Tess Howley Breaks Girls 13-14 200 Fly NAG at NCSAs- 1:55.29


Tess Howley, a 14-year-old out of Long Island Aquatic Club, became the most recent 13-14 girl to break the SCY 200 fly National Age Group Record. Howley threw down a stunningly fast 1:55.29 to come in 3rd in the 200 fly at finals of NCSAs tonight. With that time, Howley dropped a little over 1.5 seconds from her previous best before the meet of 1:56.80, and jumped from 10th to 1st in the all-time 13-14 rankings.

Howley took the record from Claire Curzan, who had just broken it a month ago. Before Curzan, the 200 fly NAG was broken by Charlotte Hook back in December of 2018. So that means the girls 13-14 200 fly NAG has now been broken 3 times, by 3 different swimmers, in the past roughly 3.5 months.

Here is a comparison of splits from Howley, Curzan, and Hook’s record-setting swims:

Name Tess Howley 3/2019 Claire Curazan 02/2019 Charlotte Hook 12/2018
1st 50 25.99 25.96 26.12
2nd 50 29.15 29.37 28.90
3rd 50 29.85 30.00 29.62
4th 50 30.30 30.31 31.03
Total Time 1:55.29 1:55.64 1:55.67

First, it’s worth noting that Hook and Curzan are teammates at TAC Titans in North Carolina. Also, Hook has since gone 1:53.70 in 200 fly, but she is now 15. Howley managed to edge out Curzan’s NAG by splitting just a little faster on the middle 100, 59.00 to 59.37 for Curzan, although their splits are very close to each other on all four 50s.

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At first I read this as “Townley Haas”. Congrats to Tess! 1:55.2 is incredible.

remel can do anything

me too!

Scott Morgan

Wow, these hot-shot youngsters! Well done!


katie crom also broke the record this year with a 1:56.00 in november.