Practice + Pancakes: Battle for the Chipotle Gift Card

SwimSwam wants to give you an inside look at what a normal day-in-the-life looks like for any given swimmer, and how that differs from team to team or city to city. We send our head of production, Coleman Hodges, to be a fly on the wall at practice, then relay what he discovered back to you over pancakes. Or at least breakfast.

Pancakes Travel Schedule:

3pm Touchdown in CVG (Cincinnati)

3:30pm arrive at rental car center

4pm pick up rental car

4:25pm arrive at Northern Kentucky Clippers swim practice

We’ve all been in the place after your spring taper meet, but either before or during spring break. One day you could have the best practice of your career, going in-practice (or even lifetime) bests from a push, and the next day you could feel like you were hit by a bus that untaught you how to swim. That’s where we are for this practice with the Clippers.

To add to the mix, half of their training group was at a camp a the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, and another portion of their group was actually on spring break. To try and keep the kids motivated without their teammates, the coaches decided to throw a little incentive into their lactic set. And what better incentive for a swimmer than a Chipotle gift card.

The set was simple: 10×150 @ 3:00, all off the blocks. The goal was to try and get as far away from your lifetime best 200 as you can on all 10. The person who averaged the furthest away from their 200 time got the sweet gift of Chipotle for dinner.

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4 years ago

Would there be issues with ncaa eligibility

Reply to  Question
4 years ago

No cause Chipotle is a necessary training expense

4 years ago

All 10 on 2:59 –> free Chipolte…

Reply to  UCswim
4 years ago

Exactly as I read it…

Reply to  coacherik
4 years ago

Sounds like a nice day

50 free
4 years ago

Anyone else bother by the fact the someone with a faster time would have to be a much much lower percentage of their time to win?

Reply to  50 free
4 years ago

I am ok with that. Maybe it makes the faster kids step up to do something that they’ve never done before.

4 years ago

what is gmm looking out for behind coleman?

Reply to  anonymoose
4 years ago


Reply to  anonymoose
4 years ago

Stray birds.

About Coleman Hodges

Coleman Hodges

Coleman started his journey in the water at age 1, and although he actually has no memory of that, something must have stuck. A Missouri native, he joined the Columbia Swim Club at age 9, where he is still remembered for his stylish dragon swim trunks. After giving up on …

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