Michael Andrew Enters Seven Events, Including 200 IM, At U.S. Trials


It should come as no surprise, but Michael Andrew has entered a whopping seven events for the upcoming U.S. International Team Trials.

Among the entries is the 200 IM, an event that Andrew isn’t sure he’ll actually race in Greensboro but maintains that it’s his long-term focus moving into 2024 and beyond.

The 200 IM is one of three events in which Andrew qualified for the U.S. Olympic team in last summer, having won the event in Omaha before placing fifth in Tokyo. He also qualified for the Olympic team in the 100 breast and 50 free.

In addition to the 200 IM, the 23-year-old has also entered in the 50 free, 50 back, 50 breast, 100 breast, 50 fly and 100 fly.

At the 2018 U.S. Nationals, the last time American swimmers raced in a selection meet that included the stroke 50s, Andrew won four events, including the 50 free, 50 breast and 50 fly, and went on to make the final of all four 50s at the 2019 World Championships.

While racing in all seven of the events he’s entered is unlikely, here’s how Andrew’s potential schedule would play out over the five-day meet (note that there are no semis and all events are same-day prelims/finals):

Tuesday, April 26 – Day 1


Wednesday, April 27 – Day 2

  • 50 fly

Thursday, April 28 – Day 3

  • 100 fly
  • 50 breast
  • 50 back

Friday, April 29 – Day 4

  • 100 breast

Saturday, April 30 – Day 5

  • 200 IM
  • 50 free

The schedule certainly doesn’t work in Andrew’s favor, especially with three events coming back-to-back-to-back on Day 3.

He’s already stated that the 50 free, 100 breast and 100 fly are his primary focuses this year, indicating the 50 breast, 50 back and 200 IM are the events he’ll potentially opt out of at the competition.

While racing the 50 breast is likely a priority for Andrew at the World Championships, a first or second-place finish in the 100 breast would likely earn him a spot in the event in Budapest if he didn’t race it in Greensboro (only the winners of the stroke 50s qualify in those events for Worlds). But the projected timeline for finals that day has the 50 breast scheduled 15 minutes after the conclusion of the 100 fly, and Andrew is no stranger to quick turnarounds.

See the full psych sheet here.

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Irish Ringer
1 year ago

He would be wise to race one event per day unless he’s treating this as a training meet.

MA swims 56 100br in Paris
1 year ago

Time to throw down. Let’s gooooo!!

1 year ago

Four of his events are 50’s. This isn’t some devastating lineup. Personally I still think 200IM and was 100 breast are his bread and butter.

Reply to  Marmot
1 year ago

150 IM*

MA swims 56 100br in Paris
Reply to  Marmot
1 year ago

But not the 50free?

N. Sheldon
1 year ago

Can’t wait to see his 150 IM!

Reply to  N. Sheldon
1 year ago

It really doesn’t matter what the splits are he still does a 1:55.2 200 IM

Distance Per Stroke
Reply to  anonymous
1 year ago

And if any other swimmer took it out as fast as his 150 they most certainly would come home a 30+

Reply to  Distance Per Stroke
1 year ago

In long course definitely. If it was in short course I could see Dressel beat Andrew

1 year ago

Remember when Lochte would enter 12 events are these meets and we knew he wouldn’t swim them all. Dressel to some degree. I wouldn’t make a whole lot from someone entering a bunch of events because they rarely swim them all. Andrew is known for swimming more than most thinks make sense, but lets wait and see before we see what he actually swim.

1 year ago

Can someone remind me of the definition of insanity again? I know Einstein said it best…

Reply to  2Fat4Speed
1 year ago

Not listening to my comment from yesterday

Reply to  2Fat4Speed
1 year ago

There’s nothing insane about the events he’s entered 4/7 are 50m I wouldn’t call this a particularly gruelling schedule especially when you look at the schedules Phelps and lochte would do

MA swims 56 100br in Paris
Reply to  Tyson
1 year ago

He has a more difficult event schedule in every practice

1 year ago

I predict 50 fly, 50 brst, 100 brst, 50 free.

Reply to  LittleFin
1 year ago

but if he still hope to swim 50s of all 4 strokes at WC, it is better to swim 50 back instead of 50 breast. He is likely to win 100 breast and get to swim 50 breast at WC.

Last edited 1 year ago by Spectatorn
Reply to  LittleFin
1 year ago

Safe and solid prediction

Reply to  Owlmando
1 year ago

I am flattered 😀

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