2013 Swammy Awards: Age Group Swimmer of the Year – 10 and Under

Anne Lepesant
by Anne Lepesant 14

December 29th, 2013 Club, News

10 & Under Girls

Lillie Nordmann, The Woodlands Swim Team, Woodlands TX

Nordmann finished 2013 with seven long-course swims in the top ten, including the number one 100 fly in the country (1:12.08), and five short-course swims ranking in the top ten. She proved her versatility by being among the fastest ten-year-olds in the country in free, fly and IM, and over all distances. In long-course meters, Nordmann’s top finishes were: 50fr 2nd, 100fr 7th, 200fr 5th, 400fr 8th, 50fl 7th, 100fl 1st, and 200IM 5th. Although she aged up at the end of the summer, several of her short-course times are still highly ranked among ten-year-olds: 100fr 6th, 200fr 7th, 500fr 8th, 50fl 10th, and 100fl 4th. Nordmann broke two Gulf Swimming LSC records in 2013: 200M fly and 200M IM.

Honorable Mention:

  • Regan Smith of South Metro Storm aged out of the 10&U age group at the beginning of 2013 but that didn’t stop her from logging the year’s top swims in the 50/100y free, 50/100y back, 50/100y fly, and 200y IM. In the process she set NAG records in the 50 (27.79)/ 100 (59.89) back and 50 (26.91)/ 100 (59.80) fly. As an 11-year-old she has the fall’s fastest times in the 200y back and 50/100y fly.
  • Grace VanBrunt of Georgia Coastal Aquatic Team broke the only 10&U long-course NAG record in 2013: the 50 meter back. VanBrunt went 32.85 at the Clearwater World Championship Trials Qualifier/Age Group Invitational on 5/10/13 to lower Ella Eastin’s 2008 mark of 32.87. VanBrunt also ended the year 3rd in the 100m back, 2nd in the 50y back and 5th in the 100y back for 10&U girls.
  • Kaylyn Schoof (Schroeder YMCA Swim Team), Chase Travis (Delaware Swim Team), and Gabriela Pierobon Mays (YMCA Dane County Swim Team) all aged up in the middle of the summer but still managed multiple top-ten finishes in both long-course and short-course events.
    • Schoof ended 2013 with six long-course top-ten swims (50/ 200/ 500 free, 50/100 back, 200IM) and six short-course (100/ 200/ 500 free, 50/ 100 back, 200 IM). She broke Wisconsin Swimming LSC records in 200y/ 500y free, 100y back, 200y IM, 100m/ 200m/ 400m free.
    • Travis hold Middle Atlantic LSC records in the 200y and 500y free; she had 11 national top-ten times in 2013 (LCM: 100/ 200 free, 100 back, 50/ 100 fly, 200 IM. SCY: 100/ 200 (1st)/ 500 (1st), 50 fly, 200 IM).
    • Pierobon Mays had strong swims in free, fly and IM. She placed top-ten in 50m free, 50m back, 100m fly and 200m IM, as well as 50y free, 50/ 100y back, 50/ 100y fly, and 100y IM. She is in Wisconsin Swimming LSC record books for 50y free, 50y back, 50y fly, and 50m/ 100m fly.
  • Lastly, North Suburban Aquatic Club’s Kat Sisombath deserves a nod for the consistency she showed across multiple strokes in both long- and short-course seasons. Her top-ten finishes in meters include: 50/100fr, 50bk/ 100bk (1st), 100fl, and 200IM. She closed out the year with top-ten yards times in: 50fr/ 100fr, and 50bk. Sisombath holds Minnesota Swimming LSC records in the 100m free and 50m back.

10 & Under Boys

Winn Aung, Redding Swim Team, Redding CA

With five NAG records to his name, Winn Aung is the hands-down pick for Age Group Swimmer of the Year in the 10-and-under boys category. Aung had a phenomenal summer, breaking, and re-breaking, three national LCM records (50m/100m/200m free) in two months. Then, just before his 11th birthday he swam in a short-course meet and was able to down the 50y and 100y frees as well. Aung finished the year with 15 Sierra Nevada LSC records.

