Learn How NCAP Coaches Save Time, Organize Workouts

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October 09th, 2019 Training

This is a case study courtesy of Commit Swimming.


” Commit Swimming definitely improvthe quality of my workouts and helps me be more efficient with my time.”

Stephen Clendenin,
Head Coach Nation’s Capital Swim Club, Dulles South Site


The Customer

Nation’s Capital Swim Club

Nation’s Capital Swim Club (NCAP) is dedicated to developing the full swimmer. It has won numerous USA Swimming Virtual National Championships and it is known for its rich Olympic Tradition. There are now 14 different sites throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

The Dulles South Riding location is NCAP’s newest location. It offers year-round competitive swim teams and a Stroke School devoted to competitive stroke instruction. Stephen Clendenin is its head coach.

The Challenge

“The main challenge was time management. With so many different groups, sometimes my workouts ended up being too long or I mixed up what different groups needed to focus on.”

Juggling numerous practices for multiple age groups
In 2017, Stephen was personally coaching four or more different groups of swimmers each and every week. His main group, comprised mainly of 13–14 year olds, met up 6 days a week. His other groups included kids of all different ages and skill levels, and they met up a few times each week.

But with so many groups on the go, Stephen’s workout plans were getting jumbled. Timing out how long each session should take or what they should focus on was becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

Before Commit, Stephen was planning practices by hand, with a pen and notepad. But this made sharing plans with other coaches difficult and left Stephen with a stack of notebooks that he never seemed to revisit.

 The Solution

“The best part of Commit is its functionality. The planning process is the same but it helps me keep things organized and keep a record of past workouts. I like that when I finish writing a workout, it shows me stats like yardage and what percentage is stroke versus freestyle.”

Intuitive time tracking and workout management software
Commit Swimming helps streamline Stephen’s workout management.

With Commit, he can easily track how long a workout will take and how much yardage they’ll cover. He can review the progress each group made during past sessions. And he can benchmark their progress and show them how much they’ve improved since they started.

What he likes about Commit is that it doesn’t force him to fill out a form that might not suit his session prep. He can write out his workouts the same way they would appear on paper and easily send his workout plans to other coaches or share them with new coaches during training.

The Result

“Commit saves me time every day. When I’m planning my workouts, I can easily look back and see what we’ve worked on previously, how my swimmers are progressing, and what we should be focusing on next.”

Time and activity management made easy
Commit helps Stephen save time during workout prep but he says that’s not its biggest benefit. What he likes is how it has made a measurable impact on his groups’ growth.

For example, now that he’s using the app to track intervals, he can figure out exactly when to push his groups to strive for faster intervals.

Commit has also helped him stay better organized. Now, instead of scrambling to put together a plan first thing in the morning, he’s planning ahead and using past practices as building blocks to help his groups improve.

Today, Commit Swimming is used in half of all NCAP locations, and Stephen is just one of a dozen coaches who rely on the software daily.

Spend less time planning workouts. See more results.

  • No credit card required
  • Customize your own training terminology
  • 4 different plans. If you coach high school, club, college, elite, age-group, it doesn’t matter – Commit has a plan for you.

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