2015 FINA Junior Worlds: Day 1 Prelims Live Recap

5th FINA World Junior Swimming Championships 2015

Men’s 400m Freestyle Heats

  • WR: 3:40.07 Paul Biedermann (GER) 26 JUL 2009 Rome (ITA)
  • CR: 3:47.12 Mack Horton (AUS) 26 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)
  • WJ: 3:44.60 Mack Horton (AUS) 1 APR 2014 Brisbane (AUS)

Henning Muhlleitner (GER) clocked a sub-4:00 in heat 1, but it was another three heats before another swimmer broke through: that was Yousef Allowghani (KUW) with 3:59.26, his best by nearly 10 seconds. The next heat, which was the first of the circle-seeded heats, ended in a photo finish, with nearly everyone seeming to come to the wall at the same time. The touch went to Bogdan Scarlat (ROU) in 3:57.74, a mere .03 ahead of Victor Johansson (SWE).

USA’s Grant Shoults won his heat with a strong second half; he finished with 3:51.48, 1.3 seconds better than his entry time. Second in his heat was Ricardo Vargas (MEX) with 3:53.53. The last heat featured excellent racing and an exciting finish from Qiu Ziao (CHN), who out-touched teammate Yang Jintong, 3:51.10 to 3:51.27 for the win.

The top 8 finishers go through to finals (as there are not semi-finals for 400s and above). Contesting the championship in the men’s 400m freestyle will be:

QIU Ziao, CHN (3:51.10)
YANG Jintong, CHN (3:51.27)
Grant SHOULTS, USA (3:51.48)
Joshua PARRISH, AUS (3:51.93)
Ricardo VARGAS, MEX (3:53.53)
Matthew HIRSCHBERGER, USA (3:53.59)
Cameron KURLE, GBR (3:54.10)
Rafael DAVILA, VEN (3:54.39)

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Women’s 50m Breaststroke Heats

  • WR: 29.48 Ruta Meilutyte (LTU) 3 AUG 2013 Barcelona (ESP)
  • CR: 29.86 Ruta Meilutyte (LTU) 27 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)
  • WJ: 29.86 Ruta Meilutyte (LTU) 27 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)

Turkey’s Viktoria Zeynep Gunes was the sole sub-31 in the field as she led the 16 qualifiers for semi-finals in the women’s 50m breast. Katie Matts (GBR) and Sophie Hansson (SWE) both turned in 31.48s to tie for the second-fastest performance of the morning. USA’s Nikol Popov was next with 31.69, just .07 ahead of Japan’s Miyasaka Yukino (31.76).

Kennedy Lohman of USA also made semi-finals, qualifying sixth in 32.00. Australia’s Ella Bond (32.15) was seventh, while both Mariia Astashkina (RUS) and Szonja Szokol (HUN) went 32.40 for a tie at 8th. It took 32.73 to make it back to semis.

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Men’s 100m Backstroke Heats

  • WR: 51.94 Aaron Peirsol (USA) 8 JUL 2009 Indianapolis (USA)
  • CR: 54.87 Apostolos Christou (GRE) 27 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)
  • WJ: 54.03 Apostolos Christou (GRE) 10 JUL 2014 Dordrecht (NED)

The circle-seeded heats of the men’s 100m backstroke provided quite a bit of excitement. First Hugo Gonzalez of Spain broke the Championship Record with 54.80 in heat 5. Michael Andrew of USA improved his seed time by .06 and won the following heat with 54.90. And then came teammate Michael Taylor, who won the final heat with a new Championship Record of 54.74, his best by .42.

Qualifying through to semi-finals were Taylor, Gonzalez, and Andrew, then Markus Thormeyer (CAN) in 55.12, Robert Glinta (ROU) with 55.16, Clyde Lewis (AUS) 55.36, Youssef Abdalla (EGY) 55.38, and Luke Greenbank (GBR) with 55.54. It took 56.13 to make the cutoff for 16th place.

