Peaty, Scott & Colbert Head Up 33-Strong British Roster For Paris 2024

Aquatics GB has revealed its 33-strong pool and marathon swimming team set to represent the nation this summer in Paris, France.

8 Olympic champions are among the elite roster, including Adam PeatyAnna Hopkin, Tom Dean, Matt Richards, Kathleen Dawson and Duncan Scott.

There are 10 debutants set to compete at the Olympic level for the first time, including world champion Freya Colbert and newly-minted British 100m backstroke record holder Oliver Morgan.

The roster is broken down into qualification categories based on performances at the 2024 British Olympic Trials and according to the Aquatics GB Olympic Selection Policy

Some athletes gained outright nominations after winning their event and clearing the Aquatics GB stiff qualification standard.

Others were granted an Olympic berth at the discretion of Chris Spice, High-Performance Director, and Bill Furniss, Head Coach.

Furniss said of the roster, “The swimmers have come through a tough selection process and earned the chance to show what they are capable of on the Olympic stage. We have a mix of proven experience and some exciting new talent, and our relay strength is encouraging in many events.

“The challenge for everyone on the team is to maximise the final months of preparation and produce their best performance of the season in the Olympic arena.”

Below is a breakdown of the British roster for Paris 2024.

These athletes gained selection after winning an individual event and going inside the relevant event’s nomination standard at the 2024 Aquatics GB Swimming Championships, as per clause 5.1 of the selection policy:

  • Freya Colbert, Loughborough Performance Centre
  • Kathleen Dawson, University of Stirling
  • Anna Hopkin, Loughborough Performance Centre
  • Daniel Jervis, Swim Wales High Performance Centre
  • Max Litchfield, Loughborough Performance Centre
  • Keanna MacInnes, University of Stirling
  • Oliver Morgan, Birmingham University
  • Honey Osrin, Loughborough University
  • Adam Peaty, Loughborough Performance Centre
  • Ben Proud, Bath University
  • Matthew Richards, Millfield
  • Duncan Scott, University of Stirling
  • Abbie Wood, Loughborough Performance Centre

The athletes gained selection by virtue of the collective times of the first four finishers in the respective 100m and 200m Freestyle events at the 2024 Aquatics GB Swimming Championships, in relation to the 4x100m and 4x200m Freestyle Relays, as per clause 5.2 of the selection policy:

  • Alex Cohoon, Loughborough University
  • Tom Dean, Bath Performance Centre
  • James Guy, Millfield
  • Medi Harris, Loughborough Performance Centre
  • Lucy Hope, University of Stirling

This athlete gained selection by virtue of the collective times of the winner of the open final of the Men’s 100m Backstroke, 100m Breaststroke, 100m Butterfly and 100m Freestyle at the 2024 Aquatics GB Swimming Championships, in relation to the 4x100m Medley Relay, as per clause 5.3 of the selection policy.

  • Joe Litchfield, Loughborough Performance Centre

These athletes gained selection at the discretion of the GB Head Coach and Performance Director, as per clause 5.4 of the selection policy. Considerations included potential relay medallists, relay cover for athletes with heavy schedules, performances at the 2024 Aquatics GB Swimming Championships and medical mitigations.

  • Freya Anderson, Bath Performance Centre
  • Kieran Bird, Bath Performance Centre
  • Angharad Evans, University of Stirling
  • Jack McMillan, University of Stirling
  • Eva Okaro, Repton
  • Jacob Whittle, Bath Performance Centre
  • James Wilby, Loughborough Performance Centre

These athletes gained selection after placing second in a final at the 2024 Aquatics GB Swimming Championships and going inside the relevant event’s nomination time, as per clause 5.5 of the selection policy.

  • Luke Greenbank, Loughborough Performance Centre
  • Jonathon Marshall, Carnegie
  • Katie Shanahan, University of Stirling
  • Laura Stephens, Loughborough Performance Centre

These athletes gained selection after performances in the 10km events at the 2024 World Aquatics Championships in Doha, as per the marathon swimming selection policy:

  • Leah Crisp, Bath Performance Centre
  • Hector Pardoe, Loughborough University
  • Toby Robinson, Loughborough University

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Thomas Selig
1 month ago

Overall this feels like a very logical, and good, selection.

On the purely discretionary picks:
Anderson was always going to be punted on. She probably showed enough to suggest that by Paris she’ll be strong enough to be a worthwhile relay addition at the very least.
Once you’ve decided to pick Anderson and the women 4×100 free relay, then Okaro is obviously in also.
Bird totally deserves his spot. Big PBs in the 400 and 200 free. Hit the A standard in the 400, agonisingly close to QT (closest among winners percentage-wise I think). Also adds a nice bit of flexibility to the 4×200 free if needed.
Evans didn’t quite bring it in the finals,… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Thomas Selig
Ranger Coach
1 month ago

Lake Erie LSC is very happy about Johnny Marshall. I’ve already seen two things on Facebook about it. OHSAA is also very happy. Those were another two posts. Akron City Schools is absolutely thrilled.

I watched him swim last year at the OHSAA State Swimming and Diving Championships (the Best High School Meet in the Nation) and he did very well. I’m looking forward to watching him this summer in the Olympics.

