2015 FINA Junior World Championships: Day 6 Finals Live Recap



  • WR: 46.91 Cesar Cielo (BRA) 30 JUL 2009 Rome (ITA)
  • WJ: 48.25 Matheus De Santana (BRA) 22 AUG 2014 Nanjing (CHN)
  • CR: 48.87 Pedro Spajari (BRA) 28 AUG 2015 Singapore (SIN)

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In one of the most anticipated races of the meet, 2 men hit the Championship Record mark in a heated battle for gold. At the 50, Australi’s Kyle Chalmers was in 2nd place. But he powered through the back half in 24.91 to claim victory and a new Championship Record of 48.47.

He had company under 49, as the USA’s Maxime Rooney clocked a new best time of 48.87. That tied the previous record, which was set by Brazil’s Pedro Spajari in semifinals. Spajari faded to 4th in the final with a 49.56, but his teammate Felipe Souza picked up the bronze medal in 49.30.

The Italian’s grabbed 5th and 8th with Alessandro Miressi (49.61) and Alessandro Bori (50.16). Canada’s Markus Thormeyer was 6th in 49.76. Robert Glinta (49.87), who led at the 50, finished in 7th.


  • WR: 2:19.11 Rikke Moeller Pedersen (DEN) 1 AUG 2013 Barcelona (ESP)
  • WJ: 2:22.66 Viktoria Gunes (TUR) 5 JUL 2015 Vichy (FRA)
  • CR: 2:23.12 Viktoriya Solntseva (UKR) 31 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)

In the finals of the women’s 200 breast, Turkey’s Viktoria Gunes put on a performance that was perhaps the most impressive swim of the entire meet. Gunes came in as the Junior World Record holder at 2:22.66. She obliterated that time tonight with a 2:19.64, closing in on Rikke Moeller Pedersen’s World Record of 2:19.11.

That was a new Junior World Record and Championship Record for Gunes, who finished almost 5 seconds ahead of anybody else. Russia went 2-3 with Mariia Astashkina‘s 2:24.57 and Sofia Andreeva‘s 2:24.88.

Japan’s Runa Imai was 4th in 2:25.52, with her teammate Yukino Miyasaka (2:29.50) finishing 8th. Italy’s Giulia Verona was 5th with a 2:25.90. Behind her was Britain’s Katie Matts (2:27.41) and Georgia Coates (2:28.31).

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  • WR: 1:51.92 Aaron Piersol (USA) 31 JUL 2009 Rome (ITA)
  • WJ: 1:56.79 Li Guangyuan (CHN) 7 AUG 2015 Kazan (RUS)
  • CR: 1:57.92 Luca Mencarini (RUS) 31 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)

Spain’s Hugo Gonzalez powered through the final 50 meters to win the men’s 200 back in 1:58.11. Gonzales outsplit the field with a 29.20 to overcome the Americans at the finish. Team USA held on for 2nd and 3rd by Michael Taylor (1:58.39) and Austin Katz (1:58.51).

Surprisingly, Britain’s Luke Greenbank (1:58.74) missed the medals after being the favorite coming into the meet. He was 4th ahead of Italy’s Jacopo Bietti (1:59.58).

Rounding out the top 8 was Australia’s Tristan Ludlow (2:00.01), Poland’s Jakub Skierka (2:00.57), and Russia’s Roman Larin (2:01.12).

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  • WR: 55.64 Sarah Sjostrom (SWE) 3 AUG 2015 Kazan (RUS)
  • WJ: 56.61 Xinyi Chen (CHN) 23 SEP 2014 Incheon (KOR)
  • CR: 58.34 Svetlana Chimrova (RUS) 31 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)

In a new Championship Record time of 58.28, Japan’s Rikako Ikee picked up yet another gold in the women’s 100 fly final. Canada’s Penny Oleksiak again took the silver behind her in an impressive 58.50. Australia’s Gemma Cooney rounded out the top 3 in 58.98.

Just missing the podium was USA’s Cassidy Bayer, who finished 4th in 59.04. Australia’s Lucia Lassman came in a half second behind in 59.53 for 5th.

Tying for 6th in 59.74 was Hungary’s Szonja Szokol and Russia’s Polina Egorova. China’s Jingzhuo Wang swam to 8th, touching at 1:00.04.

PDF Results.


