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Beyond the Pancakes: Matt Kredich on How to Teach Athletes

Matt Kredich is as much a student of swimming as he is a teacher


Practice + Pancakes: Georgia Fly & Breast Groups Work Variety of Drills and Skills

On a Wednesday morning, you can find UGA splitting into 4 different stroke groups (fly, back, breast, free) and working seemingly almost every aspect of the stroke


Practice of a Postgrad: How to Perfect Your Underwaters (Video)

After capturing P+P with the Tennessee men, I stayed to watch postgrad and Commonwealth Games bronze medalist (50 fly) Ryan Coetzee’s solo workout

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Practice + Pancakes: Tennessee Men Rock Resisted Relay Starts & Tempo

The UT men were coming off of a weight workout, and applying what they were working in the gym to their skills in the pool


Beyond The Pancakes: Mizzou Strength Coach on How to Train Swimmers

Joe comes from a power lifting background, and never swam competitively, giving him a unique perspective that many might think would hinder his coaching abilities with swimmers, but only seems to be improving them


Practice + Pancakes: Tennessee Women Work Technique, Turns, and Tempo

The SwimSwam Southeast Pancake Tour of 2019 is completed, and now we sit back and reap the benefits. Namely, we get to see what all these teams are doing at their practices.


Top 20 (+7!) Quotes from the Knoxville Pro Swim (Video)

Watch our biggest meet quote compilation to date to find out what your favorite athletes had to say at the pro swim in Knoxville

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Practice + Pancakes: Mizzou Builds Lactate with 20×50 @ 2:00

the key as an athlete is being consistent, but that’s not always necessarily what happens.


Practice + Pancakes: How to Turn Your Double into a Mini Meet

Coach Todd turned his double into a prelims/finals format test set that left the kids tired but kept them competitive. 


2018 Year in Review: Best of SwimSwam Interviews (Video Highlights)

SwimSwam compiled our 12 favorite video clips (roughly one for each month) to tell a story of the highlights in swimming for 2018. 

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Practice + Pancakes: Texas A&M Women Conquer “Countdown” 50’s Pyramid

The Texas A&M women had a pretty normal Thursday afternoon practice. Which included a lot of things that might not be so normal if you aren’t an Aggie. 


Northwestern to Make B1G Moves with Combined Programs (Video Report)

Since the arrival of Jeremy Kipp and his staff to Northwestern, the men’s and women’s teams have noticed a difference in culture. Not to mention that now they’re 1 team instead of 2. 

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Practice + Pancakes: Marlins of Raleigh Recover with Weak Stroke Focus

Regardless of what group they were in, everyone got a recovery day. However, that didn’t mean just swimming easy for 2 hours. At MOR, recovery day means weak stroke focus day. 

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Practice + Pancakes: NC State Runs 500, 200 IM, 50 Free Groups

We’ve seen the videos, we’ve heard the legends, and we had to get a closer look for ourselves. Here’s the breakdown


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