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Dylan Carter on Riding Ups and Downs of 2020 ISL Season (Video)

Dylan Carter came on in a big way for the LA current this season, especially in backstroke, and he explains how he gained confidence throughout this season

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Seebohm on Energy Standard Losing Title: “Cali Condors were just too good”

While Energy Standard put up a valiant effort to defend their league title, the Cali Condors ended up being too much for any team to handle

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Kelsi Dahlia Breaks Down “Chip on our shoulder” This Season for Cali Condors

After not winning a single match last year, Kelsi Dahlia explained the condors’ mindset of not ever letting their foot off the gas this aseason

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Tom Dean on Physical and Emotional Demands on 2020 ISL Season (Video)

British star Tom Dean explains how much it takes not only physically but emotionally to get up and give 100% over and over again in the ISL

Meghan Small Explains What Cali Condors Have to Focus on to Secure Victory

Cali’s Meghan Small and Beata Nelson, who earlier won the 200 backstroke by over a second, place 2nd and 4th nabbing 12 points for Cali

Andrew Seliskar Breaks Down Turbo-Charged 200 IM (Video)

LA came away with 15 points in the 200 IM thanks to Andrew Seliskar and Tomoe Hvas who finished 1st and 4th, respectively

Rob Woodhouse on London Roar: “Psychological state is superb” (Video)

Rob Woodhouse, GM for the defending runner-up London Roar, is encouraged by what he’s seen out of his team thus far in the bubble

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Lenny Krayzelburg: “We want to learn from our experience last year” (Video)

Lenny Krayzelburg, GM for the LA Current, is honest with his team’s feelings, acknowledging that LA’s performance last year was not up to their standard

James Gibson on ISL Final: “We’ve got our strategy down” (Video)

After losing their monumental first match in league history to the Cali Condors in Match #1 of this season, they’re ready to take revenge

Lezak on ISl Final: “We still have that taste in our mouth from last year”

Lezak emphasizes that after last years 3rd place finish, the Condors are still very hungry for one more win out of this season.

SSPC: The ISL Final Preview with CBS Announcer Bernie Guenther

The bottom line is this: any of the 4 teams in the finale could end up crowned ISL champions by the end of the weekend, depending on a few important factors

Caspar Corbeau on Texas “Super, Super Aerobic” Post-Quarantine Training (Video)

Texas Sophomore Caspar Corbeau broke down what the longhorns have been doing since getting back on campus, and it sounds… long

Madisyn Cox on Training Outside: “The outdoor pool has been life-changing”

Madisyn Cox of Longhorn Aquatics won the 200 breast in 2:27.55, giving her her 3rd win of the weekend following the 200 free and 200 IM

Kelly Pash on Getting Back into the Habit of Racing (Video)

Texas sophomore Kelly Pash dropped 2.4 seconds to crack 2:00 and pop a 1:59.58 for a third-place finish and earned a spot at U.S. Olympic Team Trials

SSPC: Nyls Korstanje “Whoever does best in the bad circumstances wins”

Nyls tells a story from the European Youth Olympic Festival, a meet that had a big impact on his career, but not in the way he thought it would