Mexican Disputes Continue As President Todorov Accuses Vice-President Zarco

Kiril Todorov, head of the Mexican Swimming Federation, Federación Mexicana de Natación (FMN), accused the federation’s vice-president Rodolfo Zarco Rodriguez in light of an aggression which allegedly occurred during the “Torneo Interclubes Casablanca de Natación” championship meet in the Mexican region of Puebla. The aforementioned aggression would have taken place last Oct. 5.

Resulting from the reported aggression, the federation’s president Kiril Todorov issued a statement through the federation’s Twitter account.

The statement reads as follows:

“Dear friends,

The FMN would like to take this opportunity to address that it has become aware of the disappointing chain of events that unfolded last Oct. 5 during the “Torneo Interclubes Casablanca de Natación,” during which staff of our own was assaulted by advisor Rodolfo Zarco Rodríguez.

In light of the aforementioned, the federation will investigate the incident with the intent of learning what led to the events that took place and identify those who are responsible, in an effort to meet our organization’s standards.

Lastly, we would like to reiterate our rejection towards any act of violence or conduct that threatens clean sport in any of the activities that are governed by the FMN and the federation’s list of events.

However, this is not the only controversy that either the federation nor Todorov have run into during the past few months. Scarcely one month ago, Mexican news leaked a list of properties owned by the Todorov family, and how that list does not match with the low income that the family has historically had.

In response to that report, president Todorov issued another statement just days after the accusation through the federation’s official Twitter feed.

The statement reads as follows:

“In light of a biased and fake story that has begun to circulate on Sunday, and which aims to ruin the name and the reputation that my family holds with the intent of pressuring me to resign to the federation’s presidency, I would like to clarify that it relates to economic interests tied to a corporate group which intends to take over swimming in Mexico at any cost. I would like to announce that such information is clearly manipulated, as will be proven to the corresponding legal institutions.”

The Mexican federation has run into several major controversies under Todorov’s administrationincluding falsifying entry times for the 2015 World Championships, a suspension by FINA for withdrawing from its hosting duties at the 2017 World Championships, and the replacement of the country’s entire technical staff earlier this year after late-2018 disputes.

Resulting from the series of disagreements, Mexico faced a ban from both this year’s Gwangju World Championships, which took place last July in the Korean city of Gwangju, as well as the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The controversy came after Mexican Federal Sports Commissioner Ernesto D’Alessio tried to intervene in the selection criteria posted by the Mexican Swimming Federation. D’Alessio questioned the selection criteria for the diving events set to take place in Gwangju.

In response, FINA issued a statement asking for both parties to reach a mutual agreement.

Days after, President of Mexico’s Swimming Federation Kiril Todorov urged D’Alessio to not involve Mexican athletes in politics.

Consequently, D’Alessio sent out a Tweet asking Todorov ‘to quit making videos and get to work.’ Commissioner D’Alessio also posted several Twitter updates accusing Todorov of corruption.

The Mexican Swimming Federation is now in a race against time to prove themselves compliant with the Mexican Olympic Committee in light of next year’s Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Most recently, earlier in September, we reported that Mexico could face a penalty over the swim caps used by the country during the Lima 2019 Panamerican Games.

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