USA Swimming Finalizes 2018 Pan Pacs Coaching Roster

USA Swimming has named the official group of assistant coaches that will accompany the 2018 Pan Pacific Championship team and head coaches Ray Looze and Arthur Albiero to Tokyo in August.

Clear here to view the full Team USA athlete roster. 

Looze and Albiero were announced as the head coaching team in April. Looze was a 2016 Olympic and 2017 Worlds assistant coach, as well 2015 WUGs and 2014 Short Course World head coach. This is Albiero’s biggest U.S. appointment yet after serving as the head coach for the 2016 World Short Course Championships and an assistant for the 2017 World Championships.

A source told SwimSwam Wednesday that former Mission Viejo Nadadores head coach Bill Rose and University of Virginia associate head coach Tyler Fenwick would serve as the open water team head and assistant coaches, respectively.

The following coaches, listed with their non-Team USA affiliations, will make the trip:

View the full Pan Pacs roster announcement in the video below:

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I’m curious how come Greg Meehan wasn’t chosen… did he not qualify as a coach for Pan Pacs?


I agree, and why is Chase Kreitler on staff? What has he done in two months at Cal to warrant this??


Cal men killed it I am assuming he was named in durden’s place. I am thinking Durden and Meehan want some vacation time now cause they will be busy the next two summers


Wyatt Collins was chosen despite only having Haas and Conger on the team.


Ok correction. Andrew Wilson and Austin Katz is also on the list (pending confirmation)


Andrew Wilson too. Two of those coaches only have one athlete each


Seriously. One would think that placing 5 swimmers on the team would be enough.


Then pick another head coach, not some guy who has been at Cal for 2 months! Wyatt Collins? So many coaches not selected are better. Wyatt and Chase walked into those jobs because the head coaches (Eddie and Dave) did the work. Horrible job by USA Swimming selecting this staff.


Pretty sure these assistants from major universities are big part of their programs success. Im sure the main reason these coaches were chosen was because the head coaches declined the invite. However I do think having some assistants on the staff makes sense because a staff full of head coaches could be problematic. At least now there are 3 coaches who’s job is already being an assistant so the dynamic won’t be different for them. Also developing coaches is a good idea and giving these coaches international experience is awesome.


Again, how can a coach that has been at a school for 2 months be a big part of the programs success? Not buying it. Other coaches who spent years developing swimmers to put them on this team are not being fairly represented.


There is a video here of one of the cal swimmers talking about hiring Yuri’s replacement and he said the team immediately knew chase was going to be their guy when they met him. The guy stepped in and the team crushed it so case closed. I’m not saying there are no politics involved in these decisions but I don’t think you need to waste your time arguing this one

Gorb, at it again! Trying to keep his resume at the top of the pile 😉

Gorb – I think you’re missing the point. You’re viewing this as a system where coaches are given ‘honorary positions’ as a badge of honor for what their swimmers accomplished. Chase’s primary function is to oversee the training of the athletes that Cal has sent. Same for Wyatt. That’s a right that those programs have earned by qualifying so many athletes.


The assistants on split programs, like Cal and Texas, do much of the work. You don’t think Durden or Eddie dona the paper work and work behind the scenes or take all the workouts when head coach is off deck. I do know Durden gives assistant a group too….not sure about Eddie.


I know both Chase and Wyatt and they are very good up and coming coaches. I actually applaud the decision to take them. They will gain valuable experience from trips like these working with the head coaching staff and also from being around all these great swimmers. This is how it should be to groom the next generation of coaches!


Cal – 6 swimmers


Tyler Fenwick isn’t the VA mens head coach. Maybe a typo 😀


Did he have anyone make the team at all?


Nope and people should be more upset about this appointment then by Texas and Cal men assistants who put many on team and whose swimmers would feel more comfortable with them there.


Stanford has Ledecky, Drabot, Forde, Manuel and Eastin plus Devine and Shoults. Surprised that no Stanford coach or assistants were included albeit from the womens or mens side.


Stanford coaches didn’t want to go.

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