abbey and Madison look like the 2 big favorites for the final. Hopefully they can push each other to swim close to the American record. Simone will fight but it looks tough.
    It doesn’t make the headlines but impressive time drop for Katrina Konopka. From 25.12 last year to 24.68 in semis.
    Also under the radar, Anya Goeders with a very nice 25.16 at only 15. She’s already ranked 3rd in the US all-time list for 15/16 girls. She almost made the final! 9th time. Too bad.

    Tomorrow I will give my opinion about the US medal potential in Rio.
    And of course I will post my olympic gold medals’ predictions in each event. And this time I will not change them before the meet! Prepare yours guys!

    • Attila the Hunt says:

      “Adrian and Ervin as expected.”

      Oh REALLY?

      You picked Adrian and Dressel in your prediction list in Swimswam OT previews.
      Have you forgotten?

    • bobo gigi says:

      It was day 7 of course. Nights are short with swimming and track and field…. 🙄

    • PMD says:

      Don’t take votes personally Bobo nobody likes the French. I live with a frog and lemme tell you he’s not a bad guy but I just hate him for unknown American reasons. Thanks for the help during the original Brexit in 1776 tho

    • Track says:

      Ledecky had a legitimate chance of the WR in the 400 free, just going out in 1:56 at the 200 was overdoing it just a bit… Rio will be awesome for her.

    • SwimmerFoxJet says:

      Those are your quick thoughts? I wonder what your detailed thoughts look like.

  147. bobo gigi says:

    Lane 9 day 7 with Ariana Kukors, Kara Lynn Joyce, Jay Litherland, Momma Beisel, Momma Schmitt, Elizabeth Beisel, Allison Schmitt, Jessica Hardy, Kathleen Baker, Gary Hall Jr., Garrett Weber-Gale, Nicole Johnson and Boomer!

  148. MichaelTran says:

    My thoughts:
    1. Missy Franklin. Her 200m back is absolute not impressed at all. I can’t see her will drop 2 or 3 seconds next 5 weeks to get a medal. The gold medal is too far away from her. So sad!!
    2. Maya Dirado. Very good meet for her. She can get 2 or 3 medals in Rio. And the schedule in Rio is nearly perfect for her to do that. Go Maya!!!
    3. KL. she’ll go a lot faster in Rio. So don’t worry guys!!! :)))
    4. MP: very good swim too!!! good luck to him in Rio
    5. Tom Shields. So happy for him!! He deserves it and also deserves more recognitions. Love him!!
    6. Men’s 50m free. No surprises here. Dressel let me down a little bit. But he is still young and he is also in the team. That’s enough for me :))))) Nathan Adrian can get the silver in Rio. Tony Ervin: the return of the champion !! :)))

  149. david says:

    Disheartening for swimmers like Seth Stubblefield
    Hope they don’t give up on the sport

  150. Troy says:

    Tim Phillips was not an olympian. He went to worlds though. Gret swimmer and hope he continues.

  151. Track says:

    In the mist of Olympic Trials Andriy Govorov’s 22.69 Textile best 50 fly has been overshadowed, he almost went as fast a 2009 Mike Cavic, who also went 22.69 at the beginning of a 100 fly…
    I know this is 7 years ago, but I still can’t understand while FINA decided to ban the suits and keep the world records.
    They could of banned the suits and removed the WRs, which would stop the crazy fast times but rob so swimmers of great performances, they could have just kept the suits, excepted the damage had been done and let the times balance out like they would have eventually, and just begin a new era of the sport. But no, they banned the suits so it was harder for people to swim fast compared to the suit times, and kept the suit times, scaring the record books. When will anyone get close to Biedermanns 200 free?

  152. samuel huntington says:

    Want to start making conclusions on the meet. This will be updated.

    people who performed better than expected: Dirado (managed schedule well), Haas, Shields (his 200), Smoliga, Ervin, Schmitt (100 only), Smith, Hannis, Pebley, Cullen Jones (always show up when needed)

    people who performed about what was expected: Ledecky, Phelps, Adrian, Cordes, Litherland, Worrell, King, Andrew (getting the sub 1:00), Bayer, Prenot, Licon

    people who performed worse than expected: Kalisz (seems stagnant), Grevers, Dressel (21.8 is disappointing), Grothe, Beisel (fractured finger didn’t help), Rooney, Nolan, Hoffer (easily biggest disappointment), Lawrence, Dwyer (wanted a 1:44), Lochte (will be better in Rio)

    Unsure, like always: Jack Conger

    • marklewis says:

      Zane Grothe was not worse than expected. He swam very well.

      He swam a best time in the 400 free. He qualified first, and then dropped his time in the final. He battled until the final stroke, where he passed Clark Smith for 4th.

      He swam a best time in the 1500 prelims and will swim the final tonight.

  153. Track says:

    And of course with rowdy saying that Jones missed the team by only .23, he of all people should now how big that is in a 50

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