  • WR: 14:31.02 Sun Yang (CHN) 4 AUG 2012 London (GBR)
  • WJ: 14:48.76 Mack Horton (AUS) 29 JUL 2014 Glasgow (SCT)
  • CR: 14:56.60 Mack Horton (AUS) 31 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)

Less than 1.5 seconds separated 1st through 3rd in the men’s 1500 free final. Through 1400 meters, Team USA’s Taylor Abbott held the lead over Brazil’s Brandonn Almeida. With a final 50 split of 27.83, Almeida overtook Abbott for the gold, 15:15.88 to 15:16.35.

Spain’s Cesar Castro took the bronze in 15:17.10. Greece’s Dimitrios Negris (15:18.74) was also under 15:20, landing him 5th overall. Australia’s Joshua Parrish was behind him for 6th, swimming to a 15:21.15.

China’s Qiu Ziao just missed the medals, with a 4th place 15:17.54 from the prelims heats. Hungary’s Kristof Rasovszky (15:24.91) and South Africa’s Matthew Meyer (15:25.76) also made it into the top 8 from the prelims heats at 7th and 8th.

PDF Results.


  • WR: 23.73 Britta Steffen (GER) 2 AUG 2009 Rome (ITA)
  • WJ: 24.87 Chen Zinyi (CHN) 26 SEP 2014 Incheon (KOR)
  • CR: 25.02 Rozaliya Nasretdinova (RUS) 30 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)

Russia topped the women’s 50 free with Mariia Kameneva just missing the Championship Record in 25.12. She barely touched out Japan’s Rikako Ikee (25.19), who grabbed silver in a thrilling race to the finish. Close behind for bronze in 25.24 was Australia’s Shayna Jack.

Kameneva’s teammate Daria Ustinova narrowly missed the top 3 after leading through prelims and semis. She hit the wall in 25.39, good enough for 4th ahead of China’s Yuting Tang and Hungary’s Flora Molnar. Tang and Molnar tied for 5th in 25.59.

The Americans rounded out the final, taking 7th and 8th. Ashley Volpenhein hit the wall in 25.68, while teammate Lauren Pitzer clocked a 25.93.

PDF Results.


  • WR: 1:51.51 Michael Phelps (USA) 29 JUL 2009 Rome (ITA)
  • WJ: 1:55.92 Andrew Seliskar (USA) 27 AUG 2014 Maui (USA)
  • CR: 1:56.42 Andrew Seliskar (USA) 31 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)

It came down to the touch in the men’s 200 fly between Russia’s Daniil Pakhomov and Japan’s Nao Horomura. Pakhomov led through the 150, but Horomura outsplit him 30.54 to 31.89 on the final 50 to take the win. Horomura’s winning time of 1:56.80 was just a tenth faster than Pakhomov’s 1:56.93.

Picking up the bronze medal was team USA’s Mike Thomas in 1:57.63. His teammate Zach Harting (1:59.42) was 5th. Italy’s Giacomo Carini finished between them, 4th in 1:58.04.

Bulgaria’s Antani Ivanov (1:59.93) was also under 2:00 to take 6th. Hungary’s Mark Tekauer (2:00.51) and New Zealand’s Wilrich Coetzee (2:00.62) were neck and neck for 7th and 8th.

PDF Results.


  • WR: 26.42 Adam Peaty (GBR) 4 AUG 2015 Kazan (RUS)
  • WJ: 27.74 Peter John Stevens (SLO) 30 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)
  • CR: 27.74 Peter John Stevens (SLO) 30 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)

Lithuania’s Andrius Sidlauskas beat out a loaded 50 breast field, claiming victory in 27.99. Italy’s Nicolo Martinenghi narrowly missed breaking 28 seconds, winning silver with a 28.03. Croatia’s Nikola Obrovac earned bronze with his 28.11.

Just missing the podium was China’s Hao Shen with a 28.18. A tenth behind, Britain’s Charlie Attwood recorded a 28.28 for 5th place. USA’s Reece Whitley posted a 28.33 for 6th behind Attwood. His teammate, Michael Andrew, came in 8th with a 28.44.

Anton Chupkov, who had a chance to sweep the breaststroke events at this meet, wound up in 7th between the 2 Americans. His 28.41 was the slowest he’s been through all 3 rounds. He was 28.19 in prelims and 28.33 in semis.

PDF Results.


  • WR: 1:52.98 Federica Pellegrini (ITA) 29 JUL 2009 Rome (ITA)
  • WJ: 1:55.16 Katie Ledecky (USA) 07 AUG 2014 Irvine (USA)
  • CR: 1:58.16 Tamsin Cook (AUS) 25 AUG 2015 Singapore (SIN)

In the final individual event of the meet, Canada’s Taylor Ruck dropped a new best time to win the event and set a new Championship Record. Ruck’s 1:57.87 beat out the 1:58.16 set by Tamsin Cook on Australia’s 4×200 free relay. That was a 1.5 second drop from her best time of 1:59.34 from prelims.

