Adam Peaty Throws Down World-Leading 57.70 100 Breast To Open British Trials

British Olympic Selection Trials

Adam Peaty showed that he’s ready to race at this year’s British Olympic Selection Trials by opening with a 57.70 100 breast, establishing the top time in the world this season. Peaty’s swim surpasses Nicolo Martininghi’s 58.37 from Italian Trials and makes him the only swimmer under 58 in the event both this season and in history.

2020-2021 LCM Men 100 Breast

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A 57.70 is a solid improvement from Peaty’s performances in the 100 breast so far this year. At the 2021 Manchester International Swim Meet back in February he posted a 58.87 in the prelims and a 58.82 in the finals and in March at the 2021 British Swimming Invitation Peaty raced again, posting a 59.45 prelim swim and was a 58.52 in the finals.

The prelims swim of 57.70 for Peaty is within a second of his current 56.88 world record from the 2019 World Championships and is his 9th fastest time on record in the event.

With the swim, Peaty is one step closer to having the top 20 fastest swims in the event as Ilya Shymanovich now sits with the 20th fastest performance in history with his 58.29. Should Peaty swim faster than that 58.29 during finals, he will achieve the feat.

Heading into tonight’s final, Peaty will be joined by two other sub-1:00 swimmers as James Wilby and Ross Murdoch posted swims of 59.32 and 59.53, respectively.


Name YoB Club Time FINA Pt 50 Split
1. Adam Peaty (94) Loughboro 57.70 957 26.87
2. James Wilby (93) Loughboro NC 59.32 881 27.44
3. Ross Murdoch (94) UniOfStirl 59.53 872 28.07
4. David Murphy (98) Loughboro NC 1: 00.38 835 27.91
5. Archie Goodburn (01) Loughboro NC 1: 01.17 804 28.36
6. Gregory Butler (00) Loughboro NC 1: 01.43 793 28.34
7. Kyle Booth (01) Co Cardiff 1: 01.52 790 28.68

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Swim Fan
2 years ago

Any links to video?

Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  Swim Fan
2 years ago

this is the finals, the commentator is a joy to listen to as well

2 years ago

So according to the chart, he’s only been faster at Worlds/Euros/Olympics. Peaty is such a legend.

2 years ago

Nope. Shymanovich is #2 all-time still at 58.29.

2 years ago

Any livestreams?

Reply to  Ytho
2 years ago

British Swimming Facebook page

Thomas Selig
Reply to  Ytho
2 years ago

British swimming youtube channel

Ondulation Fabio
2 years ago

Scott also swam a cheeky 1.57 200 IM

2 years ago

Do the Brits have semi finals also, or are finals tonight?

Reply to  Andy
2 years ago

Straight finals.

Thomas Selig
Reply to  Andy
2 years ago

No semis, just finals. Very few entries per event because of CoVid restrictions: they capped it at a max of 3 heats, and only the men’s 200 free has three full heats anyway, so semis wouldn’t make much sense. In any case, British trials never have semis: the depth simply isn’t there (except maybe in one or two events) to make it worthwhile.

Reply to  Andy
2 years ago

Finals tonight (due to COVID most events only have 2-3 heats so having semis would be a farce).

2 years ago

Ah a stellar breakfast swim

2 years ago

He’s so ridiculous. This dude is gonna win his own gold medal and then carry two different medley relays to gold, isn’t he?

Reply to  Willswim
2 years ago

Kathleen Dawson at 58.6 and Freya Anderson on Free isn’t good enough? I would have agreed Pre-Dawson Breakthrough but not so much anymore. If anything the success of that Relay is dependent on James Guy since Dressel and Minakov could outsplit him by 1-2 Seconds or even more.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jack
Reply to  Jack
2 years ago

I don’t think so lol

Reply to  Jack
2 years ago

Dawson-Peaty-Guy-Anderson is definitely medal material, but I think gold would be a push. China & USA look rock solid for medals, which probably leaves Australia, Russia and GBR to fight for the third medal.