FINA Suspends Mexican Federation, But Not for Falsifying Times

FINA has announced the temporary suspension of the Mexican Swimming Federation following a Bureau meeting on Saturday in Budapest, held on the advent of the FINA Gala on Sunday.

The suspension, however, was not for falsifying entry times and submitting illegal entries of unqualified swimmers to the World Championships this summer, which FINA has eschewed as insignificant.

Instead, the suspension was issued for “not fulfilling contractual obligations concerning the cancellation of the 2017 FINA World Championships in Guadalajara.”

The rule specifically states that sanctions can be imposed “if duties and financial obligations to FINA are not fulfilled.”

Initial reports were that Mexico would have to pay a $5 million fine after they won the bid to host the 2017 World Aquatics Championships and then withdrew themselves from hosting duties. Budapest, where the meetings that levied the suspension are taking place, had originally  been named the host of the 2019 World Championships but took over the 2017 duties after Mexico’s withdrawal.

FINA did not immediately respond to a request for comment on what obligations Mexico was being suspended for (the original withdrawal or failing to pay the $5 million fine), or what exactly a temporary suspension of a federation prevented them from doing.

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8 years ago

It isn’t the swimmers fault. They have worked hard to make the Olympic Team, and they have to pay for it ? That is just unfair.

8 years ago

Does this mean that Mexico will not be allowed to field swimmers at the Olympics?

8 years ago

Isn’t it funny? They could care less about the numerous doping violations from Russia and Brazil, and being a good steward of sport, but when you mess with their money, the hammer comes down. It’s time for a new governing body for swimming.

8 years ago

With all of these setbacks and troubles that seem to be popping up every few days about Rio, I’m wondering if it happens to all host countries before the Olympics. Should we actually be worried about the Rio Olympics or is this an annual four year thing?

Reply to  Swimgeekgirl
8 years ago

This is about Mexico & FINA not the IOC & Rio. To answer your question , it depends who is holding the event & what agenda the whiners have. Every Olympics has been a success with the exception of Atlanta which was rumoured to be have been very boring.

8 years ago

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