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Women’s 400m Individual Medley Heats

  • WR: 4:28.43 Ye Shiwen CHN 28 JUL 2012 London (GBR)
  • CR: 4:40.02 Ella Eastin (USA) 26 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)
  • WJ: 4:40.02 Ella Eastin (USA) 26 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)

Great Britain’s Georgia Coates took 2.5 seconds off her previous best to lead the qualifiers for tonight’s final of the women’s 400m IM with one heat to go; she touched in 4:42.19 to set the bar for the last heat. Her time would prevail as the morning’s fastest, though, as Africa Zamorano (ESP) won with a best-by-six-seconds 4:43.21. Brooke Forde of Team USA was second to Zamorano in that final heat, dropping 2 seconds to touch in 4:43.96. Forde was fourth in her heat at the 300, but passed two competitors, splitting a 1:05.2 over the final 100 meters.

The 8 coming back to contest the final will be:

Georgia COATES, GBR (4:42.19)
Africa ZAMORANO, ESP (4:43.21)
Brooke FORDE, USA (4:43.96)
Rosie RUDIN, GBR (4:44.14)
MAKINO Hiroko, JPN (4:44.58)
Ilaria CUSINATO, ITA (4:46.10)
Anja CREVAR, SRB (4:46.23)
Savanna FAULCONER, USA (4:47.01)

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Men’s 100m Breaststroke Heats

  • WR: 57.92 Adam Peaty (GBR) 17 APR 2015 London (GBR)
  • CR: 1:00.88 Ilya Khomenko (RUS) 27 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)
  • WJ: 1:00.84 Anton Chupkov (RUS) 17 AUG 2014 Nanjing (CHN)

Ude Fuchs of South Africa got things going with a 2.2-second drop in heat 3 of the men’s 100 breast, going 1:04.65 to top the leaderboard. He remained at the top for another two heats until Charlie Attwood of Great Britain went 1:02.06 in heat 5. USA’s Michael Andrew won the next heat with 1:01.54, ticking another .14 off his seed time. Then World Junior Record-holder Anton Chupkov of Russia cracked a 1:00.12 to win the last heat and break both the Championship Record and his own World Junior Record. Reece Whitley of Team USA was second to Chupkov in that heat, and second overall, with 1:01.48. Teammate Andrew was third.

Other semi-finalists included Matthew Wilson (AUS) with 1:01.55, Nicolo Martinenghi (ITA) with 1:01.90, GBR’s Attwood, Grayson Bell (AUS) with 1:02.33, and Andrius Sidlauskas (LTU) with 1:02.40. It took 1:03.55 to make semi-finals.

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Women’s 100m Backstroke Heats

  • WR: 58.12 Gemma Spofforth (GBR) 28 JUL 2009 Rome (ITA)
  • CR: 1:00.59 Daryna Zevina (UKR) 17 AUG 2011 Lima (PER)
  • WJ: 1:00.25 Daria Ustinova (RUS) 10 JUL 2014 Dordrecht (NED)

Australian 15-year-old Minna Atherton stunned the field in the last heat with the only sub-1:00 in prelims: a 59.83 that broke the Championship Record. FINA recorded it as a World Junior Record as well, although Claire Adams (USA), who swam next to Atherton in heats, went 59.58 at the U.S. National Championships. Nevertheless, Atherton qualified at the top of the heap for semi-finals, ahead of Adams (1:00.46), Danielle Hanus (CAN) with 1:00.80, Gabrielle Fa’amausili (NZL) 1:00.86, Bobbi Gichard (NZL) 1:01.12, Taylor Ruck (CAN) 1:01.36, Irina Prikhodko (RUS) 1:01.50, and Grace Ariola (USA) 1:01.73.

1:03.02 was the cutoff point to make top 16 and qualify for semi-finals.

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Men’s 4x100m Freestyle Heats

  • WR: 3:08.24 United States (USA) 11 AUG 2008 Beijing (CHN)
  • CR: 3:16.96 Australia (AUS) 26 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)
  • WJ: 3:16.96 Australia (AUS) 26 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)

Team USA came within a second of breaking the Championship Record in heats of the men’s 400m free relay, thanks to four strong legs from Ryan Hoffer (49.73), Daniel Krueger (49.23), Michael Jensen (49.90), and Maxime Rooney (48.98). Hoffer’s leadoff leg put the Americans only .16 behind Brazil’s Pedro Spajari (49.57). From there, Krueger, Jensen and Rooney took over and continued to build their lead, winning by 1.5 over Italy (Ivano Veraname, Giovanni Izzo, Alessandro Bori, and Alessandro Miressi) and almost 3 over Brazil.

