Magnini’s Fate Still Unknown As Hearing Resolution Postponed

The hearing  for two-time Italian world champion swimmer Filippo Magnini regarding his anti-doping policies violated took place as scheduled today, however, any suspension decision has been delayed. After the four-hour affair, judges asked for more time, stretching their decision time frame out to November 6th.

36-year-old Magnini has been under the microscope concerning his involvement with Guido Porcellini, a nutritionist who was banned for 30 years for violating anti-doping policies. Accused of drug use, abetting and administration or attempted administration of a prohibited substance, Magnini is facing a possible 8-year ban, although he is retired.

Per his statement to the Associated Press today, Magnini said,“I simply recounted the truth and now I’m calm. I am totally innocent. I’m happy because my lawyers managed to bring out the truth. The sentence was postponed because of the complexity of the case.

“If I could go back in time would I continue working with him (Porcellini)? Probably yes because when I worked with him I did everything legitimately.”

From our previous reporting on the case:

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