Short Course NAGs
50 free              24.42         7/26/13
100 free           53.12         7/26/13

Long Course NAGs
50 free              27.57         6/23/13
50 free              27.42         7/18/13
100 free           1:01.21      5/19/13
100 free           1:00.67      6/14/13
200 free           2:11.32      7/11/13

Aung has continued to improve as an 11-year-old. He added some longer races to his repertoire this fall, swimming his first 1000 free, 1650 free, and 400 IM in November. His 50 and 100 frees (23.84 and 51.15, respectively) are the top times in the country for 11-year-old boys –by a huge margin– and he claims the top times in the 100 fly and 400 IM as well. In addition he is currently 2nd in the 500, 9th in the 1000, and 8th in the 1650. And he’s only swum the 1000, 1650 and 400 IM once.

Honorable Mention:

  • Aaron Zhu of New Wave Swim Club is a versatile swimmer, wrapping up 2013 with top-ten times in free, breast, fly, and IM. In long course he finished top-ten in: 200/ 400fr, 50br (1st), 100br, 50/ 100fl, 200IM. In short course: 100br and 100/ 200IM. Zhu holds New England Swimming LSC boys’ 10&U records in 100y breast, 50y/ 100y fly, 50m/ 100m breast, 50m/ 100m fly, and 200m IM.
  • Cotton Fields of The Woodlands Swim Team achieved his best swims achieved in free, fly and IM. In long course he finished second to Aung in the 400m and 200m free, and was 3rd in the 100m free. Other top-ten LCM finishes include: 50/ 100fl and 200IM. Short course: 200/ 500fr and 100fl. Fields is the Gulf Swimming LSC record-holder in the boys’ 10&U 400m free and 100m fly.

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Rory Connell

Chase Travis also had a top 10 ranked (5th – 4:58.23) 400 LCM Free as a 10yr old. Which was also a Middle Atlantic LSC record. As a split going out in a 800 in May. 2 Travis, Chase 10 DST NT 9:54.98 33.84 1:11.49 1:41.61 2:26.90 2:51.63 3:42.29 4:19.84 4:58.23 5:31.50 6:14.02 6:51.37 7:28.68 8:06.40 8:43.32 9:20.37 9:54.98 (http://maswim.org/Results/1213/May/DSC%20May%20Maelstrom%20Results.htm) She also posted a 5:28.98 400 IM LCM as a 10 yr old (even though the event is not recognized) Curious, USA-Swimming no longer recognizes 10&U accomplishments in a publicized format for developmental concerns. Even though it was standard practice to release rankings for 10&U when I myself was swimming; in constant competition with Michael Phelps. I see no harm… Read more »


I work in the field of child/adolescent mental health and public health. Like Rory O’Connell; I’m curious: Is there any scientific evidence that publishing 10&U lists and records is detrimental to these young swimmers’ development? If so, is it an appreciable difference from the effect on 11 year olds? From my experience, my guess would be that if it does at all, that it would be an indirect effect from overly pushy parents or coaches than any direct effect on the kids themselves. I’m also curious what the practice is in this regard for other countries, and whether that was a factor in the decision. USA is socially a more competitive country in many respects, and along with advantages I… Read more »

Most other countries don’t start recognizing age group swims until at least 13, but at the same time, as you said, the U.S. culture is different – things get more competitive at a younger age. USA Swimming could have a lot of motives behind not recognizing 10 & under lists. Some could be altruistic (belief that it stunts growth), others could be more cynical if you really wanted to dig into it. At any rate, we’re all about the ‘recognition’ here. We hear from a lot of people who don’t think 10 & unders, or 11-12’s, should get recognitions, something about ‘they probably won’t turn into anything.’ Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get recognized for what they’re achieving right now. I… Read more »

bobo gigi

In France the lists of age group rankings start at 12.
On the USA swimming website the lists start at 11 but you can find the best times for 10 and under in every event here.

bobo gigi

Who was worry for the future of US swimming? 🙂

bobo gigi

English correction. Who was worried?

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