Chase Kalisz Reveals He Has Food Poisoning, Withdraws From Nationals


On Saturday morning, Chase Kalisz announced via Twitter that he had food poisoning and was going to be withdrawing from the rest of U.S. Nationals. He was already qualified for the 2023 U.S. World Championships team by virtue of finishing second in the 400 IM.

Kalisz was entered in the 200 IM as the third overall seed (1:56.21), and with top seed Shaine Casas off of his best times at Nationals, Kalisz was considered a favorite to place top two alongside Carson Foster.

With Kalisz out, there is a greater likelihood that some projected qualifiers on the men’s side will be left home. Currently, there are a total of 25 different projected qualifiers with three more events left. Only 26 men can be sent to Worlds, so if at least two new swimmers place top two Saturday night, swimmers on the projected qualifiers list won’t be named onto the Worlds team.

  • See a breakdown of the U.S. selection procedure here.

Right now, Michael Andrew is the lowest-priority swimmer, so he will be the first swimmer out if there end up being two additional projected qualifiers. However, if he qualifies for the 50 free (where he is the second overall seed) and the same situation arises, then Henry McFadden will be the first one out.

List Of  Swimmers By Priority Order (Low to High):

  1. Michael Andrew
  2. Henry McFadden
  3. Justin Ress
  4. Baylor Nelson
  5. Ryan Held

On Saturday night, the mens’ 800 free, 200 IM, and 50 free will be contested. With Bobby Finke, Charlie Clark, and David Johnston headlining the 800 free, new qualifiers are unlikely. However, the 200 IM and 50 free (especially the 50 free, where there isn’t a clear favorite) look more up in the air—and depending on the results of those events, things could get dicey.

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8 months ago

wasn’t that a problem for ledecky a couple of years ago?
How come every time there’s trials some top dogs come down with a food poisoning?
Is that just an excuse (I don’t think it is) or does someone have to do something about whatever it is they eat there?!

Reply to  Gard
8 months ago

Everyone is eating hotel breakfast. Often eggs, bacon, or other foods aren’t prepared 100% correctly and there are….complications.

It happens and it sucks but to say it’s an excuse, especially from two warriors like Ledecky and Kalisch, is just plain stupid.

8 months ago

Could be a virus. I kind of hope Regan got out of there too and keeps away from team just to be safe.

8 months ago

Not the first swimmer to scratch due to “food poisoning”. I think it’s more likely there is a virus going around.

Kurt Dickson
8 months ago

Most vomiting/diarrhea is not food poisoning but in the end it all looks the same and I suppose it doesn’t matter. Sad way to wreck a meet.

8 months ago

if lasco or smith gets second then roster cap should be fine

8 months ago

MA with the first place finish! But in lowest priority for selection.

8 months ago

This is why every selection meet should be in Austin. Amazing food and even better tap water

8 months ago

Magahey and Kalisz? What are they eating in Indy rn? 😭

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