1 month ago

Peters and Cox seem to be the 2 notable omissions although neither can really have any complaints as they failed to deliver. Must be a particularly hard day for Peters as he messed up big time with that dreadful long finish that was v costly. Still can’t see how he could have been selected though. At the same time, can’t really see Litchfield doing anything significant, so it’s probably all down to Guy for the medley relay

Reply to  Mark
1 month ago

Yeah I don’t see Lichfield doing anything on the fly, just hope he can deliver in the relay heat so they at least make the final, could of took Peters as well and then could of looked at how they were swimming just before the Olympics and then put the fastest in the relay. As long as they took Lichfield that would of ticked the box on the selection policy. Doesn’t say anywhere that they actually have to swim him just pick him, then do what they want at the actual games

Reply to  Swamer
1 month ago

Though the rules say you have to give relay-only swimmer a relay swim, it could be any of them, prelims or finals. If not your relays will be DQ.

1 month ago

I don’t claim any expertise through regularly following TEAM GB, but I did watch all of the finals swimming for men and women. Sadly, I didn’t see many athletes with that kind of star power that is going to take them to the podium except possibly for Peaty, Ana Hopkin, Proud (yes!), and Scott. In the relays, the men’s 4 X 200 free will be in the chase, but I don’t see much on the women’s side. Sorry, but I don’t think TEAM GB is going to see a London 2012 repeat.

1 month ago

Strange comment

1 month ago

Here you go again.
Richards is the friggin WC gold medalist from 2023 for one. There 4×100 men’s team could definitely medal. Dean could medal in the 200 IM.

Martin McEvoy
1 month ago

They got a silver and 2 bronze in London 2012. I suspect they’ll do rather better than that.

1 month ago

Not bad at all for a country with about 20% of the US population

Reply to  NoFastTwitch
23 days ago

much larger population that Aus

1 month ago

You do know London 2012 was bad for us in the pool, right?

That said, I do think our team is weaker than Tokyo. I can see medals from Peaty, 4×1, 4×2, Richards or Scott in the 200, Proud in the 50 and Scott or Dean in the 200im.

Reply to  Dee
1 month ago

The Tokyo team had more ‘exceptionally likely to win a medal’ entries and those are hard to find. But it wasn’t as harmonious I feel; back then, the MMR swimmers’ strengths at the time was the perfect fit, renshaw/wild in peak farewell mode, wood in a great ‘almost medalist shape’ which she is thankfully on course to finally to emulate, jimmy guy great on the fly; but the women’s freestyle 4×100 was weaker and they refused to even take the 4×200; and at the trials 2021, there wasn’t much promising depth behind the stars…The Paris team is good and feels balanced bar w-distance freestyle and m- fly events; now it’s all bout hitting the right taper and relay combos…easier said…

1 month ago

GB won 0 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze in 2012. It’s a good thing they won’t repeat that. They’ll be better.

Peaty, Richards, Scott, Proud, Dean and Colbert all seem in the picture for individual medals, some possibly gold. All 3 men’s relays plus the mixed relay have medal / gold potential.

This is a very strong team by GB standards. Not sure why the negativity.

Last edited 1 month ago by Sub13
1 month ago

This from the individual who told us when Richards moved from Bath to Millfield that he wouldn’t even make the team for Paris and was finished……

1 month ago

Team Gb won a silver and 2 bronzes in London 2012. iI,m sure they will win more than than that, as you say they won’t repeat london

Last edited 1 month ago by katyj
han qihao
1 month ago

Guy has always been the champion of the relay, and he has unlimited potential in the relay

Brit swim fan
1 month ago

Really hope Guy puts a bit of work into his fly between now and Paris in order to give us a chance on the medley.

Part of me thinks he might, given he will not be swimming the 200 free indervidually and the 4×200 relay should still have enough firepower elsewhere to be a good chance at gold.

1 month ago

Seriously I’m surprised about some comments a bit harsh on Jacob Peters.
Facts: he has the best PB and the best potential (he’s a 22.8 50 flier) about British fliers and at trials he was the lone swimmer to reach the TL (in the heat).
In the final he failed, also because he had a terrible finish, but considering that there have been other discretionary choices, why not considering Peters, at least as an option, to maximize the podium chances of British mens medley relay who has, eventually an excellent backstroker (perhaps two), a fantastic anchor and Peaty?
Joe Litchfield, winning that 100 fly final, deserved his slot, but also Peters could be add Imo.

Last edited 1 month ago by nuotofan
Reply to  nuotofan
1 month ago

Peters historically being terrible on relays really didn’t help his cause, and it’s not as if he’s contending for a medal that would force Aqautics GB’s hand

Reply to  nuotofan
1 month ago

The selection criteria says team size should not exceed 30. If they add Peters, they should leave out someone else. And I don’t think anyone in the roster should be substituted by him.

Last edited 1 month ago by rhode
Reply to  nuotofan
1 month ago

Fact: Guy had the best PB at 100 fly in those finals

1 month ago

Be interesting to see who they take to the Euros. Policy says up to 10, but the objective narrows down who I think is a candidate:
2.1 The objectives for this event is to provide international championship race experience for athletes on a trajectory for a podium performance at the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games in pool swimming. 

Not too many 2028 medal prospects not either going to Paris or the Euro Juniprs which is another stipulation.
I would think Painter, Ward, Gammon, may be Charlie Hutchinson among the men. Schlosshan, Grieve and McGill among the women. Could look at those that just missed Paris like Peters, Hanon and Cox, but that kind of stretches the LA objective.

Reply to  Stirlo
1 month ago

Melbourne-Smith, Evie Davis, E Little, E Mildred, E Jones, G Smith – all but Ed were great at the trials, albeit outclassed by the older teammates

Scuncan Dott V2
Reply to  Ldn
1 month ago

Forgot Schlosshan, surprised if they take Mildred over Gammon tbh

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