Camille Muffat Breaks 400 Freestyle World Record in a Time of 3:54.85 – Day Three – European Short Course Swimming Championships

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November 24th, 2012 International, News

Men’s 1500 Free

Winning the men’s 1500 free was Italian Gregorio Paltrinieri. His time of 14:27.78 is the fastest time done in the world this year. Although having the desire to win the event he was surprised to do so, “This was a really hard race and I didn’t expect to win it. Of course I wanted to get a medal because I won this event at the Long Course Europeans. However, I’m not that good on short course because my underwater kicks are not too good. I was nearly dead at the finish, but I’m really happy that I achieved my goal.”

Coming in second in a time of 14:30.87 was Sergiy Frolov of the Ukraine destroying his own National Record of 14:42.01 set in 2010, but Frolov has much higher expectations for his performance at worlds, “I am competing here at these European Championships without tapering, and on that background my results here are really good. I want to swim around 14:15 minutes at the Worlds in Istanbul which means I am aiming at Yuri Prilukov’s European record of 14:16.13 minutes…”

Finishing in third was Anthony Pannier of France in a time of 14:41.97 which was three seconds slower than the time he posted at French Nationals,  “I don’t care about my time at all and how I swam: my only goal was to win a medal!”

Women’s 50 Backstroke – Semi Final

Aliaksandra Herasimenia (BLR) – 27.06

Kira Toussaint (NED) – 27.12

Laure Manaudou (FRA) – 27.19

Lauren Quigley (GBR) – 27.19

Men’s 50 Breaststroke – Semi Final

Damir Dugonjic (SLO) – 26.52

Florent Manaudou (FRA) – 26.56

Aleksander Hetland (NOR) – 26.56

Women’s 400 Freestyle

Camille Muffat did not disappoint breaking the World Record in the 800 freestyle in a time of 3:54.85 eclipsing the old mark of 3:54.92 set by Great Britain’s Joanne Jackson in 2009.

After breaking the 800 freestyle at the French National Championships only a week ago, she was expected to have a much better 400 freestyle at the same meet, but under performed posting a time of 3:59.38. Muffat obviously had a plan which included not over extending herself at French Nationals in the 400 and deciding to forgo the 800 at this weekends European Championship so that she had enough left to do what she did today.

Joanne Jackson’s World Record Splits

27.74; 57.29(29.55); 1:27.10(29.81); 1:56.93(29.83); 2:26.61(29.68); 2:56.38(29.77); 3:26.18(29.80); 3:54.92(28.74)

Camille Muffat’s World Record splits

26.84; 56.24 (29.40); 1:25.91 (29.67); 1:55.95 (30.04); 2:25.94 (29.99); 2:56.01(30.07); 3:25.72(29.71); 3:54.85(29.13)

“I really wanted to break that World record – and I did it!”

Lotte Friis of Denmark, winner of the 800 freestyle finished second in a time of 3:58.85 breaking her own National Record of 3:59.06 from 2009.

“It was great to be in this World record race. I can learn a lot during my daily training with Camille Muffat in Nice. However, I’m not yet in top form after an extended break after the Olympics.”

Finishing third was Coralie Balmy of France in a time of 3:59.80.

“It’s a great result for the French team that we finished first and third. It’s a great achievement to win gold and set a new World record.”

Upon the completion of this race it marks the 100 and 101st medal that France has won at European Short Course Championships since it’s inauguration in 1996.

Men’s 100 IM – Semi Final

Peter Mankoc (SLO) – 52.84

Martti Aljand (EST) – 53.16 – National Record

Gal Nevo (ISR) – 53.24 – National Record

Women’s 100 Breaststroke – Semi Final

In the women’s 100 breaststroke semi final Rikke Moeller Pedersen qualified first in a European Short Course Championship Record time of 1:04.49. With that time Pedersen is only twenty-eight one-hundredths of a second from her own European Record of 1:04.21 set in 2009.

Qualifying second was Petra Chocova of the Czech Republic in a time of 1:06.22 breaking her own National Record of 1:06.80 set in 2009.

Qualifying third was Ireland’s Sycerika Mc Mahon in a time of 1:06.46 demolishing the Irish National Record set by in 2002 by Emma Robinson in a time of 1:09.02.

Women’s 100 IM

The Hungarian women are sticking to their country’s tradition of being the at the top of the world in individual medley events. Katinka Hosszu finished first in a time of 58.83, the best time she has posted this year and the best swum in the world this year.

“The 100m individual medley – there is just one thing to do – swim as fast as you can. There are no tactics like for instance in the 400m freestyle. I still have to learn a lot in that respect.”

Coming in second was Hosszu’s Hungarian team mate Zsuzsanna Jakabos in a time of 59.15, the second fastest time swum in the world this year.

“I reached my goal in setting a new personal best, but I still have to improve a lot in breaststroke.”

Siobhan-Marie O’Connor of Great Britain finished third in a time of 59.72.

“This is my first medal at a major event like this. I just missed out on a first medal yesterday, and therefore I’m really happy. It was a hard race because I knew before that I had to be really fast to make that medal.”

