2016 U.S. Olympic Swimming Team Complete Roster



USA Swimming’s first priority was first place finishers in individual events and top four finishers in the 100 and 200 free. The second priority was taking second place finishers in events that are not the 100 or 200 free. Then came those who finished fifth or sixth in the 100 and 200 free relays and did not fulfill the first two priorities (AKA winning an event or placing second).

*Wilimovsky will also be competing in the 10k Open Water Marathon swim event, but open water swimmers are not included on the roster, as FINA treats it as a separate sport. 

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Coach Mike 1952

Thanks for the list & picture. A couple questions -why are a number of the team members looking in different directions? And as for this page, as others have aptly pointed out before, surely you can find a better picture of Katie Ledecky, yes? Thank you.

Attila the Hunt

In this kind of photo op, they usually have a large number of photographers, not just one of few in the middle.

Seems like a fine picture to me.


Simone Lia & Elizabeth bring it for the girls of colour.



Lazy Observer

Maybe, if this were 1955 and you were white.


Look, at a nationally televised Washington Press Corps dinner, Obama said to Trump, “Orange is not the new black.” It was universally applauded as a hilarious comment. The orange of Beisel’s tan is what GINA are laughing about. So I guess you can lump Obama in with us as racist in your mind.

Stay Human

lol I remember that. According to his former campaign manager, that night created Trump the candidate; he was so pissed at the disrespect he perceived at dinner, that he decided to run for prez, as a revenge so he could get his bully pulpit. So make fun of folks’ color at your own risk.


Yeah i got the joke but she didn’t phrase it that way. Dont get it twisted Gina is a troll

bobby gan

are we allowed to call Lia and Nathan asian?
Why do they have to be pure bred asian to be called asian, but a little color, and they are called colored?


No, just “Olympians”.

Lazy Observer

We can be people of color and Olympians. These are not dichotomous terms.


Blasian (1/2Black and 1/2Asian)


That’s Lia. Eurasian for Nathan – 1/2 white and 1/2 Asian.

Lazy Observer

You should call people what they prefer to be called. Also, “colored” is an outdated term, just like we don’t rub around calling Semites. Try people of color. Also, we are not horses, so we are not “bred.”


Understand the humor, but they are simply Americans! I am sure both Nathan and Lia are very proud of their respective heritage, but they would tell you they are americans first!


Elizabeth’s tan is a natural shade of what Boehner and Trump are aiming for.

Attila the Hunt

Yes, Gina is back to her best!


Coloured? Do you still say that in the US?



NAACP – National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

T Rex “And the coloured girls go doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doodoo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo .

No controversy there. No one picketed T Rex’s funeral & No one queries the NCAAP.

Scott Morgan

T-Rex? A Lou Reed song, is it not?


You are right of course . TRex was a bit quiet after 77. So dead in order T Rex , .Lou Reed & then Harambe.

All in heaven now in the arms of The lord.


I wasn’t questioning it’s legitimacy as an acceptable word in the US – Just surprised that it still was.

We have to use BAME in the UK – Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic groups. Coloured is quite frowned upon this side of the pond haha – Cultural differences.


NEVER EVER EVER say “colored.” Sooooo racist. Yes, the NAACP stands for National Advancement of Colored People, but the organization was founded way back 1909 when that was the accepted term. The terms have changed, but the organization kept their acronym. “People of color” (or “women of color,” as was used earlier in this thread) *is* acceptable. It may SEEM like the same thing, but it is NOT. When you call a person “colored” you are treating them like an object. When you refer to person as a “person of color,” you are simply being descriptive. Too, “people of color” encompasses ALL non-Caucasian races & ethnicities. Otherwise, you may use descriptors for individual ethnic groups: African-American, Asian, Latino, etc. But… Read more »


You should have learned that after you watched the 2015 NCAA final in the 100 free. It’s been brought. lol

bobo gigi

Why they are all in pyjamas?

Manx Bobster

Ah, beat me to it by 17 mins!


They will do a big pajama party at Olympic Village!

Years of Plain Suck

They are wearing PJs because the finals in Rio are late at night (10pm to midnight) and they want to be properly attired for the event! It’s gonna be a big pajama party!

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