Cornell hosts senior meet; Brown falls to men and women

Cornell had a big win this weekend against Brown for their last meet to send their seniors off the right way. The final scores ended up in favour of Cornell as the Big Red women beat Brown with a score of 166-134 and the Big Red men beat Brown in a much closer meet with a final score of 152-148.


Full results can be found here.

Phillip Truong had a stellar senior meet as he took first on both 1 meter and 3 meter with respective scores of 339.97 and 350.55. His 1 meter score was a new school record that he previously held at 317.25. Second place on 1 meter was Deyon Godbay took second with a 296.02 and second place on 3 meter was Tommy Hallowell with a 330.98.

Dylan Sali had an awesome meet as he took first in one relay and three individual events. He was part of the winning Cornell A-relay in the 200 medley relay, accompanied by Eric May, Michael Reynolds, and Taylor Adams with a final time of 1:30.88. This was a pool record that was previously held by Cornell with 1:31.14. His final time of 48.82 in the 100 back took first while Alexander Pascal took second with a 50.09. In the 200 backstroke, Sali won with a 1:47.68 as Nick Johnston took second with a 1:50.72. He wrapped up his meet with a 1:50.67 in the 200 IM as Connor Lohman took second with a 1:52.83.

Brown senior Thomas Glenn had three individual wins in the 200 and 100 free and the 100 fly. His win in the 200 free was a 1:39.78 while Harry Harpham took second with a 1:40.63. In the 100 free, Glenn won with a 45.25 as Kevin Kreher took second with a 46.55. He smashed the men’s pool record in the 100 fly with a 47.30 which was previously held by Wes Newman of Cornell with a 49.12.

Taylor Wilson took the 1000 free with a 9:29.08 as Kai Wombacher took second with a 9:30.05. Third place in the 1000 was George Schnaars for Cornell with a 9:40.61.

Victor Luo and Eric May went head to head in the 100 breaststroke as Luo won the showdown with a 56.62 and May took second with a time of 57.35. Third place was Thomas Mercurio with a 57.65. In the extremely close 200 breast, Mercurio took first with a 2:02.84 as Luo took second with a 2:02.85.

Cory Mayfield took first in the 500 free with a 4:32.02 as Kevin Mertz took second with a 4:37.02. Third place was Wombacher with a 4:38.60.

The meet finished with the 400 free relay with the Brown A-relay winning with a 3:04.12 which included Daniel Klotz, Matt Luminais, Ryan Saenger, and Jack Nee. Second place was the Cornell A-relay of Kreher, Harpham, Wilson, and Taylor Adams with a final time of 3:04.61.


Full results can be found here.

On both boards for diving, Manita Herlitz-Ferguson took the win with scores of 284.92 on 3 meter and 269.17 on 1 meter. Second place on 3 meter was Amanda Molinelli for Brown with a score of 260.84, while on 1 meter Bianca Herlitz-Ferguson took second with a score of 234.22. On 1 meter, Rachel Speakman took third with a score of 232.19.

Cornell sophomore Jenna Immormino had an absolutely outstanding meet as she took first in all of her events: one relay and three individuals. She accompanied Victoria Kuhn, Kim Jerome, and Stephanie Ah-quah on the winning A-relay for Cornell in the 200 medley relay with a time of 1:42.92. Individually, she went back to back in the 50 and 100 freestyle, winning both with respective times of 23.03 and 49.89. The 100 free time was a new pool record for Immormino. Finally, she took the 100 fly from Maggie Jordan of Brown as Immornino won with a final time of 55.08. Jordan was second with a 56.29.

Distance power house freshman Currie Murch Elliot swept the 1000 and 500 free with ease as she took the 1000 in a time of 10:07.09, which was a new pool record that was previously held by Yale distance stud Eva Fabian. With her final time of 10:07.09, she held solid 30’s while barely touching 31’s the whole race. In the 500, Murch Elliot took the win once again with a final time of 4:55.99 and, once again, took down a pool record that was once held by Fabian. Second place in the 500 was Meghan Viohl of Brown with a time of 4:56.90. Personal side note: I can’t wait to see these two show down at the Ivy League Championships!

Kate Dillione had a solid performance with two first place finishes and two second places finishes. Her win in the 200 free was a 1:48.86 which took down another pool record that was previously held by Nikki Larson of Princeton with a 1:51.78. Second place in the 200 free was Anna Elling with a time of 1:52.35. Her other first place finish was with the Brown A-relay for the 400 free relay along with Reia Tong, Paige Gilley, and Emma Lamothe with a time of 3:26.67. Her second place finishes were behind Immormino in the 50 and 100 freestyle as she finished with a 23.63 and 50.73 respectively.

Victoria Kuhn led off the Cornell A-relay that won in the beginning of the meet and continued to show her sprint strength as she won the 100 backstroke as well with a final time of 56.53. Second place in the 100 back was Ah-quah with a 56.74. Gilley took third with an extremely close time of 56.76.

Brown senior Briana Borgolini took the 100 breaststroke with a new pool record and a blazing fast time of 1:01.90. The pool record was previously held by Katie Meili of Columbia with a 1:02.44. Second place was Jerome with a 1:03.00. She also took the 200 breast with a final time of 2:17.41 as Meredith Drummond took second with a time of 2:18.92.

In the 200 butterfly, Gina Matsumoto took first with a time of 2:01.23 as Caroline Vexler took second with 2:02.47. Third place was Isabella Cecere for Cornell with a time of 2:06.20.

The meet wrapped up with the 400 free relay as the Brown A-relay took first with a time of 3:26.67 which took down a pool record that was previously held by Dartmouth with a time of 3:28.96.



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