US. National Team Tracker: Top 6s Post-U.S. Nationals

U.S. Nationals have wrapped up, with significant impacts to the swimmers in line for 2019-2020 U.S. National Team status. Here’s a look at the current top 6 in each event, with the Pan American Games set to provide another wave of potential qualifiers this week.

These times can serve as “times to beat” for the Pan Ams swimmers, as well as those swimming the World Cup or other meets between now and August 25, when the selection period ends.

We profiled the benefits and specific perks of National Team status a few years ago, but the most notable benefits include access to monthly stipends from USA Swimming, meet reimbursements and elite athlete health insurance, plus access to the U.S. Olympic Training Center.


Here’s a look at how the 2019-2020 U.S. National Team will be selected. You can see the full criteria here.

  • Top 6 athletes in each individual Olympic event
    • as determined by’s World Rankings from January 1, 2019 through August 25, 2019
    • Rankings will be pulled from the FINA site on September 3 (giving swimmers a chance to make sure their time is included in the database)
  • Prelims, semifinals and finals (A, B, C and D) from all USA Swimming or FINA sanctioned meets are eligible
  • Relay leadoffs, time trials, swim-offs and intermediate splits are not eligible

Note: we did our best to pull out the top 6 swimmers over the qualifying period while factoring out time trials and relay leadoffs, but it’s possible we missed a swim or two here. If you notice one, please let us know in the comments and we will update accordingly. Just don’t bring up Regan Smith‘s medley relay leadoff without reading the bullet point directly above this one.


50 free
Simone Manuel 24.05
Abbey Weitzeil 24.47
Erika Brown 24.71
Margo Geer 24.78
Olivia Smoliga 24.83
Gretchen Walsh 24.85

100 free
Simone Manuel 52.04
Mallory Comerford 53.10
Abbey Weitzeil 53.18
Margo Geer 54.09
Gretchen Walsh 54.13
Erika Brown 54.13
200 free
Katie Ledecky 1:55.78
Katie McLaughlin 1:56.48
Allison Schmitt 1:56.97
Simone Manuel 1:57.24
Leah Smith 1:57.40
Gabby DeLoof 1:57.62
400 free
Katie Ledecky 3:59.28
Leah Smith 4:01.29
Kaersten Meitz 4:05.80
Melanie Margalis 4:06.35
Ally McHugh 4:07.08
Haley Anderson/Ashley Twichell 4:07.77
800 free
Katie Ledecky 8:10.70
Leah Smith 8:16.33
Ally McHugh 8:26.04
Erica Sullivan 8:26.15
Sierra Schmidt 8:27.13
Ashley Twichell 8:27.36
1500 free
Katie Ledecky 15:45.59
Ashley Twichell 15:54.19
Erica Sullivan 15:55.25
Ally McHugh 16:05.98
Kensey McMahon 16:09.80
Sierra Schmidt 16:10.12
100 back
Regan Smith 58.43
Olivia Smoliga 58.73
Kathleen Baker 59.03
Katharine Berkoff 59.29
Elise Haan 59.62
Amy Bilquist 59.64
200 back
Regan Smith 2:03.35
Lisa Bratton 2:07.91
Kathleen Baker 2:08.08
Hali Flickinger 2:08.36
Asia Seidt 2:08.56
Isabelle Stadden 2:08.67
100 breast
Lilly King 1:04.93
Annie Lazor 1:06.03
Breeja Larson 1:06.78
Bethany Galat 1:07.13
Melanie Margalis 1:07.20
Kaitlyn Dobler 1:07.23

200 breast
Annie Lazor 2:20.77
Lilly King 2:21.39
Emily Escobedo 2:22.87
Madisyn Cox 2:23.84
Micah Sumrall 2:23.88
Bethany Galat 2:24.33
100 fly
Kelsi Dahlia 57.06
Katie McLaughlin 57.23
Kendyl Stewart 57.51
Amanda Kendall 57.51
Aly Tetzloff 57.70
Torri Huske 57.80
200 fly
Hali Flickinger 2:05.96
Katie Drabot 2:06.59
Regan Smith 2:07.26
Lillie Nordmann 2:07.43
Dakota Luther 2:07.76
Charlotte Hook 2:07.87
200 IM
Melanie Margalis 2:08.91
Madisyn Cox 2:10.00
Kathleen Baker 2:10.65
Ella Eastin 2:10.72
Alex Walsh 2:11.86
Vanessa Pearl 2:12.49
400 IM
Emma Weyant 4:35.47
Brooke Forde 4:36.06
Ella Eastin 4:37.18
Madisyn Cox 4:37.23
Makayla Sargent 4:37.95
Ally McHugh 4:38.32


