WATCH NC State’s Stewart Swim 43.9 100 Back in Old School Jaked

NC State freshman Coleman Stewart has been doing some crazy fast swimming in practice lately. Most recently, he put on one of the old full body Jaked suit to swim a 100 back for time. From a push, Stewart blasted a very fast swim, with the 4 stopwatches used to time him getting the following times: 43.9, 43.9, 44.0, and 44.1. His split to the feet at the 50 was a 21.3.

Check out the swim in the video below.

According to Head Coach Braden Holloway, NC State has a tradition of picking someone who has looked good during holiday training to do a suited swim for time from a push. Coach Holloway informs the chosen swimmer a day or two before their last practice, and the swimmer then chooses if they want to do a 100 or 200. If the swimmer beats the goal time Coach Holloway gives them, the whole team gets to do one less round of NC State’s traditional set in the final practice.

The goal time for Stewart to beat was a 47.00. Needless to say, he demolished that time, and the team got out of one round of their big set.

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3 years ago

Dear Jesus

3 years ago

Great fun for the team. Very innovative and exciting. The Wolfpack is in very good hands.

Chester copperpot
3 years ago

Wow that means he’s going to win NCAA’s in march. He just went a 43.9 FROM A PUSH and at the END of their first week of INTENSE WINTER TRAINING (they’ve all been talking about how hard and ridiculous it’s been so far). Now what that means is that if he HAS to go AT LEAST 43 low (should be 42low) when he’s FULLY SHAVED AND TAPERED in an ACTUAL MEET. There’s no other option. So congrats Mr. Stewart, you’re going to be an NCAA champion in a few months, you have to now.

Reply to  Chester copperpot
3 years ago

No possible way he gets close to AMERICAN RECORD HOLDER AND FASTEST 100 YARD BACKSTROKER EVER Ryan Murphy

Reply to  WaitAMinute
3 years ago

You forgot Olympic Gold Medalist

Reply to  Harambe
3 years ago

And world record holder

Reply to  WaitAMinute
3 years ago

Seems foolish to dismiss this swim so quickly just because it was using body suit… this is still crazy fast. I doubt he’lol beat Murphy him only being a freshmen, but I think he might be able to give him a race and who knows next year he may be within range to take down murphy’s records.

Reply to  Chester copperpot
3 years ago


Reply to  Chester copperpot
3 years ago

Calm down, he was in a full-body suit and two timers got him at 44, not 43.9. It’s very fast, but let’s be honest, Murphy isn’t gonna lose unless he gets seriously sick or injured.

Reply to  Chester copperpot
3 years ago

Haha i dont think hes serious chill

Reply to  Chester copperpot
3 years ago

Calm down. Relax. Take a chill pilll. It’s just for fun. Santa is watching you and taking notes. You don’t want to be on the naughty list.

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