SwimSwam Writer Wild Predictions for 2023 and Alter Ego Takes

Our Wild Predictions

Our real “wild predictions” were meant to be a bit of a hot take. Nothing too obvious, but also something fun enough that it could happen. Let us know in the comments what you think is most likely to happen and least likely to happen.

They all start off as “My wild prediction for 2023 is that…..”

Ben: 7 Arizona State University pro swimmers will make the US 2023 World Championship team. That is Chase Kalisz, Jay Litherland, Olivia Smoliga, Simone Manuel, Regan Smith, Ryan Held, and Hali Flickinger.

Anne: We will have new champions in the men’s and women’s Division II of the NCAA, no repeat for Queens.

Braden: Michael Phelps‘ 400 IM Record gets broken

Anya: The Texas Women will go 1-2-3 in the 200 fly at NCAAs.

YanYan: Kate Douglass will win the 200 IM at the LCM World Championships and will split sub-30 on the freestyle leg.

Riley: Jordan Crooks will go undefeated in the 50 freestyle for the whole year.

James: There is a 2016 repeat and Penny Oleksiak and Simone Manuel will tie for gold in the women’s 100 freestyle at Worlds.

Retta: Great Britain’s Lewis Burras will wind up on the podium in the men’s 50 freestyle at Worlds in Japan.

Spencer: Summer McIntosh will break the women’s long course 400 free and 400 IM World Records.

Annika: More breaststroke DQ’s for the dolphin kick at the end of the breaststroke kicks that we’ve been seeing.

Barry: LeBron James buys the LA Current helping kickstart the ISL, nevertheless, the LA Current will once again finish fourth.

Sophie: Daniel Diehl wins an individual medal at Worlds.

Giusy: Gregorio Paltrinieri will set a World Record.

Our Alter Ego Takes

Time for us to have some fun and give some alter ego takes. Have some fun and read them below:

Ben: “The 2023 men’s NCAA podium in the 500 free will feature 3 men from Purdue”

Sophie: “Beata Nelson gets to swim at 2023 SCM Worlds”- (Note: Sophie knows there is no 2023 SCM Worlds but it is still funny)

YanYan: “Ariarne Titmus retires from swimming so we are forever deprived of the Ledecky vs Titmus vs McIntosh showdown”

Anya: “The Iowa men and the Michigan State women will win the 2023 Big Ten Championship. Oh wait-”

Nicole: “In 2023, Caeleb Dressel will not make a US International Roster”

The Reality

So it is probably obvious that all of either section will not happen. The good news is that technically it all could be possible because there is no event overlap with the picks such as two people winning an event at Worlds when that is impossible unless there is a tie. We can only cross our fingers and look forward to this exciting year and see how many of these “wild” takes will happen.

What wild or hot takes do you have for the swimming community as we enter 2023? Let us know in the comments here or on the Instagram (and TikTok) posts.

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1 month ago

So I wanna know who had Dressel walking out on his team mid worlds in 2022?

1 month ago

Joseph schooling comes back, compete at a winter nationals and goes 17.62 50 free

Demarrit Steenbergen
Reply to  Yeah
1 month ago

No shot. If by winter nationals, you mean us open, then you should know it is LCM

Demarrit Steenbergen
1 month ago

Ikee completes her comeback to medal in 2 events at worlds. She cracks 53 in 100 free, 56 in the 100 fly. Hits 24.3 in the 50 free. 25.2 50 fly. And surprises everyone Going 1:54.2 in the 200 free.

1 month ago

In 2023 Caeleb Dressel will announce his retirement

1 month ago

My not so wild predictions for 2023 is that we are going to see a lot of swimmers have to withdraw from their competitions altogether. Due to complications from the Clot Shot.

1 month ago

Bobby Finke cracks the 200 free code and gets the WR before Popovici.

1 month ago

Cody breaks up with Emma and moves in with Kyle.

1 month ago

thanks alot of information goodjob

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