Cornel Marculescu Says No Punishment Coming for Mexican Federation

FINA Executive Director Cornel Marculescu has told a Mexican website that he doesn’t see any problem with the falsified times used to enter a vast majority of the Mexican team in last week’s World Championships.

The Romanian FINA executive told Notimex that there was no possibility of punishment for Mexico after what he referred to as “the best World Championships ever.”

This is despite concerns by officials at the Mexican Olympic Committee that there could be severe punishments, including blocking the Mexican swimming team from participating in the 2016 Olympic Games.

Marculescu says that there are no rules or sanctions in place for countries falsifying times, either for the federation or the athletes who voluntarily withdrew from the meet after discovering that the federation’s entries were not in line with the qualifying procedures.

Marculescu stated that entry times only matter to put swimmers in lanes, and since no Mexicans advanced to the semi-finals or the finals, he saw it as no problem – even after Mexican swimmers continued to participate following the revelations on SwimSwam that their entry times were falsified.

In many events, Mexico entered swimmers that did not have the appropriate qualifying times at all. In others, Mexico improved entry times so that both swimmers had “A” times, even when neither really had met such standards, which allowed them to have extra entries.

FINA leadership and media personnel continue to refuse to respond directly to SwimSwam on the matter at any level.

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Jim C
8 years ago

No one 9 years old or younger has ever swum in the world meet.

Reply to  Jim C
8 years ago

Yeah fina has high standards. You gotta be at least 10

George Block
8 years ago

This, coupled with their complete inattention to doping, undermines the values base of our sport. Swimming, all over the world, has been about earning it. First, they allowed plastic-bag suits that let you buy success rather than earn it. Now with fake times and hidden drug-test results, FINA is letting you steal success. You don’t even have to buy it!

Marculescu has to go. FINA has to go. We need to blow the whole thing up and start over.

swim fan
8 years ago

Here’s an idea. Let’s make all FINA international meets NTS meets. Then my 9 year old could swim next to Missy Franklin. Oh wait…apparently they already did that.

Gina Rhinestone
8 years ago

it is ok – they were just undocumented entry times in a Sanctuary Competition . FINA has awarded them administrative amnesty . What is the crime in being a Dreamer ? Coming to Kazan was an act of love . They are the future of swimming .

I’d probably do the same knowing what happens in Mexico . How many students kidnapped & killed in one hit? 42 & no peep by NGOs . How many people hanging from bridges?

Put it in context .

Non Bureau Puppet
8 years ago

Well not a surprise but just another FINA masterstroke in ignorance. So in future WC or Olympics we apply an A & B time but all Federations are invited to ignore this because of the Cornel interpretation of the rules. All Federations particularly small ones should be able to submit a B time on all events (no need for universality) anyone found to be fudging times of course now know nothing will be done to check or sanction much actions. A further note it helps if your Federation has a member on the Technical committee so that it can be overlooked with impartial viewpoints.
What a joke time for the clowns to vacate the palace or the thrones.

Reply to  Rafael
8 years ago

Get on it swimswam!

Reply to  Rafael
8 years ago

It has to be obvious that they pretested him and he failed. Some kind of blood doping most likely epo or equivalent.

Hulk Swim
8 years ago

Gross. Just… gross.

8 years ago

Maaayyyybbbeeeee narco dollars in FINA’s coffers? Just asking. Not accusing.

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