Gianluca Urlando Re-Breaks 100 Fly National Age Group Record in Finals


  • December 5-8, 2018
  • Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center, Austin Texas
  • SCY (25y) Pool
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16-year old Gianluca Urlando has re-broken his own National Age Group Record in the 100 yard fly, swimming a 45.62 in the final on Friday at the Winter Junior – West Championships. That undercut his own record of 54.97 from prelims, which in turn undercut the old record of 46.23 done by Michael Andrew.

Comparative Splits:

1st 50 2nd 50 Final Time
Urlando 2018 WJr West Finals 21.42 24.20 45.62
Urlando 2018 WJr West Prelims 21.51 24.46 45.97
Andrew 2016 WJr West Finals 21.30 24.93 46.23

Not surprisingly, Urlando, the 200 meter specialist, closes his 100 fly like a rocket. Only one other swimmer in Friday’s final, for example, was even sub-25 on the last 50 yards – and that was Ethan Hu in 24.54.

Race Video:

Speaking of Hu, between Urlando, Hu (16), and 3rd-place finisher Aiden Hayes (15), the top 3 finishers were all 15-16s. Urlando moves to #1 all-time in the age group with his time; Hu’s 46.25 takes him to a tie-for-3rd all-time with Camden Murphy; and Hayes’ 46.96 moves him to 7th all-time in the age group. Hayes continues his status as the fastest 15-year old in the history of this event as well.

All-Time Top 10, Boys’ 15-16 100 Yard Fly

  1. Gianluca Urlando, 45.62, 2018
  2. Michael Andrew, 46.23, 2019
  3. (TIE) Camden Murphy (2015)/Ethan Hu (2018), 46.25
  4. Ryan Hoffer, 46.42, 2014
  5. Brendan Burns, 46.61, 2018
  6. Aiden Hayes, 46.96, 2018
  7. Alex Valente, 46.99, 2014
  8. Milorad Cavic, 47.10, 2001
  9. MJ Mao, 47.13, 2016


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Ok don’t get me wrong it real fast but Is he the text fast yards kid that doesn’t transfer over to the big pool!


It did this past summer for him if you paid any attention to what went on at Nationals and then Jr. Pan Pacs


Lol he got third at nationals in 200 fly this summer…


1:55.21 LCM 200 fly….AT 16


How many people are gonna say this same thing? He’s already swam well in LCM




where have you been swimdog?


they got u wrong


Also just broke the NAG in the 100 back?


Really impressive swims. He might be a 2020 threat given his fast rate of improvement.

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