Australia (Jack Cartwright, Vincent Dai, Brayden McCarthy, and Kyle Chalmers) qualified third for finals with 3:20.10. Venezuela made it through to finals in the 8th spot with 3:24.03.

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Women’s 4x200m Freestyle Heats

  • WR: 7:42.08 China (CHN) 30 JUL 2009 Rome (ITA)
  • CR: 7:59.42 United States (USA) 26 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)
  • WJ: 7:59.42 United States (USA) 26 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)

The top three teams who will lead from the middle of the pool tonight will be USA, Canada, and Russia, who qualified in 8:01.43, 8:04.12, and 8:05.56, respectively. Team USA featured Samantha Shelton (2:01.24), Sierra Schmidt (2:00.78), Tatum Wade (1:59.87), and Lauren Case (1:59.54).

Swimming for Canada were Penny Oleksiak, Rebecca Smith, Meryn McCann, and Mary-Sophie Harvey. Presumably Taylor Ruck will anchor the Canadian effort in tonight’s final. The Russian quartet consisted of Valeriia Salamatina, Daria Ustinova, Irina Krivonogova, and Anastasiia Kirpichnikova.

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Swimmer Thieroff
7 years ago

Anyone else think it’s hillarious that the U.S.’ Junior Worlds men’s 400 freelay has a good shot at going faster than their relay at actual worlds?

7 years ago

Expected results for Germany, noone comes even close to his PB. I still dont understand why we even bother to send a team when we dont even taper for this meet. Its ok that we rate european junior championships higher, but then we shouldnt send a team to junior world championships and just safe the money. Out of all 2013 medallists at best 11 have done some damage at senior level (Sedov, Dressel, Guy, Horton, Meilutyte, Carli, Ustinova, Baker, Szilagy, McLaughlin, Overholt). Maybe this time some more will be able to succeed at senior level.

7 years ago

Pay attention to Hugo González, Spanish backstroker, 54.80; 55.43 before Singapore. Uncut diamond born in 1999.

7 years ago

wouldnt it be funny if the US junior team end up swimming a faster time in the final than the senior men’s team did at the recent world championships… the boys swam 3:17s in the heats and likely to break 3:16s in the finals.

Go Aussie
7 years ago

With Minna Atherton doing a big PB (59.83) to get a world junior record there is now a firm competition for the best backstroke club in the world. Is it St Peters Western with Mitch Larkin/Madi Wilson or is it Brisbane Grammar just ten minutes away with Emily Seebohm and Minna?

Reply to  Go Aussie
7 years ago

Go Aussie-

Technically 59.83 is w WJR based on the confirmed list of records. However, Claire Adams 59.58 from U.S. Nationals earlier this month should replace the previous record when it is confirmed.

Reply to  Go Aussie
7 years ago

A very pleasant surprise. She showed up rather well in some races at this year’s Nationals and was one of the few from this Juniors team that I see as being potential finalists at next year’s Trials.

Was expecting she was potentially on course for a 1.00mid, even 1.00low, at this meet but sub minute a definite surprise.

The W100back at next year’s Trials is looking rather interesting. Seebohm being regularly sub59 & Wilson a repeat sub59 look locks for the two spots but Hocking is on the return (and a regular 59low/mid) & Atherton now joins the club

Teacher and Coach
7 years ago

They just need more bandwidth. They’ve got the yellow middle lanes, the top 3 splits, and the heat and overall finishers queued right up. My feed is very choppy and low res, however.

Rooney 48.98 split to lead the US 4×100. How did they do the seeding? Randomly?

7 years ago

Your not alone.

7 years ago

I am just wondering? Am I the only one where the stream freezes every 6-10 secs?

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