Le Clos Kept Waiting As Schooling Decides Commonwealth Games Plans

Excitement is already building for what could be a high-octane 100m fly showdown between South African Chad Le Clos and Singaporean Joseph Schooling at next year’s Commonwealth Games.

The Gold Coast, Australia will set the stage for the 2018 edition of the Games, which could pit the 2014 Commonwealth gold medalist Le Clos and 2014 silver medalist Schooling against one another on yet another intense international competitive stage.

Schooling earned Singapore’s first-ever Summer Olympic gold medal by winning the 100m fly event in Rio, while Le Clos settled for a 3-way tie for silver there along with American icon Michael Phelps and prolific Hungarian medalist Laszlo Cseh. Le Clos became 200m butterfly world champion in Budapest, however, where ran away with the title unchallenged by the stud from Singapore. Schooling faltered in some spectators’ eyes, winding up 5th in the 50m fly and tying a relative newcomer-to-fly-events, James Guy of GBR in that 100m.

While Schooling chips away at his senior year season competing for the University  of Texas, red-hot Le Clos made major waves competing across the FINA World Cup circuit. The 25-year-old became the first man ever to clinch 4 World Cup titles, giving South Africa its 7th overall. With the feeling of being on top of the world to some degree, Le Clos told The Strait Times this week that he is relishing the opportunity to be challenged by Schooling again at the Commonwealth Games.

“What he [Schooling] did last year was unbelievable but I love the competition, I love to race against the best,” said Le Clos. “That [100 fly] will probably be the biggest race of the Games. We’ve also got James Guy swimming exceptionally quick and, of course, I want to win.

“But you know, if Joseph goes under 48sec for the fly, I’m not going to beat him. So I can only control what I can control and get myself in the best shape to try and win.”

However, the question still remains as to whether or not Schooling will even be present at the Games. The 2018 Men’s NCAA Championship meet spans March 21st through March 24th in  Minnesota, while the swimming competition at the 2018 Commonwealth Games is set for April 4th – 9th.

With such a tight turnaround, Schooling told SwimSwam today that he “will be making his decision closer to NCAAs, as to whether or not he’ll be at the Commonwealth Games.” Such a response leaves Le Clos, Guy and any other would-be contender in the dark on who may occupy the center lane come that 100m fly final in Australia.

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crooked donald

LeClos, by far the best all-round flyer across all distances and courses. Doesn’t get enough credit for his range, from 50-200 short course and long course.


I’d pay alot to see a rested 150 Fly in SCM or SCY between Le Clos, Joe, and Dressel. And a 75.


oh yes , me too . Those 3 would be amazing to watch ….

crooked donald

The last 25 would be hilarious. Dressel would probably do something insane on a 150 like no-breathe it, while LeClos would be getting whiplash looking to both sides on each stroke. Dressel, just from his start, wins a 75 be a fair margin. He obviously can hold his speed over that distance.


Idk man go back and watch some vintage Le Clos starts from any of the 200m frees from Rio. His 21+ and 48.0 aint no joke. It would be closer than you’d think… and this is comin from a dude who said last night that Dressel will go 1:52.6 200 IM in Japan.

crooked donald

Yeah maybe. I guess by “fair” I mean a stroke. The only person that gets close to Dressel at 15 m is Ben Proud. Those insane rounds of go-out-fast-or-die-trying in the 200 free for LeClos really hurt him for the flys at Rio.


It’s a mistake to underestimate Dressel’s 200 fly potential. I think he’d run away with it, long course and short. He crushed everyone in the last 10 meters of the 100 fly and free at worlds. When you can finish a LCM 100 that strong, you can swim a solid 200. I hope we get to see it!


Its definitely doable. Thats more than a whole week. I say Le Clos wins but Joe will be there with a 50.something


What does he mean with Joe going under 48? Does he mean the 50 sec barrier maybe?


He’s just trying to say that he can only control himself. He’s just throwing out rediculous numbers for exaggeration. No way he thinks Joe will be that fast.

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