US World Junior Roster Updates: Full Projected Roster


The 2019 US National Championships have come to a close, and all opportunities to qualify for the World Junior Championships in Budapest, Hungary have passed. All that is left is awaiting the official roster for these junior swimmers. Aside from the priority 1 athletes, all of the priority 2/3 swimmers should be able to be selected for the team, pending those who decline their roster spots.

Below is the full projected roster for each gender, along with the new qualifiers from Sunday’s competition. Also, another refresher on the selection process and what each priority group outlines.

Full Projected Boys Roster

  • Sunday event qualifiers in bold
  • Priority 2/3 athletes in italics*

During Sunday’s competition, Jake Mitchell added his 3rd individual event with his 8th-place finish in the 800 free. Meanwhile, 17-year-old Carson Foster added his 4th individual event after winning the B-final with the 2nd-fastest time of the finals session. Multi-time YMCA national champion David Curtiss put up his dukes in the 50 free A-final with his 5th-place finish behind big-time college sprinters.

Among the 12 priority one boys, 9 of them have multiple qualified events. Aside from Foster’s four events, Jake Magahey, Jake Mitchell, and Luca Urlando all have 3 events under their belts. At 19 total qualifiers, all the priority 2/3 athletes should have no problem making the selection cut.

Athlete Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 4
1 Destin Lasco 100 FR 200 IM
2 Adam Chaney 100 FR 50 FR
3 Jake Magahey 4×100 FR-R 4×200 FR-R 400 FR
4 Jack Alexy 4×100 FR-R
5 Arik Katz 1500 FR 800 FR
6 Luca Urlando 200 FL 200 FR 100 FL
7 Carson Foster 200 FR 200 BK 400 IM 200 IM
8 Dare Rose 4×200 FR-R
9 Joshua Matheny 200 BR 100 BR
10 Jake Mitchell 1500 FR 400 FR 800 FR
11 Wyatt Davis 100 BK 200 BK
12 David Curtiss 50 FR
13* Brendan Burns 200 FL
14* Matt Fallon 200 BR
15* Jason Louser 400 IM
16* Blake Manoff 100 FL
17* Kevin Houseman 100 BR
18* Will Grant 100 BK
19* Matt Brownstead 4×100 FR-R

Full Projected Girls Roster

  • Sunday event qualifiers in bold
  • Priority 2/3 athletes in italics*

Out of the afternoon distance session, Paige McKenna‘s time out of heat 3 was good enough to finish 6th overall and claim her spot in the 1500 free. Justina Kozan snuck into the elite women’s 200 IM A-final and claimed her spot on the World Juniors team. Gretchen Walsh proceeded blasted the 2nd-fastest time in 15-16 age group history in the 50 free A-final to become the national runner-up and complete her 50/100 free event line-up.

With 17 of the girls in the priority one tier, Gretchen Walsh, Torri Huske, Chase Travis, Claire Tuggle, Olivia McMurray, and Claire Curzan have all added a second event to their individual event line-up. The total number of qualified girls is now at 25, which is one below the maximum 26 athletes. That means all priorities should make the roster.

Athlete Event 1 Event 2
1 Gretchen Walsh 100 FR 50 FR
2 Torri Huske 100 FR 100 FL
3 Amy Tang 4×100 FR-R
4 Grace Cooper 4×100 FR-R
5 Chase Travis 800 FR 1500 FR
6 Lillie Nordmann 200 FL
7 Claire Tuggle 200 FR 400 FR
8 Ashley Strouse 200 FR
9 Erin Gemmell 4×200 FR-R
10 Olivia McMurray 4×200 FR-R 800 FR
11 Abby Arens 200 BR
12 Natalie Mannion 200 BK
13 Isabel Gormley 400 IM
14 Kaitlyn Dobler 100 BR
15 Claire Curzan 100 BK 100 FL
16 Justina Kozan 200 IM
17 Paige McKenna 1500 FR
18* Charlotte Hook 200 FL
19* Anna Keating 200 BR
20* Rye Ulett 200 BK
21* Grace Sheble 400 IM 200 IM
22* Rachel Stege 400 FR
23* Ellie Andrews 100 BR
24* Annabel Crush 100 BK
25* Maxine Parker 50 FR 4×100 FR

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1 year ago

Is Jake foster ineligible or is he Turing down his spot or what?

Reply to  Bailey
1 year ago

too old.

1 year ago

Carson with a Lochte-like schedule

1 year ago

Destin Lasco turned down his spot, so Sean Faikish made it in the 200 IM

James Beam
Reply to  Vandy
1 year ago

wonder why he said no?

Reply to  James Beam
1 year ago

Something about him needing to finish his schooling he is doing this summer. Respectable to put school first!

Reply to  Swimfan01
1 year ago

Is he going early to Cal?

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