Behind Ruck, Russia’s Arina Openysheva finished 2nd in 1:58.28. Exactly 1 second behind, USA’s Hannah Cox (1:59.28) earned the bronze medal. She narrowly beat out Japan’s Sachi Mochida, who took 4th in 1:59.39.

Italy’s Rachele Ceracchi (2:01.09) won a close race with Britain’s Holly Hibbott (2:01.29) to finish 5th and 6th. Russia’s Daria Mullakaeva was 7th in 2:01.45, ahead of 8th place Rafaela Raurich (2:01.89) from Brazil.

PDF Results.


  • WR: 3:27.28 United States (USA) 2 AUG 2009 Rome (ITA)
  • WJ: 3:38.02 Russia (RUS) 20 AUG 2014 Nanjing (CHN)
  • CR: 3:38.13 Japan (JPN) 31 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)

In an exciting race that saw 2 teams under the previous Junior World and Championship Records, Russia took the gold in the men’s 4×100 medley relay. Roman Larin (55.50), Anton Chupkov (59.84), Daniil Pakhomov (51.74), and Vladislav Kozlov (49.36) combined for a 3:36.44. That smashed the old record set by Russia in 2014 at 3:38.02.

Team USA was also under that old record, with a 3:37.51 to take silver. Michael Taylor led off with a 55.39, but Russia moved ahead on the middle 200 despite solid performances from Reece Whitley (1:00.92) and Michael Andrew (52.75). Maxime Rooney anchored that relay in 48.55.

Australia picked up the bronze in 3:40.21, capitalizing off a 48.38 anchor from Kyle Chalmers. Brazil’s Pedro Spajari anchored their 4th place relay in 49.44. Spain took 5th after Hugo Gonzalez posted the fastest backstroke split of the field in 54.81.

PDF Results.


  • WR: 3:52.05 United States (USA) 4 AUG 2012 London (GBR)
  • WJ: 4:03.22 Russia (RUS) 25 JUN 2015 Baku (AZE)
  • CR: 4:04.48 Russia (RUS) 31 AUG 2013 Dubai (UAE)

3 teams were under the previous Junior World Record in the 4×100 medley relay, with the Russian women crushing the field to take gold. Irina Prikhodko (1:00.77), Mariia Astashkina (1:07.65), Polina Egorova (58.36), and Mariia Kameneva (54.27) smoked the old record of 4:03.22, also done by Russia earlier this year, with a 4:01.05.

Australia swam to 2nd place in 4:02.42, with a stellar 59.61 backstroke leg by Minna Atherton and a 54.50 anchor by Shayna Jack. Japan (4:03.10) was 3rd to take the bronze with Rikako Ikee splitting a 58.07 100 fly.

Team USA was under the old Championship Record. Claire Adams (1:00.73), Kennedy Lohmann (1:08.97), Cassidy Bayer (58.84), and Lauren Pitzer (55.36) claimed 4th in 4:03.90. They were just ahead of Canada (4:04.51), who had a 58.21 fly split out of Penny Oleksiak and a 55.34 anchor from Taylor Ruck.

PDF Results.

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7 years ago

I wonder why so many people still thinks Feigen is olympic level material, they treat his 2013 worlds results as his “normal level”, which actually seems more like an one-in-a-life result..

I would bet on Adrian/Rooney or Dressel for the individual
Relay: Phelps, Ronney/Dressel, Conger and last between Schneider/Chadwick

7 years ago

Ok, I decided to keep it up and make my predictions for 2020 OT. Ahahaha get ready:

50 free: Schneider/Dressel
100 free: Dressel/Rooney+Adrian-Conger-Chadwick-Stubblefield for relay
200 free: Rooney/Haas+Conger+Grothe-Malone-Shoults for relay
400 free: Grothe/Haas
1500 free:Wilimovsky/Abbott
100 back: Murphy/Pebley
200 back: Murphy/Pebley
100 breast: Whitley/Andrew
200 breast: Cordes/Whitley
100 fly: Conger/Andrew
200 fly: Conger/Luchsinger
200 medley: Andrew/Bentz
400 medley: Kalisz/Bentz
50 free: Manuel/Ciesla
100 free: Manuel/Weitzeil+Franklin-Ciesla-Bilquist-Neal for relay
200 free: Ledecky/Franklin+Neal-Smith-Runge-MacLaughlin for reelay
400 free: Ledecky/Homovich
800 free: Ledecky/Homovich
100 back: Franklin/Walsh
200 back: Franklin/Walsh
100 breast: King/Popov
200 breast: Szekely/Popov
100 fly: Bayer/MacLaughlin
200 fly: Bayer/MacLaughlin
200 medley: Small/Margalis
400 medley: DiRado/Mann

