Midseason Madness – Who Will Remain Undefeated?! | SWIMSWAM BREAKDOWN

This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we discuss week 1 of the NCAA Midseason meets, the potential of an ISL return, and David Poopovici’s SCM outing at Romanian Nationals. See full list of topics below:

  • 0:00 SwimSwam Breakdown Introduction
  • 1:04 Week 1 of Midseason is Upon us – Which meet are you most excited for? Who will remain undefeated through this weekend?
  • 6:20 Will the ISL make a comeback? What do they need to do to return?
  • 12:38 Which of David Popovici‘s Swims in Romania was most impressive?


  • 16:15 Over or Under – Bella Sims breaks 1.5 17-18 NAGS at Winter Jrs?
  • 19:24 Is Tomoru Honda‘s WR the most impressive of the SCM season so far?
  • 22:17 Will Grant Hackett‘s 14-year-old SCM World Record in the 800 Free get broken at SC Worlds in Melbourne?
  • 25:36 Will Delaney Barbee Swim 22.5 Flat Start at the Candy Cane Classic?
  • 30:53 Who is your favorite in the Men’s 200 Fly for the 2023 NCAAs after Luca Urlando is out for the season?

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2 months ago

Can’t disagree more with the 800 free WR. I think it’s definitely going down in the near future.
You should get the statistics right: Romanchuk and Christiansen both went 7:25 in ISL 2020, less than a second off the world record. Paltrinieri and Wellbrock both went 7:27 at last year’s European championships. Wellbrock went faster in 1500 free at the SC Worlds than at the SC Euros. If 800 free was a SC World event last year, he might have already broken the record.

The 800 free WR is not a tought record to break despite having survived for 14 years. Hackett broke it in heavy training. And it hasn’t been a championship event for a long time so… Read more »

Reply to  jasmin
2 months ago

The WR is 7:23.42. Romanchuk’s PB is 7:25.73, which is 2.5 seconds off. Not even close to “less than a second off”.

No one is still yet to beat Hackett’s WR from 2001 except Hackett himself. If Hackett hadn’t beaten his own record, the record from 2001 would be the longest standing of all time by a landslide.

2 months ago

Especially enjoyed the last couple of segments.
Even though you mentioned a couple of ASU guys as 200 Fly possibilities, you may have missed on their top potential racer in that event, in part as we know for sure he will be racing it, whereas Kos and Marchand event choices are not as sure. Brandon mentioned Alex Colson, applying a 1:40.9(NCAA final) to him, but it is reasonable to reference his conference swim (1:40.28) in a race with Trenton Julian at 1:39.95. Clearly Jett’s summer LCM 200 Fly crush improvement moves him closest in the battle with Burns, but I consider Colson a very strong dark horse contender. His progression over the last 4 years: 1:45.40, 2019, then in… Read more »

Grant Drukker
2 months ago

Big agree with you Braden. Hate the typical SwimSwam commentor’s trope that someone would have been faster “if they had been racing someone.” Usually, people are faster because there is clean, undisturbed water, not the other-way around.

Reply to  Grant Drukker
2 months ago

Different strokes for different folks.

Some do better because it is smooth water. Some do better because being in front gives them confidence (Bob Gillett used to call it the “Power of Winning”) Other do better with competition becuse they are prevented from dropping off their race pace pressure to keep from falling back. Others don’t need race pressure to keep up their tempo.

The answer is: There is no clear answer that applies to everyone.

The best answer is to have a coach who learns their athletes well enough to know what circumstances to seek for each of their swimmers to encourage their own optimal results at any particular time.

Steve Nolan
2 months ago

Glad to see Candy Cane Classics getting the coverage they deserve.

Reply to  Steve Nolan
2 months ago

I wonder if event winners get candycanes.

Goated Mcintosh
2 months ago


Last edited 2 months ago by Goated Mcintosh
Goated Mcintosh
2 months ago

Thanks for the Breakdown, however i wanted to correct certain mistakes:

Ben, the SCM 800 free top time in 2022 belongs to David Johnston (7:30.41) and not Fontaine.

@Hodges, the european triple matchup that you’re expecting won’t happen because Wellbrock won’t go to SC Worlds. Take a look at the already announced german roster.

, all the stats you gave about the 800 free were wrong because you are using USAS database which is not up to date. + Chalmers won’t be the clear favorite because you keep forgetting Maxime Grousset’s 45.6 from french trials.

comment image

Demarrit Steenbergen
Reply to  Goated Mcintosh
2 months ago

Johnston swam it in 2021-22 season, we are into 2022-23 season now

Obese Legend
Reply to  Goated Mcintosh
2 months ago

Romanchuk won’t be there either. It’s Paltrinieri’s race to lose. The only possible challenger might be Hafnaoui if he’s in shape.

Snowpipers of Alaska
2 months ago

200 Fly – Might Marchand possibly swim this?

2 months ago

Does Ben realize that Luca is out and the meet that Liendo missed for WC was the UF vs UGA? I don’t see Georgia competing with Florida at a championship meet! Losing Luca is a HUGE loss for all their relays!
I thought FINA YouTube streaming of World Cup was excellent and easy to find and free! Not sure why Ben thought it wasn’t good?!? YouTube sends a reminder 30 mins before session starts and 10 minutes out! It is simple!

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