Men’s 200 Butterfly

Not to be outdone by his female teammates Hungarian Laszlo Csheh won the 200 butterfly for the third time at the European Short Course Championships (2007, 2011) in a time of 1:52.11.

“I decided to have an easy first half and than increase my pace. The time is not that good, I have to improve my form in butterfly.”

He is very accurate in saying that the time is not that good since the fastest time posted this year was by Hdemasa Sano of Japan at the Japanese Nationals earlier this month of 1:50.28.

Coming in second was Viktor B. Bromer of Denmark in a National Record time of 1:53.38 breaking the record set by Chris Christensen of 1:55.77 in 2009.

“I didn’t expect anything from this Europeans, perhaps making a final. I improved my personal best here in Chartres for about 2.5 seconds; this improvement can only have something to do with changing my coach. Now I’m hoping to make the final at the Worlds in Istanbul too.”

Finishing third was Joeri Verlinden of the Netherlands in a time of 1:53.47.

“I didn’t expect anything from this Europeans, perhaps making a final. I improved my personal best here in Chartres for about 2.5 seconds; this improvement can only have something to do with changing my coach. Now I’m hoping to make the final at the Worlds in Istanbul too.”

Women’s 100 Butterfly – Semi Final

Ilaria Bianchi (ITA) – 57.18 – National Record

Veronika Popova (RUS) – 57.65

Jeanette Ottesen Gray (DEN) – 57.67

Men’s 100 Freestyle

Vladimir Morozov posted the fastest time in the world this year to win the men’s 100 freestyle in a time of 45.68. Morozov was extremely aggressive in this race with his sites set on Amaury Leveaux’s world record of 44.94. Leveaux’s 50 split in that race was 21.72 Morozov went out in a time of 21.34, but did not have enough speed in the final 50.

“I didn’t expect anything from this Europeans, perhaps making a final. I improved my personal best here in Chartres for about 2.5 seconds; this improvement can only have something to do with changing my coach. Now I’m hoping to make the final at the Worlds in Istanbul too.”

Russian National Record holder Evgeny Lagunov finished second in a time of 46.52. After the race he commented on his feelings on the Morozov and how he himself is now getting long in the tooth, “Vladimir Morozov represents the new Russian sprint generation. Though I finished runner-up, I’m already an ‘old man’.

France’s Yannick Agnel finished third in a time of 46.80 a touch slower than the 46.68 he posted last week at the French National Championships.

“The two Russians were out of reach today. I just don’t yet have the necessary short course speed.”

Women’s 50 Backstroke

France’s Laure Manaudou is on top of the world again. Figuratively and she just missed literally. After swimming a 26.78 Manaudou was thrilled with winning the event, “I’m so happy, it’s a great feeling to win a gold medal again after four years without swimming. I was a bit stressed before the race because my semi-final was far from perfect.”

26.78 is also the second fastest time posted this year only to be better than Austraila’s Rachel Goh who has swum 26.66.

Finishing in second was Croatia’s Sanja Jovanovic in a time of 26.84,   “Second place is excellent for me. I could have won but I made a few minor mistakes during the race.”

Coming in third was the Czech Republic’s Simona Baumrtova in a time of 26.97. After the race she did not hide her disappointment in her performance, “It looks like I am stuck with bronze. I imagined this race to be different for my, by time as well as place…”

Men’s 50 Breaststroke

Italian Fabio Scozzoli just missed his European Record of 26.11 in winning the men’s 50 breaststroke finishing in a time of 26.18.

The race could of easily been won by one of four men Scozzoli (26.18), Norway’s Aleksander Hetland (26.20), Slovenia’s Damir Dugonjic (26.24) and France’s Florent Manaudou (26.29) with only 11 one-hundredths of a second separating the four men.

“Two years ago I only won the 50m breast, last year only the 100m and this year I eventually managed to win both breaststroke sprint events,” said Scozzoli.

Hetland with very excited about the result, “This is what I live and train for! Winning a medal is the best feeling ever.”

Dugonjic was relieved that he finally performed to his capabilities, “Finally I performed well here. I even set a national record. I wasn’t at all satisfied with my performance in the 100 metres, when I was suffering from a cold.”

Mixed 4 x 50 Freestyle Relay

Winning the mixed freestyle relay in a time of 1:29.64 was the French team made up of Frederick Bousquet (20.97), Florent Manaudou (20.35), Camille Muffat (24.39) and Anna Santamans (23.93)

Finishing in second were the Russians in a time of 1:30.41 and coming in third was Finland in a time of 1:31.74.

Although many in the swimming world feel that mixed relays are a joke, the swimmers seem to be having fun with it.

“I’m a middle-distance swimmer, that’s why I feel really honoured to have the chance to swim next to pure sprinters and to win the first ever European mixed freestyle relay title. That’s the icing on the cake,” commented Camille Muffat.

“It is fun to compete together with the girls. It was our aim to beat the French, but they were too strong today in home water,” said Andrey Grechin of Russia.

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