I’m pretty sure none of them will be realized, but it was a funny try

7 years ago

Hi guys! It’s been a very long time since my very last post in this site, but happy to beback.
Really exciting to read your predictions for 2016 OT. Well, here are my picks, even though I’m aware by June everything may happen:

50 free: Adrian/Dressel
100 free: Adrian/Feigen+Phelps-Conger-Dressel-Rooney for relay
200 free: Rooney/Dwyer+Phelps-Lochte-McLean-Malone for relay
400 free: Jaeger, Haas
1500 free:Jaeger/Wilimovsky
100 back: Murphy/Grevers
200 back: Murphy/Clary
100 breast: Cordes/Andrew
200 breast: Cordes/Prenot
100 fly: Phelps/Shields
200 fly: Phelps/Conger
200 medley: Phelps/Lochte (4th Olympiad straight for this duo in this even)
400 medley: Kalisz/Prenot

50 free: Manuel/Ciesla
100 free: Manuel/Weitzeil+Franklin-Coughlin-Neal-Romano for… Read more »

7 years ago

Why does Phelps not hold the junior world record in the 200 fly? I can’t speak for his other events, as I’m sure some of those are faster than the current record too, but I know he was faster than the 155 by Seliskar. Ledecky holds some so I don’t see why not Phelps

**Don’t know if this has been asked around here before

Reply to  Scott
7 years ago

Scott – World Junior Records weren’t recognized until 2014. FINA decided that the starting standards would be the current World Junior Championships Meet Records. Those times were never actually called Junior World Records, they were just the bars that had to be cleared before a record would be formally recognized by FINA.

Aussie crawl
7 years ago

Scy racing and training what a joke.
Seriously !!!
You want to perform on the world stage ??
Train and race LCM !!
Come on you yanks the rest of the world has gone past ya now.

Reply to  Aussie crawl
7 years ago

That last time we had to catch up was 1956 when you put all your top swimmers in Townsvilee. After that the US coaches decided to train harder. We have nave alwayss had the SCAnd LC. The strength of our swimming is the number of clubs and High School and Collllegiate and YMCA programs that go on creating a larger pool of swimmers. This swimmers are fine if they don’t listen to the propaganda spewed out there. You can swim both as swimming is swimming.
Your country has had nice results since London and your back in the swing but haven’t put us behind, many countries have benefited from having swimmers here in our colleges and going back and… Read more »

7 years ago

My Predictions:

50 Free: Simone Manuel 24.56; Abbey Weitzel 24.58
100 Free: Simone Manuel 53.65; Margo Geer 53.76
200 Free: Katie Ledecky 1:54.98; Missy Franklin and Allison Schmitt tie with a 1:55.67 and have a swim off and Missy clips Alison 1:55.55 to 1:55.68
400 Free: Katie Ledecky 3:58.03 WR; Leah Smith 4:03.83
800 Free: Katie Ledecky 8:10.74; Becca Mann 8:19.53
100 Fly: Kelsi Worrell 56.97; Dana Vollmer 57.83
200 Fly: Cammile Adams 2:05.42; Katie McLaughlin 2:05.97 JWR
100 Back: Missy Franklin 59.02; Rachel Bootsm 59.45
200 Back: Missy Franklin 2:05.67; Elizabeth Beisel 2:06.95
100 Breast: Katie Meili 1:05.95; Breeja Larson 1:06.66
200 Breast: Micah Lawrence 2:21.45;… Read more »

Reply to  SeanSwimmer
7 years ago

Correction: Natalie Coughlin wins 100 back 58.98, Franklin takes second

Gold Medal Melanie
Reply to  SeanSwimmer
7 years ago

@SeanSwimmer or anyone else:

Who finishes 3-6 in the men’s 100 and 200 freestyles (for relay spots)?

Does David Nolan get one of those spots?

