NAIA National Champion Designing Swimmer-Themed Clothing Line

NAIA National Champion Caroline Lepesant says that she drew inspiration from swimmers’ need for her CARO 2.0 line.

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How to put SwimSwam News on your Website

At the request of many teams and dedicated swim fans, SwimSwam now offers a way to embed the latest swimming news stories directly into your team website.

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Ryan Lochte wird von TYR ausgerüstet

So langsam geht es wieder bergauf für den 12-fachen olympischen Medaillengewinner Ryan Lochte: Nachdem ein Großteil seiner Sponsoren, darunter auch…

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Southern Illinois University to Reduce Men’s Swimming Scholarships

In what it’s calling a cost-cutting move, Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois has announced that it will cut the…


34 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

Want a job in swimming? See over 667 Swim Jobs you might love.

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S.R. Smith Exhibits New Products At Aquatic Professional Convention

S.R.Smith will exhibit several new products at the Association of Aquatic Professionals Annual Convention & Expo, February 7-8 – Trade Wind Island Resort, St Pete Beach, FL.

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USA Swimming Executive Director Search Part 3: Frontrunners

We’ve looked at the job itself and the process USA Swimming will follow in finding a successor. But who are the top candidates to fill the position? We run through some of the early frontrunners here:


7 Reasons to Love SwimSwam Magazine

Here are 7 reasons to subscribe to SwimSwam Magazine. #1 – You can still get the “2016 Olympic Year in Review” with the Michael Phelps cover.

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Strength & Conditioning: Building Strength For A Long Season

Each year, swimmers cycle through an important phase of their training: preseason strength and conditioning. It follows the much-needed holiday…

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BYU Finalizes Plan for New Aquatic Center; Alumni Still Unhappy

BYU will replace its current two 25-yard long pools, plus its diving well, but not with the 50 meter pool that many had hoped for.


USA Swimming Partnership With TYR Sport Continues

“TYR Sport is honored to continue its role as a sponsor of USA Swimming,” said TYR CEO Matt DiLorenzo. “Through our collaborative efforts we are confident that will continue to advance the sport of swimming well into the future.”

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A3 Legend Is The Scientifically Proven Fastest Technical Racing Suit

In an independent lab testing the speed of swimming’s top technical racing suits, A3 Performance was scientifically proven to be the fastest racing suit of today’s top technology.


USA Swimming Executive Director Search Part 2: Next Steps

In our last installment, we talked about what the executive director job entails. Today, we look at the next steps in the process of finding a replacement for Wielgus.

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Dreamfuel Announces #DreamFuelFamily For NCAA Families

Dreamfuel, the premiere startup for tools built by & for athletes is bringing back its groundbreaking #DreamfuelFamily initiative, this time for families of NCAA athletes looking to be at their athlete’s championship competition; all within NCAA regulations

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How to put SwimSwam News on your Website

This is a great way to keep the swimmers visiting your team site informed about the swimming news stories relevant to your team.

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