Emergency Maintenance Team Working on Issues with Rio Olympic Village

A host of structural and functional problems with the Athletes’ village in Rio De Janeiro are now being resolved after the buildings were deemed unsafe and not ready after its official July 15th opening. Issues with the village have included leaky pipes, blocked toilets, broken showers, exposed wires, unlit stairways, a strong smell of gas, and extremely dirty floors.

Since Monday, an emergency team of 630 members have been working to resolve the issues encountered by delegations who have already made their way to the Rio. Upon their arrival, the Australians were the first to complain about the issues with the village, and had temporarily moved to a different location until the problems were resolved.

One of the engineers who provides repair service to the Olympic village said he was impressed by the number of problems, as they found problems in 300 apartments across just 5 of the buildings.

The company responsible for building the village said the issues occurred because the village project is a major undertaking and they had delays when implementing the water and sewage network. As of now, the Brazilian Olympic Committee has said that 25 of the 31 buildings are already working and will be ready for the athletes on Thursday.

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ct swim fan

I am astounded that they thought it was O.K. to open the buildings with these kinds of issues still occurring.

bobo gigi

And some people said Athens would not be ready in time in 2004….
It looks like Athens is the paradise in comparison.

Rennie Helder

Pastor Paul Begley of youtube said that the Lord told him that the Olympics would be cursed.

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