U.S. To Select 2019 World Juniors Roster From 2019 U.S. Nationals

USA Swimming will use this week’s U.S. Nationals to select its roster for the 2019 World Junior Championships later this summer.

The U.S. Junior Nationals, taking place next week, will not serve as a selection meet – that means athletes will have to attend senior nationals to be eligible to qualify for World Juniors. That’s the same as the selection process was the last time around in 2017 – USA Swimming used senior Nationals as a selection meet, rather than Junior Nationals the week before.

U.S. Nationals will include a bonus 18&under heat for finals in order to better make selections. The top 24 finishers in heats will make the A, B and C finals as usual, but the D final will be reserved for the next 8 qualifiers who are under 18 years old. That heat won’t necessarily have all 8 swimmers eligible for World Juniors, though, as World Juniors determine age by year of birth, and USA Swimming typically uses age on the date of the event.

Team USA Selection Criteria, 2019 World Junior Championships

  • World Juniors are only open to boys ages 15-18 and girls ages 14-17 as of December 31, 2019. That means only boys born in 2001, 2002, 2003 or 2004 are eligible, along with girls born in 2002, 2003, 2004 or 2005.
  • The roster will be capped at 26 boys and 26 girls.

Priority 1: Highest-placing eligible swimmer in all individual events and four highest-placing eligible swimmers in the 100 and 200 frees.

Priority 2: Second-highest placing eligible swimmer in all individual events except 100/200 frees.

Priority 3: Fifth-highest placing eligible swimmer in 100 free.

If athletes decline their spot, the selection will move down to the next available athlete – so if the top 100 free finisher declines their roster spot, the next four highest-placing eligible swimmers will be selected under priority #1. However, no one lower than the 6th highest-placing swimmer will be selected in most events, and no one lower than the 8th highest-placing eligible swimmer will be selected in the 100 or 200 frees. All that means is that USA Swimming won’t take the 7th-best eligible 100 breaststroker if five of the top six decline the team, and it won’t select the 10th-best eligible 200 freestyler if too many of the top 9 decline positions.

Non-Olympic events:

USA Swimming won’t contest the 50s of fly, back and breast at Nationals, but they are contested at World Juniors. The top qualifier in the 100s of fly, back and breast will get the first priority entry in the corresponding 50. The second entry will go to the swimmer already on the World Juniors roster with the fastest time in the 50 of that stroke between January 1, 2018 and July 29 2019.

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So will regan smith have a chance to swim at the jr world meet then?


Probably not, there’s more than likely some clause preventing it


She swam in Budapest World Champs in 2017 and also World Juniors the same year. So she could if she wanted to.

Coach Mike 1952

That’s a lot of traveling though, even for a young person


Would the SwimSwam database be able to handle it if she did?


What is the logic of using Nationals vs Juniors? Or even just using fastest times swim from say July 1-Sept 1?


Presumably the very best swimmers won’t be at Junior Nats? Seems unnecessary for someone like Urlando to turn up to Junior Nats just to beast everyone.


Agreed on Urlando. But realistically how much of the roster is made up of Urlando type swimmers?


Just takes a couple to make it not practical to use juniors. Plus the timing with World Juniors and start preparing for it. They have to learn to swim against the best and that will be Nationals

Coach Mike 1952

possibly Foster brothers & Walsh sisters?


Alex is at Pan Ams

Cyrus Crews

Juniors is after the meet entry deadline for World Juniors.


A team with Curzan, Smith and Urlando would be really evil. Does anyone know where i can find US age group rankings?
Edit: Just looked at the US all-time ranking in men’s 50 free for 17/18 year olds and saw 21.71 for Mark Kroening and 21.63 for Jake McIntyre from this year, are those times real?




I know this site, but i can only find all-time ranking and no rankings for this season only.


you can run it for specific competition year: https://www.usaswimming.org/times/event-rank-search


If they were real, they would be listed in the world rankings and they’re not, so it looks like an error.


Thanks, i asked because the world ranking are normally not up to date and for example often the times of german swimmers are missing.


Short course times can sometimes sneak into the rankings. They’re not.


Also Carson Foster, those 4 alone should combine for 10 golds at least.


Which 10? Actually looking at World Ranking for 2019

Regan Smith would have the 100/200 back
On 100 fly there is Shkurdai and 200 Blanka and Zhou ahead

There are Chinese girls faster than the Walsh Sisters

Urlando is favorite by far on 200 fly, but not on 100 (Minakov is eligible for example)


Smith: 50/100/200 back + 200 fly + maybe 200 free/100 fly Urlando: 200 fly + maybe 200 free Curzan: 50 free Foster: 200/400 IM + maybe 200 back I have no doubt that Smith can go faster than 2:09 high in the 200 fly and in the 100 fly i think she can go at least sub 58, not sure Shkurdai will be able to go 57 low at junior worlds after tapering for junior europeans this month Don’t know what you mean with the Walsh sisters, i didn’t even mention them. Minakov is the only one i see ahead of Urlando in the 100 fly and i am not sure whether he will go to junior worlds after already… Read more »


the Chinese are also faster than curzan
Urlando depends on what djakovic and others will bring
Smith 200 free she would need a huge pb if the Chinese go full force
Also foster 200 back is open to debate

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