NCAA Swim Champ & CrossFit Pro Colleen Fotsch Trying for Olympics in Bobsled

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We sat down with Colleen Fotsch, the swimmer turned cross-fitter turned bobsledding Olympic hopeful. If you didn’t get it from the first sentence, Colleen has had a long and fruitful athletic career so far and at age 31, she’s still making headway. Fotsch swam for Cal from 2009-2012, helping the Bears to NCAA titles in the 200 free relay (2012) and 200 medley relay (2011 & 2012). Sometime after her NCAA eligibility was complete, she found CrossFit, eventually going pro and training to compete full time, both in a team and individually.

Then last year, she was approached about the idea of training for the Olympic bobsled team, which she ran with and hasn’t looked back. Fotsch talks through all she’s learned in the last 18 months within bobsled and what it will take for her to qualify for her first ever Olympic team in 2022.


Music: Otis McDonald


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Joe Bagodonuts
2 years ago

A little reminiscent of Sheila Taormina’s athletic abilities at a very high level and transitioning to other sports where those skills also apply. Lots of people from track, football, rugby, or other sports transition to bobsledding as pushers due to their athleticism and quickness.

Jabroni Pepperoni
2 years ago

We’ve all been thinking it. I’m just gonna say it. The intro song to the SwimSwam podcast has no right to slap that hard.

2 years ago

Why not try out for the Olympic Tae Kwon Do team?

2 years ago

Cool Runnings taught us that you can be a successful bobsledder with no real experience or even a real sled. I’m sure she’ll do just fine.

Gregory Hartman
2 years ago

Go Get Em Fotsch!!

2 years ago

I mean good for her – but it shows the competitiveness of bobsledding if someone with no prior experience can aim for the Olympics. Not to say she’s not super talented, but how many people bobsled in the US? 50? 100?

Ignore me, I’m just sour grapes

Reply to  Rap
2 years ago

Maybe I should try it lol

Reply to  Rap
2 years ago

Driving the sled is a skill and requires years of experience. Pushing the bleep out of the sled by generating 1000 watts for 4 seconds is something that takes years to develop as well. It just isn’t a sport (bobsled) specific talent.

Reply to  Rap
2 years ago

When I lived in Park City we lived next to bob sleder, he was a former Big 5 running back. thighs like thick stumps.

Reply to  Swimpop
2 years ago

How’s Bob doing these days?

2 years ago

Same thing Tia Clair-Toomey is doing. She’s the 4x? CrossFit Games champ from Australia.

2 years ago


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