Duncan Scott Follows Horton’s Lead: Refuses Photos, Handshake with Sun Yang


Great Britain’s Duncan Scott followed the model set by Australian Mack Horton earlier in the meet, protesting Sun Yang on the podium of the men’s 200 free.

Sun (1:44.93) was awarded gold after initial winner Danas Rapsys was shockingly DQ’d after the race for movement on the blocks. Japan’s Katsuhiro Matsumoto took silver in 1:45.22, and Scott and Martin Malyutin of Russia ended up tying for the bronze in 1:45.63.

Unlike Horton, the 22-year-old Scott did get on the podium for the playing of the Chinese anthem. But Scott then refused to shake Sun’s hand and partake in a group picture with all the medalists after the podium ceremony.

Things appeared to get heated around the handshake incident:

Scott reportedly received a standing ovation from other athletes.

Sun was visibly unhappy with Scott’s actions and appeared to confront him further off the podium. From the broadcast, it looked as though Sun approached Scott and said something along the lines of, “You’re a loser. I’m a winner.” Watch the interaction below:

Horton, 23, received a “warning letter” from FINA after his protest on night one. Unlike Scott, Horton has a history of rivalry with Sun, going back to at least the Rio Games, when Horton called him a “drug cheat.”

At the time, Sun responded by accusing Horton of playing mind games to destabilize him. “I don’t think I need to explain myself any further. I have done what it takes to prove I’m clean … all athletes should be shown respect. On the competition stage, every athlete deserves to be respected and there’s no need to use these sorts of cheap tricks to affect each other.

Now, Sun is facing an upcoming CAS hearing in September regarding the World Anti-Doping Agency’s appeal case against FINA’s decision not to sanction the world record holder over his blood vial-smashing incident last September.

In response to Horton’s earlier protest, Sun said: “It’s okay to disrespect me, but disrespecting China is unfortunate.”

Following the protests, fans of the Chinese star – one of the most popular athletes in his nation’s history – overwhelmed Horton and Scott’s Instagram accounts, nearly instantly leaving thousands of comments (of varying levels of profanity) on recent pictures.

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BRUH. This meet is absurddddddd.


Bruh moment


comment image

Nicholas Cushen

Sun’s meant to be an good role model, behaving that way isin’t going to do him any favours. I don’t blame Duncan for his reply back by ignoring him that was as Sun was taunting him over his win.
An absolute disgrace that they allow this kind of behavior.


Clearly had support of other athletes too. Good.

I hope efimova gets the same treatment.


Nah, may not happen if King wins.


What Scott did was correct. If you don’t want to shake hands with someone it’s his choice. I think what Horton did was totally wrong and deserves punishment. It is ok to not shake hands because you don’t like that person for what ever reason but not disrespecting a nations flag that’s going to far and out of line.


I think Yang crating this monster is the biggest “wrong” here, Reap what you sow. Do t do drugs kids. Or drive without a license, or get in altercations with other swimmers in the warm don pool, or smash bikes of blood…. more?


Or smoke weed like Phelps, or Destroy gás station and run away from Brazil like Lochte


Haha. This comment is a joke.


The difference is that while those were poor choices which reflected badly on their part as international representatives of the USA they weren’t actively cheating. Sun yang has been caught with PEDs in his system once already and since then his behavior regarding drug testing has been fishy at best. He is most likely cheating and if he isn’t he was at one point so he definitely should not be allowed to swim anymore. I honestly agree with the ISLs stand point on this one. Lifetime ban for anyone caught taking PEDs, if you for some reason took a tainted supplement then too bad, you probably shouldn’t be taking supplements to begin with.

Texas Tap Water

Horton didn’t disrespect anyone’s flag. He was standing up solemnly remember.

Also, his own Australian flag was also raised, not just China


Yes but it was Chinese anthem that was being sang


What do you think about Dressel taking ventolin in direct live during the 50 fly heats? Don’t say me it is allowed under a threshold, it is exactly the same.

Right Dude Here

All I have to say you is that FINA and USA Swimming disagree with you.


Could have asthma, it’s not an uncommon condition


I saw Dressel taken away in an ambulance due to chloramine-induced asthma. I am guessing he has a TUE for Ventolin. Sun’s mom didn’t have a TUE for blood vials.

William Charles Alexander

Uh oh… big sanction incoming for Scott. Horton was aleady warned the other day, so FINA wont be pleased one bit. Surprised a physical altercation didnt transpire between Sun Yang and Scott, after Sun went all up in Scotts grill, remonstrated and gave him a verbal spray.


If I was Scott I would have thrown hands.

will K

So u guys just ignore the fact that Scott disrespect Sun after group stage game??? Well, this forum is so biased against chinese athlete.

I would like to see how you guys react if test prove Sun innocent.


No test will prove him innocent because his mother had his blood vial smashed with a hammer.


I would like to draw Horton’s blood tomorrow. Would you help me?


If Scott gets a sanction, any little respect left for FINA will be gone


Lol you still have respect for FINA 😂

working swim mom

Then FINA needs to also warn Sun. His behavior was awful on the podium and off.


you have to see who pick the fight first. and if someone swims 20km everyday to train himself, he deserves respect instead of accusation for wrong judges on him.

Texas Tap Water

FINA needs to sanction Sun, but FINA shouldn’t warn Duncan Scott.

Scott didn’t do anything wrong.


Yeah, Scott can go to hell when he gets on the podium next time.


Totally agree, it’s not about just using drugs, Sun’s behavior is shocking even if he didn’t (doesn’t) use drugs.


It’s going to be funny seeing FINA try and say Scott should “respect FINA regulations and not to use FINA events to make personal statements or gestures” and go on to be silent about Yang acting like a thug.


Horton is a thug. When did you see an NBA player called out another player a dirty player on the court? Rodman played dirty, Allen Greyson is dirty, who called them out on the court? The hell with you hypocrites!!


Basketball comparison? Really? And they are not even dirty players, they use every tool they can use within the rules, not use drugs. As an asian swimmer I am happy to see that Asia is now much more competitive in swimming than before. But what he did and doing now is a disgrace, rather not see him ever on that podium.

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