China Re-Closes Gyms and Pools in Beijing Due to Second Wave of Coronavirus

As the result of a possible second wave of Coronavirus, China has decided to shut down all gyms and pools in Beijing, according to The Independent. This comes as the Chinese capital saw a resurgence in the virus over the past week, after the numbers had been steadily declining over the course of the last month. 

The Coronavirus was originally detected in Wuhan, China at some point in December last year. For several months, it remained the epicenter of the outbreak with approximately 83,000 cases, sending the country into a complete lockdown through most of March. Despite these efforts, over 4,000 people still died within the country, according to Johns Hopkins. Slowly, the number of reported cases within China began to decline as it spread to other places like Italy and the United States. Currently, there are over 3.3 million confirmed cases of Coronavirus worldwide, with almost 240,000 deaths. However, a lack of testing and a great number of asymptomatic cases have led many officials to suspect that the number of actual cases is significantly higher. 

Elsewhere, some pools, especially outdoor pools, have begun to reopen, with temperature checks being made for those entering the facilities.

Chinese officials have stated that there are no confirmed cases in the virus’ origin city, Wuhan, but there are approximately 535 people currently being observed for signs of the virus. Many of these new suspected cases are thought to be imported from other countries, which has led the Chinese government to declare a mandatory 14-day quarantine period for anyone entering the country. 

Many within the country are protesting the closures, especially gym-owners and elite athletes, who wish to return to their normal routines that have been disrupted since the outbreak began. 

This news comes with new implications for countries attempting to re-open after the pandemic. Sweden and the Netherlands both recently announced the re-opening of training facilities for some of their elite athletes. Both countries had large numbers of confirmed cases, about 21,000 and 40,000, respectively according to the Johns Hopkins’ Coronavirus Map. However, declines in both countries have triggered their re-openings. 

In the United States, some states have begun to re-open. However, the US still leads the world with over a million confirmed cases of Coronavirus. Around the country, approximately 900 pools remain closed until further notice. Some athletes have been able to train in backyard facilities, but many remain out of the water until it is deemed safe to return.

Currently, the Tokyo Olympics are postponed until 2021, but a resurgence in the virus could derail that plan. As reported earlier this week, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated that it would be “impossible” to host the games if there is no solution to the pandemic before they’re set to occur. 


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4 years ago

Feel free to reach out at [email protected]

4 years ago

Let’s keep an eye on the new case rate in Mission Viejo, a primarily older community, where the coach owns the mayor, and swimming restarted last week, illegally, at a facility surrounded by a 55+ community and an elder care home across the street. So much litigation to win in the old mission should contact tracing bring a case back to the nads.

4 years ago

Hey everyone! I was one of the first people in Utah to contract Covid-19. My group of friends brought it back from Hawaii before quarantine. One of my friends had mandatory testing in his workplace a week after we returned, which came out positive. So I went and got tested as well. Turns out, my entire family had it, my buddies and their families, girlfriends, co-workers etc. Almost everyone at my buddy’s company had it. My daughter got it from me and gave it to my ex-wife and her family. The vast majority of the people in our social network didn’t get tested because they all knew they had it and just quarantined themselves regardless. The overall result was realistically… Read more »

Reply to  Devin
4 years ago

Tell the NYT to write a story about your case. They probably won’t do it unless you told them someone died.

Reply to  Devin
4 years ago

Thanks for sharing. Same stories among my circle of life: tested positives, mild or no symptoms, rested, recovered, no isolation needed.

Corn Pop
4 years ago

Isolation is always required . It is against the law in most regimes ( yes we are all in regimes just now ) . W h at you are saying is your friends deliberately went out & exposed other ppl who can not be traced .
Your sort of friends are what will prevent public pools from opening , keep travel off limits & why Tokyo 21 will be cancelled .

Reply to  Corn Pop
4 years ago

You totally misunderstood my comment. I was in response to Devin’s post and stated my friends shared her experience, which definitely included isolation for 14 days. Only after being cleared by health officials could my friends (medical professionals actually) were allowed to stop isolation. In fact, many were asked to donate blood for plasma, and did. They are heroes!

Misunderstanding, misinformation and people like you who irresponsibly create/spread them are worse than Covid-19 itself. You are not helping!! Do better.

4 years ago

Anyone have any statistics or science on the spread and ability for the virus to live in chlorinated environments? Thx

Reply to  Cindy
4 years ago

Doesn’t transmit through water. Does through air and on deck and in locker rooms

4 years ago

It’s all about how sick you were before you got infected, as this US News article shows:

In summary, using data from electronic health records, researchers examined the clinical course, characteristics and outcomes of 5,700 patients who were hospitalized in 12 Northwell Health hospitals in New York City, Long Island and Westchester County, New York, between March 1 and April 4.

Out of the 5,700 patients in the study, 5,350 patients presented with a comorbid condition: more than 3,000 – or nearly 57% – had high blood pressure, while 41.7% were obese and 33.8% had diabetes.

Now this doesn’t prove that those infected who didn’t go to the hospital had no comorbidities but… Read more »

4 years ago

Funny how swimmers are arguing about COVID-19.

Isn’t the real controversy lap vs length?

4 years ago

I’m sad

4 years ago

The Chinese are certainly under the gun. Let us all hope in the interest of world health and peace that they get better and not die a horrible tortured death where they can not breath and go “AAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!”

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