SSPC: Austin Surhoff on How 45-Minute Training Days Led to Best Times at Age 30

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We sat down with NCAA-champion Austin Surhoff, who turned some heads by racking up 2 lifetime bests at the Richmond Pro Swim. Surhoff went 22.5 in the 50 free and 49.6 in the 100 free, very solid times that put him on the list for potentially finaling at Olympic Trials. As someone who was always a grinder in practice but didn’t necessarily love it, Surhoff takes us through the process that has helped him embrace and enjoy swimming again. This routine includes 45-minute workouts, just enough to make gains and keep his attention. Surhoff emphasizes that what he’s doing is manageable and sustainable for anyone at any point in life to see success.

Music: Otis McDonald


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1 month ago

Really appreciated this podcast. As a postgrad swimmer trying to balance still loving swimming while also trying to grow professionally, I totally understand where Austin is coming from and definitely find myself in the same place often. Trying to explain to people that I’m still swimming a few years after college gets some weird looks and I quite frequently find myself justifying it in conversation. It’s great to hear from others who are in similar situations, still wanting to perform at a high level just cause it’s so darn fun.

Reply to  Flyin'
1 month ago

People just have this notion in their brain that they become a swammer or they have to get washed up after college. If you love swimming it can always be apart of your lifestyle.

Reply to  Dylan
30 days ago

I am still swimming masters and USA swimming at 26!

I’m even doing open water races!

Even though most of my competitors are younger or older swimming is still fun!

Austin Surhoff
Reply to  Seth
30 days ago

love it Seth! we have limitless time to do this thing.

Austin Surhoff
Reply to  Dylan
30 days ago

the key IMO that I hope people understand is as long as you give yourself space to enter a new phase, you can always be a swimmer. the hard part is when people think they have to recapture who they “were” as a college swimmer. but most of us grow, change, and mature after college. so your identity as a swimmer should as well. Also we don’t have time to do the type of training college kids do, lol.

Last edited 30 days ago by Austin Surhoff
1 month ago

Austin, Hook Em!

Austin Surhoff
Reply to  Bevo
1 month ago


1 month ago

Every swimmer, every coach in this sport needs to watch this. So great, thank you for sharing.

Austin Surhoff
Reply to  Erik
30 days ago

thanks for watching!

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