Big Ten Announces 3-Meet Schedule for 2021 Swimming & Diving Championships

The Big Ten Conference, one of the top conferences in college swimming, is finalizing a plan to host a three-site conference championship meet in February.

The plan will mirror the one announced by the SEC this week, with diving, women’s swimming, and men’s swimming being held at separate sites.

The change isn’t as drastic for the Big Ten, because unlike the SEC, the Big Ten always has separate men’s and women’s meets. The biggest change is pulling divers out into a separate site in parallel with the women’s meet.

2021 Big Ten Swimming & Diving Championships Schedules

  • Big Ten Men’s & Women’s Diving Championships – February 24-27 – Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana
  • Big Ten Women’s Swimming Championships – February 24-27 – University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Big Ten Men’s Swimming Championships – March 3-6 – Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio*

*Pending confirmation by the Ohio State administration.

Diving points will be incorporated into their respective championships.

This moves the meets a week closer to the NCAA Championship events in the season ‘cycle’ as currently scheduled.

The NCAA Division I Women’s Swimming & Diving Championships is scheduled for March 17-20 at the Greensboro Aquatic Center in Greensboro, N.C., and the NCAA Division I Men’s Swimming & Diving Championships is set for March 24-27 at the Campus Recreation and the Greensboro Aquatic Center in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The Ohio State women and Michigan men are the defending Big Ten champions.

Most Big Ten teams have not competed in formal NCAA competition yet this season. An abbreviated Big Ten schedule, featuring dual and tri meets, will begin next weekend. See a full listing of those regular season schedules that have been announced so far here.

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Split personality
2 years ago

Will be interesting to see which team was able to manage the pandemic the best.

2 years ago

Awaiting Pac-12 to jump on board with this model….
Big 12 and ACC sort of could but it would be harder since Big 12 is relatively smaller and ACC uses only Greensboro.

Reply to  Anonymous
2 years ago

Acc already uses a similar model it’s just all diving is at the women’s meet and the men’s meet is like a week later

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