Mexico Could Face Penalty Over Swim Caps Used At Panamerican Games

Per Mexican news outlet El Universal, Mexico could face a penalty as a result of wearing swim caps with a displayed abbreviation different from the one permitted by the International Olympic Committee and FINA.

The swim caps read “FMN,” standing for the federation’s naming in Spanish, Federación Mexicana de Natación, instead of using the official abbreviation “MEX” standing for Mexico.

Mexican Olympic Committee president, Carlos Padilla Becerra, stated that the swim caps would have been fabricated by Arena, instead of Li-Ning, which was assigned the production of the Mexican delegation’s uniforms for the Lima 2019 Pan American Games.

“The swim caps shouldn’t have had the abbreviation for the Mexican Swimming Federation,” Padilla told El Universal. “This issue will be investigated at the Mexican Olympic Committee’s Executive Committee (ExCo)’s upcoming meeting, set to take place this September, specifically to address any penalties the federation might face.”

Mexico’s swimming federation now faces accusations for auto promoting their governing body by displaying the FMN’s initials rather than the official abbreviation for Mexico. As a refresher, the federation has had several disputes involving different political personalities these past few months.

Earlier in July, we reported that the Mexican Swimming Federation was in a race against time to reach an agreement with governor Ernesto D’Alessio in light of next year’s Olympics.

The Mexican federation has run into several major controversies under Todorov’s administrationincluding falsifying entry times for the 2015 World Championships, a suspension by FINA for withdrawing from its hosting duties at the 2017 World Championships, and the replacement of the country’s entire technical staff earlier this year after late-2018 disputes.

Resulting from the series of disagreements, Mexico faced a ban from both this year’s Gwangju World Championships, which took place last July in the Korean city of Gwangju, as well as the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The controversy came after Mexican Federal Sports Commissioner Ernesto D’Alessio tried to intervene in the selection criteria posted by the Mexican Swimming Federation. D’Alessio questioned the selection criteria for the diving events set to take place in Gwangju.

In response, FINA issued a statement asking for both parties to reach a mutual agreement.

Days after, President of Mexico’s Swimming Federation Kiril Todorov urged D’Alessio to not involve Mexican athletes in politics.

Consequently, D’Alessio sent out a Tweet asking Todorov ‘to quit making videos and get to work.’ Commissioner D’Alessio also posted several Twitter updates accusing Todorov of corruption.

The Mexican Swimming Federation is now in a race against time to prove themselves compliant with the Mexican Olympic Committee in light of next year’s Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.


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1 year ago

Ban Sun Yang? What kind of crazy person would do that

Penalize Mexico over a non-offensive swim cap? It makes perfect sense!

See, obviously using a different abbreviation makes swimmers 4% faster, thus being more advantageous than a super suit. Great work on FINA’s end

1 year ago

I first thought that when reading the title, that this would be a very interesting article about mexico using caps made with an illegal material that made the swimmers swim a lot faster.
“My disappintment is immeasurable and my day is ruined”

1 year ago

So petty…but not surprising considering FINA’s track record

13 % Chinese person
Reply to  MKW
1 year ago

On my reading it is the Mexico Olympic body . complaining .the caps were promoting themselves ( sic Fed Mex Natation ) .
I am on the side of the FMN because it sounds like those Sth /Central American revolutionary groups . or a drug cartel / govt agency ( often the same ) ..

Even swim caps in Mexico are a movement . Vive Zapata!

Reply to  13 % Chinese person
1 year ago

What is wrong with you that makes you post offensive, non-sensical comments?

13 % Chinese person
Reply to  DLSwim
1 year ago

So show me what is offensive . Mexico HQ is always worried about its several revolutionary & others including drug cartel controlled territories. lest it be known exactly how much . of Mexico it does not control. Eg EZLN the Zapitista group runs the most desired Pacific state in the south.. Mexico wants it as a tourist mecca but EZLN are basically marxist. Not happening .

Its nonsensical to you because you wouldn’t know FARC from f***.. But ignorant outrage is the new free entertainment . Thanks .

Water Bug
Reply to  13 % Chinese person
1 year ago

This has 0% to do with swimming.