Leah Hayes Smashes Her 4th 10 & Under NAG This Summer in 50 Breast

Leah Hayes just will not stop this summer. The 10 year old from USA Athletic Club Tidal Waves Swim Team in Illinois broke the 50 breast 10 & under NAG record today with a 36.06. This is a best time by 1.65 seconds for Hayes.

The swim was done at the Central Mega Zones Championships that are being held this weekend at IUPUI. Hayes’ time just slides under the old record of 36.13, set in 2014 by Meghan Lynch of Greenwich, CT. Of note, Hayes was not very far ahead of 2nd place Lucy Thomas, who posted a 36.41 and was nearly faster than Lynch’s record herself. Thomas trains with Schroeder YMCA in Wisconsin, and was part of a NAG record-breaking 200y medley relay back in February.

Hayes is representing Illinois at this Zones meet, and anchored Team Illinois’ winning 200 free relay with a 28.60. Her team finished more than two seconds ahead of Team Indiana, which was anchored by Adele Zyniewicz. This afternoon, Zyniewicz also swam a 1:10.26 to win the 10 & under 100 fly by over four seconds.

Two weeks ago at Indiana’s LC Championships at IUPUI, Zyniewicz broke the 50 free NAG record held by Miriam Sheehan, though Hayes broke Zyniewicz’s record last weekend at the Illinois Age Group Champs held in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

Hayes now owns 10 & under NAG records in the 50 free, 100 free, 200 free, and 50 breast. There are still two more days of competition left at this meet, and Hayes and Zyniewicz are expected to go head-to-head in another big matchup in the 50 free tomorrow in Indianapolis.

Results for the Mega Zones meet is on Meet Mobile under ‘2016 CZ 14 and Under Mega Zone at The NAT.’


  1. No doper in rio says:

    Waiting to see who has the best gushing adoration about this fantastic young swimmer, between Bobo and not so fast swimmers

    • bobo gigi says:

      Please don’t compare me to the troll! Thanks.
      The big difference is that I’m sincere. The trolls are just here to be provocative.

      For my part I just say congrats to Leah Hayes for another great performance and I wish she keeps having fun with swimming. That’s the most important thing at her very young age.

  2. MyboysswimIL says:

    It would be interesting to know if she is currently on or has been on steroids for her alopecia. This may not be illegal at age ten, but could be a huge contributing factor to her current strength. I have seen her swim. She is double the size of the average ten year old girl she is swimming against and has more muscles than most teenage boys. Not to take away from her obvious talent too… But I just find it interesting.

    • Leah\'s Mom - Jill says:

      Hi Swim Friends – No, Leah is not on any treatment or “steroids” for her Alopecia, hence the absence of all hair. All of the common treatments for alopecia are topical and really do not work long term. There is currently no cure or durable treatment, but research is promising. She has an amazing amount of inner strength and courage that has not only allowed her to get past this condition, but excel both personally and as an athlete. I can assure you Leah puts in the time and effort at practice, and that coupled with excellent coaches, is allowing her to keep progressing as a swimmer.

      We are enjoying watching her success, but are even happier to see how she is more interested in others. She would rather console a fellow swimmer than pump her fist in victory. She has give away many of her swimming prizes to girls that did not place. To us, that is the true measure of a champion and we could not be prouder.

      Thanks to all for the positive comments and support.

      • matt z. says:

        Jill, I am Adele’s dad (I was not at the meet, my wife was), and I am so happy for Leah. I hope she continues to have success in her swimming and in all she wishes to achieve in life. God bless her, you, and your family.

  3. BoredinIllinois says:

    The best part about this- she’s not an Academy Bullet who have stifled competition in Illinois! Go Leah!!

  4. MN fan says:

    Leah is such a sweet girl and always shakes hands with her fellow swimmers. Very nice to see. So fun to watch her swim!

  5. The Kinslands says:

    Great job Leah! Keep up the good work and keep having fun! The sky is the limit!

  6. Swim Mom Yo says:

    I saw her and Adele Zyniewicz hug each other after Adele won the 50 free. It was truly what this sport is about. Friendships built on competition and congratulating each other in the end.

    Watch out for the 200 free today, folks! First race for both today! Go girls!

  7. Sue Kuschewski says:

    Amazing meet for Leah Hayes

  8. Hails says:

    Way to go cousin keep going I believe you can get into the Olympics some day!!!!

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