19 Olympians Are Among 31 Aussies Named To 2017 World C’ships Roster


The 2017 Australian Swimming Championships concluded today, which meant that the door had shut on qualification for this summer’s World Championships in Budapest. Australia’s selection criteria was rather succinct, but still left room for some coach intervention in order to reach a possible maximum number of 52 athletes total (26 men, 26 female).

First and second place finishers in individual Olympic events in Brisbane’s ‘A Final’ qualified for a spot on the roster, provided they swim a time that equals or betters the Swimming Australia qualifying mark listed below, For anyone who came close to the mark, some coaching discretion would be enacted, especially if the swimmer had already qualified in another event. The resulting roster reveals that these types of decisions did indeed take place.

As the meet went on, we tracked qualifiers day-by-day and made predictions as to who would be granted a spot on the roster even without meeting the Aussie-mandated QT. But, now Swimming Australia has released the official roster for the 2017 World Championships.

  • Among the 31-strong team is 24-year-old Emily Seebohm, who scored the 21st national title of her career over the course of the week to make her 6th World Championships roster.
  • 19 members of the 2016 Australian Olympic team are going to Budapest, including Olympic champion Kyle Chalmers and Olympic finalist Bronte Campbell.
  • Cate Campbell, as expected, is not on the list, as she has electively chosen not to participate in the World Championships.
  • Queensland leads the line-up in terms of number of swimmers with a whopping 21, compared to 5 from Victoria, 3 from Western Australia and one from each South Australia and NSW.
  • Holly Barratt became the oldest Aussie rookie ever at 29 with her backstroke qualification, while 16-year-old Ariarne Titmus is the youngest swimmer on the roster.

Australian Dolphins Swim Team, FINA World Championships, Budapest, Hungary, July 14-30: 

Holly Barratt (WA)
Joshua Beaver (VIC)
Bronte Campbell (QLD)
Jack Cartwright (QLD)
Daniel Cave (VIC)
Kyle Chalmers (SA)
Brittany Elmslie (QLD)
Alexander Graham (QLD)
Jessica Hansen (VIC)
Mack Horton (VIC)
Zac Incerti (WA)
Grant Irvine (QLD)
Shayna Jack (QLD)
Mitchell Larkin (QLD)
Clyde Lewis (QLD)
Cameron McEvoy (QLD)
David McKeon (QLD)
Emma McKeon (QLD)
Kaylee McKeown (QLD)
Taylor McKeown (QLD)
Jack McLoughlin (QLD)
David Morgan (QLD)
Leah Neale (QLD)
Kotuku Ngawati (VIC)
James Roberts (QLD)
Emily Seebohm (QLD)
Brianna Throssell (WA)
Ariarne Titmus (QLD)
Louis Townsend (QLD)
Madison Wilson (QLD)
Matthew Wilson (NSW)

Open Water athletes:

Jack Brazier (QLD)
Chelsea Gubecka (QLD)
Kareena Lee (QLD)
Kiah Melverton (QLD)
Jack McLoughlin (QLD)

Head Coach: Jacco Verhaeren
Mentor Coach: Glenn, Beringen
Open Water Head Coach: Ron McKeon
Coaches: Peter Bishop (Marion), Michael Bohl (St Peters Western), Dean Boxall (St Peters Western), Simon Cusack (Commercial), Craig Jackson (Melbourne Vicentre), Adam Kable (SOPAC), David Lush (Brisbane Grammar), Chris Mooney (USC Spartans), Chris Nesbitt (TSS Aquatics) Michael Sage (Kawana Waters), Scott Talbot (Nunawading).


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5 years ago

Anybody any idea why Richard Scarce Cam McEvoy’s coach has missed out on selection? Wouldn’t Cam be the highest ranked Aus swimmer based on these trial times?

5 years ago

Louis Townsend sneaks a relay spot, lucky him. Excited to see how the younger SPW guys progress (all still in Boxall’s squad I assume), Cartwright, Lewis and Titmus.

5 years ago

There are 2 McKeon and 2 McKeown !!!! thats funny

Bill G
5 years ago

The McEvoy clan needs to up its game.

Reply to  Bill G
5 years ago

He does have a brother who swims, he has been at the Australian trials, but not quite the elite level.

Reply to  Robbos
5 years ago

there’s will seebohm too, how many sets of siblings could there potentially be

John Wood
5 years ago

Why no Jess Ashwood?

Reply to  John Wood
5 years ago

John Wood – she declined a spot. Report should be out shortly.

5 years ago

They certainly made very generous use of ‘relay cover’ but, in fairness, almost all selections can be fairly defended and, for the most part, discretional selections which will lead to individual swims are going to the younger/newcomers who will hopefully benefit from the international exposure.

The one event where I cannot see a potential entrant is the W400IM but that’s fair enough as nobody was within the same postcode as the QT. Seebohm is unlikely to swim the W200IM so there’s only likely to be one W200IM entrant (Ngawati). Ditto W200FLY (McKeon decline, Throssell sole starter) and only one in W200BRS (McKeown Sr). Also potential of sole entrant W400FR (Titmus) unless Ashwood takes up invite/swims a 400FR time between now… Read more »

bobo gigi
Reply to  commonwombat
5 years ago

Thanks for your always in-depth and interesting analysis of Australian swimming.
Are you Australian?

Reply to  bobo gigi
5 years ago

A half breed !! Born in AUS but until teens lived mostly in RSA (still a dual citizen). Uni in AUS & USA, have lived/worked UK/W.Eur & Asia but been based back in AUS for past 16 years.

Reply to  commonwombat
5 years ago

Good summations of the relays, I see it more of potential of what we can do going forward.
M4X100 changing of guards with Chalmers, McEvoy & Cartwright leading the way, need another swimmer or 2 down to mid 48s or lower, but no depth like the Americans, needs all guys firing at once. More potential going forward then gold at WCs.
M4X200, again changing of guards & hopefully change from looking good on paper to actually performing, Horton & Chalmers with potential to improve, solid 1.46-1.47 men, but like you said no standout.
M4x100 Med, Weak Breaststroke, Butterfly, need improvement from Larkin, a fair way away.
W4x100, very excited of prospect of C1, C2, McKeon &… Read more »

Reply to  Robbos
5 years ago

I see more upside than downside for the Aussie relays given the youth of the team. A medal in every relay would not come as a shock but I agree the W4X2 looks less than likely to pick up a medal.

Tony Stark
Reply to  commonwombat
5 years ago

Didn’t Chalmers swim fastest split in Rio to rescue Australia and got bronze, despite Larkin’s disastrous swim?

Reply to  Tony Stark
5 years ago

Yes, McEvoy performed a similar Lazarus act to nab silver in Kazan but you can only keep going to that same well so many times before coming up empty.

How it stands now is that Larkin may not be better than his Rio swim, BRS leg likely to take a major dive south with Packard’s absence and fly prob on par with Rio at best. If Larkin COULD return to somewhere near his Kazan level then it would help immensely but the major hit on BRS is likely to put them well behind most contenders at half way. Ergo .. still going to need one god almighty anchor leg to get them anywhere near the medals

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