Lochte Wins 100 Free in 50.9, Scratches 200 Back Final at Plantation




  1. East Coast Aquatic Club – 962
  2. South Florida Aquatic Club – 715
  3. Bolles School Sharks – 700


  1. Azura Florida Aquatic – 1170
  2. Gator Swim Club – 942
  3. South Florida Aquatic Club – 785


  1. South Florida Aquatic Club – 1642
  2. Azura Florida Aquatic – 1591
  3. Gator Swim Club – 1588



  1. Kathleen Golding (South Florida Aquatic Club) – 167
  2. Georgia Marris (Unattached) – 156
  3. Micayla Cronk (Daytona Beach Swimming) – 155.5


  1. Miguel Cancel (Unattached) – 172
  2. Ryan Lochte (Unattached) – 156
  3. Rafael Rodriguez (South Florida Aquatic Club) – 143

On the final day of the Platational Sectional, 17 year old Mary Smutny won the women’s 200 fly with a 2:14.97. While her time wasn’t too far off her personal best of 2:13.28, it was her 7th fastest time ever. Smutny was very consistent in the LCM 200 fly in 2017, swimming between 2:13.28 and 2:14.85 6 times from March to August. She was out very fast, hitting the 100 wall at 1:03.37.

Mason Wilby won the men’s 200 fly in 2:02.52. That time was almost 3 seconds off his best time of 1:59.89 from last year, but he split the race very well and it’s his fatest time at a non-national or international meet. Wilby was out in 59.40 at the first 100, and came home in 1:03.12. His last 3 50 splits were very consistent for a 200 fly, coming in at 31.90, 31.48, and 31.64 respectively.

Ryan Lochte won the men’s 100 free with a 50.94, also opting to scratch the 200 back final. That time is a little slower than he swam in March of his last season of competition, 50.01. However, that was an Olympic year, and it was his 2nd LCM meet of the year rather than his first. Again, Lochte split very tightly, going out in 24.96, and coming back in 25.98. The way Lochte split all his races tightly this weekend could be encouraging for the rest of his season, since when he’s fully tapered and in peak form he should be able to go out faster.

Ryan Staunch, a 15 year old out of Swim Florida, won the men’s 1500 in a best time of 16:19.02. His previous best was 16:33.28 from 2017, marking a pretty significant best time. Staunch was pretty consistent in his race, keeping his 50s at 32s, and only floating up to 33-point 5 times. That time puts him 4.03 seconds off the Junior National cut of 16:14.99.

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I’m all for a good come back but I can’t seem to get excited about this one. anyone else feel the same way?


I agree. Even if lochte equals his 2016 times, he will have a difficult time qualifying for Tokyo. I think his days of making the 4 x 100 free are over, and he will have a tough time competing with Haas, Conger, Pieroni, Held, Grothe, and any other newcomers in the 4 x 200.

I think Kalisz has the Ims locked down and the 2nd spot will be tough with Devine, Prenot, and Licon in the 200 IM.

I think 200 back and 400 Im are not realistic options for him in 2020.


Lochte probably still has a great shot in the 200 IM.


Does Lochte actually want to go to Tokyo? I guess if he’s swimming 50. 100frees he is at least thinking about it.


In the words of LL Cool J — Don’t call it a comeback! He never retired. He got suspended in Aug. 2016. in May 2017, he did some pretty pretty decent yards times at Master Nats. Last summer he had some other decent times. Anyway, I don’t think it’s a comeback as much as he’s just old. He’s certainly not hurting anyone by competing. More power to him — time will tell if he can make a 5th Olymipcs!


I seriously doubt he is going to make the Olympic team for Tokyo in any events including relays.


Lol! He always makes a way to do it… I don’t doubt anything on him!


His best and only shot is the 200IM

Caeleb Dressel Will Get 8 golds in Tokyo

Nah, I think he can make 4×200, even if It’s just a prelim


i also do believe he will be part of Team Usa for Tokyo . He can do it Jeahhh


He doesn’t have the endurance anymore for that race.


Certainly not in his current form. If he gets 100pct serious about his training he has a good shot. He still has plenty of time. Tokyo OTS is still 28mos. out. That’s an eternity.


I feel like it’s because his lead up into Tokyo is not as exciting as what Phelps went through. Many people in the swimming community (including himself) were somewhat disappointed with Phelps in London. For Phelps, Rio was a redemption for all the struggles he faced in the years previous and we saw him get in better shape and swim faster and faster up to Rio where he finished his career in a very satisfying way. Lochte’s lead up to Rio and Rio itself (not including what happened after he was done swimming) was very underwhelming and unsatisfying for many. While he still is an incredible swimmer it feels like he is trying to recapture past glory and keep going… Read more »


His free is suptisingly good right now. I have a bit more faith in him having a good go at another cycle now.


Any word if he was suited up? I know he swam in a speedo with Florida at in-season meets in the past.

Double Arm Freestyle

Speedo for prelims, suited up at night


I assume you mean a “speedo” as in a briefs. Pretty sure TYR would not be happy if he was literally wearing a Speedo!

Coach John

it’s part of lexicon now… speedo=briefs since forever.

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