Dressel and Ledecky Highlight University of Florida Intrasquad

by Anya Pelshaw 23

January 14th, 2022 College, SEC

University of Florida Intrasquad

  • O’Connell Center Pool, Gainsville, FL
  • SCY (25 yards)

The University of Florida held an intrasquad on Saturday, January 8th. Florida was supposed to host Texas A&M that Saturday but the University of Florida announced the meet was canceled “due to the recent spike of COVID-19 around the country.”

The meet featured both the University of Florida athletes as well as the pro group training in Gainesville. Some swimmers swam their main events whereas others swam some of their “off” events.

Some of the pro-swimmer highlights include Caeleb Dressel swimming to times of 19.18 in the 50 freestyle as well as 47.32 in the 100 butterfly. Katie Ledecky also competed and swam to times of 49.51 in the 100 freestyle, 9:15.18 in the 1000 freestyle, and 4:08.27 in the 400 IM. Ledecky was just beat out in the 100 freestyle by new arrival to the Florida pro-group, Natalie Hinds. Hinds swam to times of 49.20 in the 100 freestyle, 1:48.88 in the 200 freestyle, and 53.68 in the 100 butterfly. 

At the collegiate level, Kieran Smith, known for his distance freestyle, swam to victories in the 400 IM (3:49.62), 100 backstroke (47.57), and 200 backstroke (1:43.13). Fellow distance freestyler, Bobby Finke, also opted for the backstroke events and the 400 IM with times of 48.58 in the 100 and 1:46.91 in the 200. Finke also swam a 3:52.79 in the 400 IM. 

On the women’s collegiate side, Talia Bates swam a victory in the 50 freestyle (22.47). Bates was also just out-touched by Hinds in the 100 butterfly as she swam to a time of 53.69, only .01 seconds behind Hinds. Rosie Zavaros swam the fastest time in the 200 backstroke (1:58.06). She also finished second behind Ledecky in both the 400 IM (4:16.21) and the 1000 freestyle (9:52.65).

Florida also had a few members of the team make their debut. On the women’s side, Russia’s Ekaterina Nikonova swam to times of 22.73 in the 50 freestyle, 49.54 in the 100 freestyle, and 1:47.56 in the 200 freestyle. SwimSwam had previously reported that Nikonova had finally arrived on campus for the Gators. On the men’s side, graduate student Alberto Mestre made his debut as well. Mestre completed his undergraduate degree from Stanford in the fall and has now transferred to Florida. He swam to times of 20.08 in the 50 freestyle, 44.03 in the 100 freestyle, and 1:40.85 in the 200 freestyle.

Other men’s event first place finishes include:

Other women’s event first place finishes include:

The Gators next meet is scheduled for Saturday, January 22nd at home against Auburn.

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3 days ago

9:15 is legit

Unknown Swammer
Reply to  Swimm
3 days ago

Probably most impressive time of the meet

Reply to  Swimm
3 days ago

yeah she now has 12 out of the 13 fastest times ever, only katie hoff has been faster than today’s swim

Reply to  Swimm
2 days ago

This ledecky kid might be the real deal

3 days ago

“Bates was also just untouched by Hinds in the 100 butterfly as she swam to a time of 53.69,”


Reply to  ????
3 days ago

It’s when someone beats you by a hundredth in the 100 fly even though cameras show you touched first, a la Phelps and Cavic in 2008.

Reply to  ????
3 days ago

I think they meant out touched.

3 days ago

Full results?

Braden Keith(@braden)
Reply to  Redradiant
3 days ago

No full results available unfortunately, though we’ve asked.

The results are all uploaded into SWIMS though.

Club Coach
3 days ago

The next meet on Jan 22nd against Auburn is senior meet for UF

Project 20.7 LCM soon
3 days ago

Remel is an animal.

Let’s go !!!

3 days ago

1:43.1 is pretty impressive for a non-backtroke specialist at a random meet

3 days ago

3:52+ from freshman Peter Bretzmann in a Speedo is a heck of a good swim. For any Freshman for that matter in a dual meet.

3 days ago

Is there video anywhere of Ledecky doing IMs? I’ve never actually seen her swim anything other than freestyle and I’m curious what her other strokes look like!

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  Meow
3 days ago

She did them occasionally at Stanford. I think she even held a collegiate record very briefly. Those tapes might be on YouTube.

Reply to  Awsi Dooger
3 days ago

Didn’t she also swim 400 IM at a World Champ Trials or a Pro Swim Series meet in 2017 or something? I remember she dropped like a 4:35 or something in long course and there was talk about whether she’d try and pursue IM

Reply to  PVSFree
2 days ago

I thought she swam IM at the first ISL.

Reply to  Awsi Dooger
2 days ago

Ledecky broke Eastin’s American record in the 400 IM at 2017 Pac12s, Eastin re-broke it at NCAAs the next month, then Ledecky broke it again at 2018 Pac12s, along with also breaking Hosszu’s US Open and NCAA record by 0.01 seconds with a time of 3:56.53

She has the #2 and #7 swims of all time in that event (Eastin shattered the records at 2018 NCAAs and holds the #1, #4, #5, and #6 times while Hosszu’s old record is still at #3 all time).

There have been 4 swimmers and 9 swims sub 3:58 and Ledecky and Eastin are the only two out of that four to have done it multiple times.

Last edited 2 days ago by jeff
Ledecky will go 3:55 in Paris
Reply to  Meow
3 days ago

she was second at NCAAs in 2018

Georgia Rambler
Reply to  Meow
15 hours ago

Assorted videos of KL’s past IM races on You-Tube. I was curious too. My take on her fly, she seems to like it but not a natural flyer which is surprising. Backstroke has improved quite a bit, but…I kind of wince when she gets to breast stroke. She is always behind when they get to the freestyle leg. However, she is so strong and determined that often she is able to pass the others and win. Nothing recent though. Maybe this has changed.