Mixed Free Relay Finals Lineups: U.S. Retain Held, China Missing Yang And Pan


The lineups have been released for the finals for the 4×100 mixed freestyle relay, with the majority of the top countries using very different teams compared to what they used in prelims.

Notably, China will not be going with their best male freestyle, Pan Zhanle, or their best female freestyle, Yang Junxuan. This suggests that they have decided not to go all-in on this relay.

The United States retains Ryan Held from prelims, and he will lead off for his team just like he did in the morning. Following him will be Brooks Curry, Torri Huske, and Claire Curzan.

Similarly, Canada will keep Javier Acevedo from prelims, as he recorded the fastest male split on his team. The rest of the Canadian heats squad will be replaced with Penny Oleksiak, Kayla Sanchez, and Josh Liendo. Liendo will have to swim this relay at the end of a double session, as he will be competing in the 50 free and 100 fly finals beforehand.

Australia not be keeping anyone on their prelims team, and going with a fresh lineup for finals.

Every single lineup has opted to go with the male-male-female-female order.

Full Lineups:

  1. Brazil (Santos, Assuncao, Diamante, Balduccini)
  2. Italy (Zazzeri, Miressi, di Pietro, Tarantino)
  3. Australia (Cartwright, Chalmers, Wilson, O’Callaghan)
  4. United States (Held, Curry, Huske, Curzan)
  5. Canada (Liendo, Acevedo, Sanchez, Oleksiak)
  6. Netherlands (Pijnenburg, Puts, Giele, Steenbergen)
  7. Great Britain (Dean, Burras, Hopkin, Anderson)
  8. China (Hong, Wang, Lao, Lihui, Ai)

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7 months ago

The Boss Tori Husk

7 months ago

More Nugenix. Gotta say the reviews for this are poor.

7 months ago

Hell of a swim for MA especially with the waves big man Ben Proud making.

7 months ago

With so many teams missing key components, this one is not easy to pick but I will finally “go there”.

A full strength and in-form GBR would be a legitimate title contender but this quartet is neither.

It is certainly possible for CAN to win but here they have only one realistic route to gold and that is via monumental foul-ups by both USA & AUS. Fair to say that one of them could well misfire; betting on both ….

On paper, you can certainly make a very legitimate case for AUS winning this; a full strength AUS team could well be favoured but they realistically cannot afford any substandard leg and the AUS females do not really have the… Read more »

Reply to  commonwombat
7 months ago


7 months ago

Nick santos swimming a 100 free??

Reply to  Will
7 months ago

Gabriel Santos

7 months ago

I hope Curzan has enough gas in the tank. She seems like she’s feeling her tough schedule at this point.

Reply to  Yikes
7 months ago

Wish they had gone Brown or Hinds to spell her.

Reply to  oxyswim
7 months ago

Yeah, I was hoping the same…shes got the medley tomorrow, too. And more individuals…

Reply to  oxyswim
7 months ago

I hope they give Nat the prelims swim in the medley relay tomorrow. Brown, Huske, and Curzan swim tomorrow and Douglass didn’t swim well coming off the 200 breast into the mixed free prelims. Unless she’s injured, I don’t see how you don’t give her a shot. She’s been rested since prelims of the 400 free relay and can swim free or fly.

There's no doubt that he's tightening up
7 months ago

Why do China always insist on flunking at least one relay every time?

Intereresting that GB are leading off with Dean after his stellar 46.9 relay split. Maybe they are testing out Burras’ flying start to see who should anchor the medley relay?

7 months ago

1 Australia
3 Canada

Reply to  Paolo
7 months ago

I think USA has the nod over the aussies. Held and Curry were better than any of the australian men since chalmers is MIA. huske was pretty close to ocallaghan and curzan can put down a nice leg as well especially since jack is out for aussies also

Reply to  mcswammerstein
7 months ago

Chalmers is going 2nd and hes outsplit all the american men

Reply to  mcswammerstein
7 months ago

Read the article?

AUS by about 0.8 unless USA girls or Curry o cork
Something special

Assuming 47.5/47.4 for USA men and 47.8/46.8 for Aussie men

Reply to  mcswammerstein
7 months ago

And O’Callaghan won the 100 free……This is definitely going to be interesting

Last edited 7 months ago by Uncle_Reco
Reply to  Paolo
7 months ago

Maybe a tussle for bronze between Canada and GB? Liendo already will have had 2 races prior . Although he will have a bit of time would think won’t be at his best.

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