Madisyn Cox Announces Med School, Plans to Stop Swimming after 2020 (Video)


Reported by Reid Carlson.


  • World Record: Katinka Hosszu (Hungary), 2015, 2:06.12
  • American Record: Ariana Kukors, 2009, 2:06.15
  • Championship Record: Kathleen Baker (United States), 2018, 2:08.32
  • U.S. Open Record: Kathleen Baker (United States), 2018, 2:08.32
  • Olympic Trials Cut: 2:17.39

Top 3:

Madisyn Cox had the early lead at 50 meters, turning in 28.13, but Calypso Sheridan pulled up on the backstroke, and the two swimmers were neck-and-neck at 100 meters. Cox then pulled away on the breaststroke to lead by over a body lengthy and 1.52 seconds at 150 meters. Cox finished the race in 2:10.00.

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Texas Tap Water
4 years ago

I’m gonna miss you Cox. We had a good time

4 years ago

Surprised no one’s said it yet: she’s really embracing the name Medicine Cox.

Reply to  iLikePsych
4 years ago

Something something something *Scrubs reference* something something *Dr. Cox* something.

Reply to  Braden Keith
4 years ago

Already mentioned this on Saturday 😮😊😂

4 years ago

Can she possibly pull off a Maya Dirado and beat Hosszu in the 2IM next year???? Highly doubt it, but I’ve been surprised too many times over the years

Reply to  Justhereforfun
4 years ago

Ye Shiwen could or Margalis. Not giving up on either of them quite yet

Bobo Gigi
Reply to  Justhereforfun
4 years ago

Regan Smith if she suddenly loves breaststroke.

Reply to  Bobo Gigi
4 years ago


Reply to  Justhereforfun
4 years ago

Making USA Oly team, and finals at Tokyo might be a good, tough, but achievable goal. Bronze would be over the moon fantastic. Cox has pretty good back half, but needs work on the front half.

4 years ago

I really hope the ISL ban didn’t play into this somewhat early retirement. Either way, best wishes Madisyn! Fantastic IM and Breaststroker.

4 years ago

Good luck to Madisyn next year, hopefully she’s on the Maya Dirado plan

4 years ago

I know a lot of med schools are phasing out lectures so that the traditional 8A-5P lectures 5 days per week are somewhat obsolete, but volunteer assistant coach during med school would be difficult. Best of luck w application process.

Reply to  PhillyMark
4 years ago

Lectures are the tip of the knowledge iceberg. I coach club at a university with a top med school and the med students disappear after the first month. I had a 3rd year (research) try to coach and it lasted a few weeks. Amazingly smart individuals with very little extra time.

Reply to  PhillyMark
4 years ago

I know of a few mainstream Med schools where they’re in class 8/9am-noon/1pm and then off the rest of the day to study, etc.

4 years ago

All the best heading into med school!

Knows Nothing
4 years ago

Madisyn certainly outclassed the rest of the field at Stanford. Too bad about the vitamins: best wishes for 2020!

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