Italian Doctor Porcellini Banned For 30 Years, Magnini Case Continues

Italian nutritionist Guido Porcellini has been banned for 30 years by Italy’s national anti-doping organization. Swimmers Filippo Magnini and Michele Santucci remain under investigation based on their association with Porcellini.

NADO Italia, Italy’s national anti-doping agency, reports that Porcellini was banned for 30 years as of July 2. Magnini was slated to have his own hearing about a week later, but it has been delayed. The two-time World Champion 100 freestyler Magnini was central to Porcellini’s trial, an Italian news service reports. Prosecutors said Magnini “did not want to give up over time, he still wanted to feel like a superman,” in a rough translation of the Italian.

Italian news services report that Magnini could face an 8-year ban. He’s accused of drug use, abetting and administration or attempted administration of a prohibited substance. The 36-year-old swimmer was a mainstay of the international swimming scene from 2003 to 2016, when he was a triple European Champs medalist at age 34. reports that Magnini’s trial won’t take place this month.

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2 years ago

Magnini was in a very public six-year relationship with Federica Pellegrini in which they co-habited. Is there any way that Magnini could have been drug trafficking and/or involved in doping activities without her knowing about it? I suppose there is and it seems thus far she has not been implicated, but it is at least worth exploration, no? Has she been required to testify in the matter? Her recent announcement that she may retire also does not look great optically.

Reply to  Toron
2 years ago

The rough Google Translate shows that the Italian News Service article linked by Swimswam says “There was a net attempt to separate Magnini from Pellegrini, but she too was a customer of Porcellini.” If that is the case, then further investigation or questions for Pellegrini are surely warranted.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Toron
2 years ago

Eh seems plausible she wouldn’t be aware, sure. I sure wouldn’t assume anything, but your mileage may vary.

(I’m keyed up on this thanks to starting that new Bob Woodward book, in which he recounts our current president lambasting his opposing candidate for the crimes of her husband…It makes me mad, ok.)

SUM Ting Wong
Reply to  Steve Nolan
2 years ago

She has done enough damage to have her own column. This is why she did not win in 2016. They was also 2008 but that was because she was just an awful person . Of course there were a lot of awful people in that race .

Reply to  Toron
2 years ago

Probably no. Didn’t Ian Thorpe also have a coach busted for PED possesion (steroids I believe), and also actually test positive? When a coach/doctor gets busted, the athletes are aware. It’s very naive to think they would have no idea.

That’s just my opinion.

Reply to  Swimmer!
2 years ago

Sorry. It was Popov at the time. Thorpe joined the coach at a later date, but still had a flagged drug test before then.

2 years ago

Leeetle pig leeetle pig, let me come..ban you from practising medicine for three decades.

Reply to  Togger
2 years ago

This is a way better headline than what we used.

2 years ago

Is there any information when he started?
Always been impressed with how well he has done as he got “older”, now I just feel disappointed – to say the least.

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