Reply to  Gold Medal Melanie
7 years ago

Women 100 Free:
3rd: Natalie Coughlin 53.98
4th: Lia Neal 54.08
5th: Megan Romano 54.24
6th: Katie Ledecky 54.25
Missy Franklin does not swim

Women 200 Free:
3rd: Allison Schmitt 1:55.68
4th: Katie McLaughlin 1:56.99
5th: Megan Romano 1:57.43
6th: Cierra Runge 1:58.04

Men 100 Free:
3rd: Ryan Lochte 48.50
4th: Calaeb Dressel 48.51
5th: Maxime Rooney 48.65
6th: Jimmy Fiegen 48.72

Men 200 Free:
3rd: Conor Dwyer 1:45.78
4th: Matt McLean 1:46.66
5th: Maxime Rooney 1:47.01
6th: Reed Malone 1:47.03

Reply to  SeanSwimmer
7 years ago

I forgot Abbey Weitzel. She gets 5th and bump Katie out. Abbey swims a 54.13

Gold Medal Melanie
Reply to  SeanSwimmer
7 years ago

After his 10 month stint training with Bowman, Phelps & Co, what places in which events does David Nolan get at US Oly trials in 2016?

Reply to  SeanSwimmer
7 years ago


David Nolan:
200 IM: 1:58.96 4th
100 Back: 54.32 8th
200 Fly: 1:59.95 8th
200 Back: 1:58.88 6th
200 Free: 1:50.04 12th

Gold Medal Melanie
Reply to  SeanSwimmer
7 years ago

Reply to SeanSwimmer’s David Nolan predictions. I guess you’re saying that Nolan is not (and will not become) a long course swimmer. I think his chances in the 200 free are better than the 1:50 you predict. He split a 1:31+ in the 200scy in a relay this past year at NCAAs.

One last prediction question: what color lane lines will US Swimming use at Oly Trials in 2016: yellow in lanes 3-5 like that used at the Olympics, or all lines identical like they’ve always done?

Reply to  Gold Medal Melanie
7 years ago

Identical 🙁

Reply to  SeanSwimmer
7 years ago

I LOVE your idea of a tie and swim-off between Franklin and Schmitt at Trials! It would be so exciting!

For my part, I hope Schmitt beats Franklin for the individual 200 free because I want Franklin to focus on her 100 back race; they’re in the same session at the Olympics, and now that she’s a little older I don’t like the idea of Missy doing such a difficult double at one of the biggest meets of her life.

Gold Medal Melanie
7 years ago

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found the World Junior Championship to be more interesting than the ones just held earlier this month in Kazan.

7 years ago

Ok bobo here goes


50 free: Nathan Adrian, Caeleb Dressel
100 free: Nathan Adrian, Maxime Rooney with Michael Phelps, Caeleb Dressel, Jack Conger, Ryan Lochte.
200 free: Ryan Lochte, Maxime Rooney (really, REALLY impressed me this week) with Michael Phelps, Townley Haas, Connor Dwyer, Reed Malone
400 free: Connor Jaeger, Townley Haas
1500 free: Connor Jaeger, Willimosky
100 backstroke: Ryan Murphy, Matt Grevers
200 backstroke: Ryan Murphy, Tyler Clary
100 breaststroke: Kevin Cordes, Nic Fink (this is a hard one Fink, Miller and Wilson are neck and neck)
200 breaststroke: Kevin Cordes, Josh Prenot
100 Butterfly: Phelps, Tom Shields
200 Butterfly: Phelps, Jack Conger
200 IM: Phelps,… Read more »

bobo gigi
Reply to  Emg1986
7 years ago

Job well done. We don’t have so many differences. 🙂

I agree that the second spots behind Cordes are very open. Wilson or Fink or Miller in the 100 breast. And in the 200 breast, if I played the security, I would have picked Prenot or Fink but I believe in something big from Whitley and I like this kid. Maybe he will not improve as I expect before the trials but who knows? He has gained 5 seconds in the last year. Why not 3 more in the next 10 months?

Flickinger over Adams in the 200 fly? That’s risky. I like that. Yeah, she had a great summer. She’s my 4th choice right now behind Adams, McLaughlin and… Read more »

Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

It’s fun to see the predictions. We should save them for next year. See if anyone has even come close to 50% success. Pick again in April then pick one week before the trials see how you change then the trials changes everything. There is always the one at least sometime more that were on no radars.
You take all 1800+ swimmers put them in a toothpaste tube and squeeze and out comes the team. With always taking a full complemented of swimmers everyone knows they will go with at least a second place finish as long as there are doubles. The second swimmer usually makes the second FINA standard. We always take s full team without consideration for… Read more »

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Lauren Neidigh is a former NCAA swimmer at the University of Arizona (2013-2015) and the University of Florida (2011-2013). While her college swimming career left a bit to be desired, her Snapchat chin selfies and hot takes on Twitter do not disappoint. She's also a high school graduate of The …

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