US World Junior Roster Update: Curzan, Dobler Round Out Women’s Medley Relay


Three more individual events were contested on night 4 of the US national championships: the 400 freestyle, the 100 breaststroke, and the 100 backstroke. More spots for priority 2 are beginning to open up as multi-event talents are adding more swims to their Budapest line-up.


  • These athletes should be locked in, provided they don’t decline their roster spots.

Claire Curzan earned herself two events tonight with her second-place finish in the 100 backstroke. Curzan was also 5th in the 100 fly, so she locks in that event as well, behind first qualifier Torri Huske.

Gretchen Walsh produced the second-fastest time of the night in the women’s 100 backstroke, but because she swam that time in the ‘B’ final she will not have the opportunity to race it in Budapest, as both Curzan and Annabel Crush finished ahead of her in the actual placing at 2nd and 8th, respectively.

Priority 1 Girls (As of 8/3)
Athlete Event 1 Event 2
Gretchen Walsh 100 FR
Torri Huske 100 FR 100 FL
Amy Tang 4×100 FR-R
Grace Cooper 4×100 FR-R
Chase Travis 800 FR
Lillie Nordmann 200 FL
Claire Tuggle 200 FR 400 FR
Ashley Strouse 200 FR
Erin Gemmell 4×200 FR-R
Olivia McMurray 4×200 FR-R
Abby Arens 200 BR
Natalie Mannion 200 BK
Isabel Gormley 400 IM
Kaitlyn Dobler 100 BR
Claire Curzan 100 BK 100 FL

Wyatt Davis joins the team following an 8th-place finish in the men’s 100 backstroke. Joshua Matheny, who already qualified with the 200 breaststroke, added the 100 breaststroke last night. Jake Mitchell solidified his spot on the team with a 2nd-place finish in the 400 freestyle. Mitchell had already placed 5th in the 1500, but was out-done by Arik Katz who placed 4th, temporarily making Mitchell a “priority 2” swimmer only. Now with the first position in the 400 locked down, Mitchell can also swim the 1500 in Budapest.

Priority 1 Boys (As of 8/3)
Athlete Event 1 Event 2 Event 3
Destin Lasco 100 FR
Adam Chaney 100 FR
Jake Magahey 4×100 FR-R 4×200 FR-R
Jack Alexy 4×100 FR-R
Arik Katz 1500 FR
Luca Urlando 200 FL 200 FR 100 FL
Carson Foster 200 FR 200 BK 400 IM
Dare Rose 4×200 FR-R
Joshua Matheny 200 BR 100 BR
Jake Mitchell 400 FR 1500 FR
Wyatt Davis 100 BK


  • These athletes are in line for selection, but need enough athletes to double up in events to be officially added to the roster.

The priority 1 doubles qualifiers sits at only 3 names for girls, meaning that the priority 2/3 girls’ chances of being selected to the World Junior roster are somewhat precarious. Rachel Stege, Ellie Andrews, and Annabel Crush all got onto the 2nd-priority list after their swims last night, but in order to go to Budapest will need somebody who is already qualified–perhaps Claire Tuggle or Charlotte Hook, both of whom are seeded high in the 200 IM–to add a third event to their World Junior Champs lineup.

Priority 2/3 Girls (As of 8/3)
Olivia McMurray 800 FR
Charlotte Hook 200 FL
Anna Keating 200 BR
Rye Ulett 200 BK
Grace Sheble 400 IM
Rachel Stege 400 FR
Ellie Andrews 100 BR
Annabel Crush 100 BK

There are now 5 boys qualified to swim 2 events at the World Junior Championships in Budapest–two of which are qualified to swim 3 individual events. These doubles and triple greatly increases the chances of priority 2 boys making the team in their events, though does not guarantee it. Jake Magahey, who has already qualified for both freestyle relays, now adds the 400 freestyle as a potential individual entry. Kevin Houseman adds the 100 breaststroke, and Will Grant the 100 backstroke.

Priority 2 Boys (As of 8/3)
Brendan Burns 200 FL
Matt Fallon 200 BR
Wyatt Davis 200 BK
Jason Louser 400 IM
Blake Manoff 100 FL
Jake Magahey 400 FR
Kevin Houseman 100 BR
Will Grant 100 BK


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4 years ago

So, let me get this straight: Gretchen Walsh had the 2nd fastest 100 back time of the finals session AND is already on the team, but because she swam in the B finals and placed 9th at the U.S. Senior Nationals we have to have slowed athletes represent our country at the Junior Worlds. Who comes up with these insane selection procedures?!

Reply to  Danjohnrob
4 years ago

Obvious answer is USA swimming. But the swimmer has the faster time, but got a lesser award and place and scored less points. For better or worse, it’s the way swimming works a lot of the time. The procedures are published in advance, so everyone has access to them, and hopefully have the understanding how it is done.

Reply to  Danjohnrob
4 years ago

It’s based on placement. The swimmers that swim faster in the morning are going to make semis and finals, which is what the US needs.

4 years ago

Grace Sheble looks to be priority two in both IMs as of now. If she takes the second spot in the 200 IM after tonight’s results, could that influence an advantage into her getting placed on to the team first from the second priority cuts?

4 years ago

How do they decide which priority 2 boys to take first?

Reply to  Andrew
4 years ago

(I’m making a guess so don’t count me on this one but) I think they might take the 100s of stroke boys first since they may need to use them for the mixed medley relay and the 400 medley relay. Some might be eligible for the second entry for a stroke 50 event (first entry goes to priority 1 swimmer of that 100 stroke).

Reply to  swimmerTX
4 years ago

No that is not right.
They will do it based on how the swims rate based on the 2019 FINA power points table

Reply to  Osd
4 years ago

Oh. I was simply making a guess, based on logics and relay needs for the US.

Reply to  Andrew
4 years ago

It pretty much looks like all the priority 2 boys are in

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