50 free
Caeleb Dressel 21.04
Michael Andrew 21.62
Ryan Held 21.87
Michael Chadwick 21.96
Robert Howard (T-5) 22.00
Bowe Becker (T-5) 22.00
100 free
Caeleb Dressel 46.96
Ryan Held 47.39
Maxime Rooney 47.61
Blake Pieroni 47.87
Tate Jackson 47.88
Zach Apple 48.01
200 free
Kieran Smith 1:46.21
Townley Haas 1:46.37
Dean Farris 1:46.45
Luca Urlando 1:46.51
Blake Pieroni 1:46.62
Andrew Seliksar 1:46.74
400 free
Zane Grothe 3:45.78
Jake Mitchell 3:48.08
Bobby Finke 3:48.17
Eric Knowles 3:48.34
Mitch D’Arrigo 3:48.39
Trey Freeman 3:49.16
800 free
Bobby Finke 7:47.58
Zane Grothe 7:50.14
Jordan Wilimovsky 7:53.11
Michael Brinegar 7:54.56
Ross Dant 7:56.03
Eric Knowles 7:57.00
1500 free
Bobby Finke 14:51.15
Zane Grothe 14:56.10
Jordan Wilimovsky 14:59.94
Michael Brinegar 15:00.82
Arik Katz 15:05.93
Nick Norman 15:09.29
100 back
Ryan Murphy 52.44
Shaine Casas 52.72
Matt Grevers 52.82
Michael Andrew 53.40
Jacob Pebley 53.40
Justin Ress 53.47
200 back
Ryan Murphy 1:54.12
Austin Katz 1:55.57
Shaine Casas 1:55.79
Jacob Pebley 1:56.35
Clark Beach 1:57.14
Bryce Mefford 1:57.39
100 breast
Andrew Wilson 58.95
Cody Miller 59.24
Ian Finnerty 59.49
Michael Andrew 59.52
Devon Nowicki 59.69
Brandon Fischer 59.86
200 breast
Andrew Wilson 2:07.77
Josh Prenot 2:08.77
Will Licon 2:08.88
Cody Miller 2:08.98
Daniel Roy 2:09.50
Reece Whitley 2:09.69
100 fly
Caeleb Dressel 49.50
Maxime Rooney 50.68
Jack Conger 51.21
Andrew Seliskar 51.34
Jack Saunderson 51.36
Michael Andrew 51.87
200 fly
Luca Urlando 1:53.84
Zach Harting 1:55.26
Miles Smachlo 1:55.94
Nicolas Albiero 1:56.05
Trenton Julian 1:56.09
Tom Shields 1:56.12
200 IM
Chase Kalisz 1:56.78
Michael Andrew 1:57.49
Abrahm DeVine 1:57.66
Ryan Lochte 1:57.76
Carson Foster 1:58.69
Shaine Casas 1:58.83
400 IM
Jay Litherland 4:09.22
Bobby Finke 4:13.15
Carson Foster 4:13.39
Chase Kalisz 4:13.45
Sean Grieshop 4:13.90
Jake Foster 4:15.03


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3 years ago

Justin Ress
53.47 from semis of WUGs. His 53.81 listed here was from the final of the 100 back.————SFNL——–_73A2%201.0.pdf

Reply to  Boknows34
3 years ago

Good catch, thank you. We’ve updated above.

Reply to  Braden Keith
3 years ago

Can we update this?

Reply to  FlyFish
3 years ago

It’s been updated for 4 days. If you’re not seeing it, then you may be on a cached version of the article (which you shouldn’t be, but sometimes there are glitches in the system). Try Ctrl + Shift + R to do a hard refresh of the page.

Newport Beach Lover
3 years ago

Didn’t Nathan Adrian go under 22 at Winter Nat 2018?

Reply to  Newport Beach Lover
3 years ago

comment image

3 years ago

There are three categories when comparing the class of swimmer. First, there is the competitive swimmer that qualifies for the semifinals at the FINA World Aquatics Championships. Second, there is the world class swimmer that qualifies for the medal podium at the FINA World Aquatics Championships. Third, there is Regan Smith. Any questions?

running start to touch backstroke flags
3 years ago

didn’t make the team? you will be without health insurance like 35 million other uninsured Americans and another 80 million who can’t afford an emergency or diagnosis. so proud to represent the usa.

3 years ago

Are these times in meters or yards? I mean, I could beat all these times in inches!

3 years ago

I’m not sure apple is 48.01
I’m pretty sure he was like 47.7 at wugs

Reply to  Swimmer
3 years ago

Sighh..who is going to say it

Reply to  Zanna
3 years ago

Not me . I’m too busy

Reply to  Swimmer
3 years ago

The down vote:up vote ratio of this comment makes me happy.

3 years ago

Gator men’s freestyle domination. #1 in the 50/100/200/800/1500, 3 of the top 6 in the 400. Has that ever been done?

Reply to  Aquajosh
3 years ago

There was a time when Phelps, PVK, Klete, and I think Vendt all swam for Wolverine.

Longhorn had Peirsol, Hansen, and Crocker.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  [email protected]
3 years ago

Should we email you directly now?

3 years ago

Fun fact, Regan Smith’s 59.4 100 split in her 200 from finals would rank 5th in the list, she’s the real deal Holyfield. Wonder if she’d consider the 100 or 200 free at trials next year, or winter nationals since they’ll probably be LCM this year, bet she could be a constant 52.5/1:55 relay splitter by next summer

Sean S
Reply to  Ragnar
3 years ago

Hey current best in the 100 is a 55. Not sure what you’ve seen to indicate 52.5 split potential. That’s faster than Weitzel split during worlds.

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