AAC Swimming and Diving Championship tickets now on sale

Press release courtesy of Louisville Swimming and Diving.

Tickets for the 2014 American Athletic Conference Swimming and Diving Championships are now on sale for the meet which runs from Feb. 19 – 22 at Ralph Wright Natatorium in Louisville, Ky.


“The University of Louisville is thrilled to host the 2014 American Athletic Conference Swimming& Diving Championships.  It is a great opportunity to watch some of the top swimmers and divers in the country compete right here in Louisville, including our own 2013 NCAA Champion Joao De Lucca,” said Christine Simatacolos, Louisville Associate Athletic  Director and Co-Championship Director.


All-session tickets can be purchased up until the start of competition on Feb. 19.

Prices are as follows:

All-session adult: $33.00

All-session 18 and under, college student, and senior citizen: $18.00


Swimming preliminaries will be held each day in the morning beginning at 10 am.  Finals will start in the evenings at 6 pm.  Diving preliminaries are at noon every day, with finals combined with swimming in the evening sessions.

To purchase tickets, please visit https://oss.ticketmaster.com/aps/uofl/EN/link/buy/browse?i%5B0%5D=211 or call the University of Louisville ticket office at 502-852-5151.



Wednesday, February 19

12:00 pm: Men’s 1-Meter Diving, Women’s 3-Meter Diving PRELIMS

Men’s 1-Meter Diving, Women’s 3-Meter Diving CONSOLS

6:00 pm: FINALS

800 Freestyle Relay

Men’s 1-Meter Diving

Women’s 3-Meter Diving

200 Medley Relay


Thursday, February 20

10:00 am: PRELIMS

12:30 pm: Women’s 1-Meter Diving PRELIMS

Women’s 1-Meter Diving CONSOLS

6:00 pm: FINALS

500 Freestyle

200 Individual Medley

50 Freestyle

Women’s 1-Meter Diving

200 Freestyle Relay


Friday, February 21

10:00 am: PRELIMS

12:30 pm: Men’s 3-Meter Diving PRELIMS

Men’s 3-Meter Diving CONSOLS

6:00 pm: 400 Individual Medley

100 Butterfly

200 Freestyle

100 Breaststroke

100 Backstroke

Men’s 3-Meter Diving

400 Medley Relay


Saturday, February 22

10:00 am: PRELIMS

12:30 pm: Platform Diving PRELIMS

Platform Diving CONSOLS

6:00 pm: 1,650 Freestyle

200 Backstroke

100 Freestyle

200 Breaststroke

200 Butterfly

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