How To Follow 2016 Rio Olympic Swimming On SwimSwam

The Rio Olympics are coming, and SwimSwam is prepped to be your hub for all of the swimming and aquatics action.

So you can be prepped to catch all our coverage, here’s a quick guide for how to follow the 2016 Rio Olympics on SwimSwam!

Stay Tuned To’s Live Recaps

As the action unfolds, we’ll be covering and analyzing it in real-time. Find our live recaps, which will take place during all 16 prelims and finals sessions of pool swimming.

Pull up the live recap before the session for important links, event schedules and a quick primer of the action. Keep refreshing the page, as we’ll add recaps of each event as it concludes, analyzing the results and tracking who moves on to semifinals and finals, plus who earns medals in the championship finals.

Note: for those unfamiliar with swimming’s prelims-finals format, each race begins with morning heats, where all entrants swim for a spot in the evening finals session. For events 200 meters and shorter, the top 16 in prelims qualify for semifinals that evening. They divide into two heats of 8 in semis, with the top 8 overall times moving to the medal final. For events 400 meters and longer, the top 8 in morning heats qualify for the medal final, which typically takes place that same evening.

Check for tons more coverage and analysis – everything from major records to scratches to interviews to videos to reader polls.

And join in with our enthusiastic comment sections on every story, making your own predictions and discussing events as they happen.

Follow Our Twitter Accounts and Other Social Media

For even more up-to-the-second results and brief bits of important info, check out our Twitter accounts. Our main profile, @SwimSwamNews, will be tweeting live coverage of every Olympic session along with short primers and factoids during the day. Our usual live-tweeting arm, @SwimSwamLive, will be focused on the handful of other events going on during the same week – most notably U.S. Open and the U.S. Junior Nationals in Minneapolis, MN.

It’s 2016, and that means Twitter is far from the only social medium we’ll be using to bring you all the coverage we can. Follow our Snapchat (SwimSwimNews) and our Instagram (@SwimSwamNews), plus like us on Facebook to catch all angles of the Olympic Games.

Plug In To Our Rio Olympic Channel

Find all our Olympic coverage on our 2016 Rio Olympic Games channel at

In between live recaps, we’ll breaking down each day’s action with a slew of recurring daily posts. One highlight for busy readers: we’ll be quick-recapping each day in our Rio Rapid Fire series, compiling the biggest news of the day into short, concise bullet posts for fans too busy to dig into our more in-depth coverage.

Our Rio channel also has all the vital links, and we’ll keep adding as we get more. Live streams, results links, heat sheets and plenty more. Bookmark the page for quick access and a way to rapidly scan all our recent Olympic-centric headlines in one place.

If you’re interested in a specific continent or country, check out our region-specific channels:

Brush Up On Our Pre-Meet Coverage

Over the past month, we’ve been researching and previewing each of the 32 pool swimming events. You can find links to each preview, plus a table of all our projected medal winners, in our Rio Olympic Preview Central here.

We also laid out the 5 biggest overarching storylines of the Games, and you can find that piece “The 5 Quintessential Swimming Storylines for the 2016 Rio Olympics” here.

Check In With Our Other Aquatic Sport Channels

While pool swimming is our major focus here at SwimSwam, we don’t pass up anything aquatic. Water polo, diving and synchronized swimming all run Olympic events that stretch a week past the pool swimming, and the open water 10K events take place a few days after pool swimming ends.

You can check out our individual sport channels to make sure you catch regular recaps of all the Olympic aquatic events:

Follow The Other Meets Going On During Olympic Week

While the eyes of the world are on Rio, a number of other high-level events are going on, particularly among USA Swimming’s age groupers.

Check out our event channels for updates from those meets as well:

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4 years ago

Someone is going to need to help me get on the eurosport stream like in london. You a jokester if you think i have the patience for another week with rowdy.

Something about usa goals or something? If i have a vpn will my life be easier?

Reply to  Murica
4 years ago

Rte player app should have everything

Justin Thompson
4 years ago

This is some intense coverage!

4 years ago

Just a note.. in case you don’t know ..but clicking on an up or down thumb just moves me to the top of the page.. its been doing this for a couple of days.. work (Windows), home MacBook Pro and phone (android).

Thanks for all the amazing things you guys are doing.

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