Practice + Pancakes: Virginia Cavaliers Work 100 Speed after Dryland

When we were in Charlottesville, I was fortunate enough to get breakfast at the Nook with the UVA coaching staff. The morning we got our pancakes, the team was coming off of a Tuesday AM workout, which consists of an hour drlyand followed by an hour of swim. The swimming for head coach Todd DeSorbo’s group was 100-speed work, which included a lot of fast 50s combined with 25s kick… with sox. It all culminated with 1 50 free all-out at the end of practice, highlighted by Olympians Paige Madden, Alex Walsh, and Walsh’s younger sister, freshman standout Gretchen Walsh.

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9 months ago

Having swum for Todd I can tell you why his watch is fast and that all the swimmers know it. He will start his watch once the swimmers feet cross the T. Idea is to mimick a time similar to watch you would’ve gone had you done the rep from a dive. It didn’t bother me nor others that I swam with. It just became your practice standard that you worked off of

Grimes/Mcintosh combo is the future
9 months ago

*Desorbo’s stopwatch

comment image

VA Steve
9 months ago

Cool piece, thanks.

9 months ago

Lol desorbo watch times in full effect here.

Reply to  Swimfan
9 months ago

LOL literally. I hand-timed them and figured Todd’s watch to be like 1.25-1.50 fast on everybody haha.

Though I guess it doesn’t really matter, since these swimmers are killing it at meets.

Last edited 9 months ago by MTK
Reply to  MTK
9 months ago

Wonder how the UVA swimmers feel about Desorbo’s magic stopwatch, like whether they love it or hate it

Reply to  PVSFree
9 months ago

Coaching 101: everyone loves you when you’re winning.

I would guess that so long as they keep stacking up titles and breaking records, nobody minds it.

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