Coleman Stewart Cranks 43.62 100 Backstroke, Now 2nd-Fastest Performer All-Time


  • Thursday, December 3-Saturday, December 5
  • Teams: University of North Carolina, NC State, Virginia Tech, Duke, Wolfpack Elite
  • Koury Natatorium, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • Format: Short Course Yards (SCY)
  • Prelims/Finals
  • Prelims @9AM Central, Finals @5PM Central
  • 2021 NCAA Qualifying Times
  • Results on Meet Mobile: “UNC ‘Janis Hape Dowd’ Invitational”

NC State post-grad Coleman Stewart cranked out a 43.62 in the 100 yard backstroke in Friday evening, coming within 0.13 of the American Record and taking more than 3/10ths off his lifetime best. Stewart is now the 2nd-fastest performer all-time behind only American and World Record holder Ryan Murphy while this swim is the 3rd-fastest performance all-time.

Prior Friday, Stewart was the 4th-fastest performer all-time with a lifetime best of 43.98 set at the 2019 NCAA Championships, taking 2nd to Harvard’s Dean Farris who won the race in 43.66. Texas A&M’s Shaine Casas posted a 43.87 in November to become just the 4th man under the 44-second barrier.

Race Video

Stewart has now swam sub-44 in the 100 yard backstroke on two occasions–three if you count the unofficial 43.9 he swam as a freshman in a now-banned polyurethane suit during practice.

Murphy and Stewart are the only swimmers to date that have swam under 44.00 in the 100 backstroke on more than one occasion with Murphy having done it three times and Stewart twice.

Top-10 Performers: Men’s 100 Yard Backstroke

  1. Ryan Murphy, 43.49
  2. Coleman Stewart, 43.62
  3. Dean Farris, 43.66
  4. Shaine Casas, 43.87
  5. Nick Thoman, 44.07
  6. Zane Waddell, 44.10
  7. Zachary Poti, 44.14
  8. Mark Nikolaev, 44.33
  9. John Shebat, 44.35
  10. Matt Grevers, 44.49

Stewart split 21.10/22.52 in his effort. His opening 50 Friday was nearly a quarter-second faster than his first 50 at the 2019 NCAA Championships. Stewart’s second 50 split was also faster than when he went his previous best time, and 0.01 faster than American Record holder Ryan Murphy was on his second 50 when he swam 43.49 in 2016.

1st 50 20.96 21.10 20.85 21.07 21.38
2nd 50 22.53 22.52 22.81 22.80 22.60
Total Time 43.49 43.62 43.66 43.87 43.98

Murphy and Stewart each hold multiple spots on the top-10 performances list with Murphy having three appearances and Stewart having four.

Top-10 Performances: Men’s 100 Yard Backstroke

  1. Ryan Murphy, 43.49
  2. Ryan Murphy, 43.51
  3. Coleman Stewart, 43.62
  4. Dean Farris, 43.66
  5. Shaine Casas, 43.87
  6. Coleman Stewart, 43.98
  7. Ryan Murphy, 43.99
  8. Coleman Stewart, 44.04
  9. Coleman Stewart, 44.06
  10. Nick Thoman, 44.07


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Mr Piano
9 months ago

Dean went easy last year. He wanted to give Coleman a chance to briefly own the NCAA record in the 100 back before he obliterates it himself.

Reply to  Mr Piano
9 months ago

Coleman’s graduated, he’d only have the American and US Open record if he went under right now.

Mr Piano
Reply to  Yaboi
9 months ago

I often incorrectly substitute NCAA record for scy American, my bad

9 months ago

SCY, vital to a pro career….

Reply to  Yup
9 months ago

ISL is scm…. underwater kicker like Coleman needs to stay in shape to make money. Majority “pro swimmers” don’t make anything from competing well in LCM. Ask USA Swimming how much they pay their national team members!

9 months ago


Last edited 9 months ago by Guerra
Ol' Longhorn
9 months ago

Bitchin’ swim.

Jonathan Charbroiled Steak
Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
9 months ago

Top notch comment right here

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
9 months ago

Knew this would come up somewhere in the comments

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
9 months ago

Best comment ever

Coach Macgyver
9 months ago

I give his backstroke a 9.3/10
His Stache game 9.7/10.

Kyser 83
Reply to  Coach Macgyver
9 months ago

It’s all in the mustache

9 months ago

Just imagining what the peak taper would’ve looked like last year 😓

Reply to  Packer
9 months ago

He was on track for Murph’s AR for sure. At ACCs he was 44-low I think with like moustache and wearing a drag suit 😉

Un-Squash the Beef
9 months ago

Dang, maybe he WAS raised differently.

Reply to  Un-Squash the Beef
9 months ago

Love your username

Human Ambition
9 months ago

Also imagine the potential of Kolesjnikov in Yards…

Reply to  Human Ambition
9 months ago

He could probably hit the first 21 second 2nd 50, 22 low for sure

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