35-Yr-Old Cseh Among Hungarians Named to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Roster

The Hungarian Swimming Association (MUSZ) has published its list of athletes having qualified for both the postponed 2020 Olympic Games, as well as this year’s European Championships.

Although the association notes that there are still open slots that can be filled during the Budapest Open in June, the following athletes have been identified as having officially achieved a qualifying standard by Hungarian Swimming Association Board as it stands today. Note that, in the event that there are more than 2 names listed for an individual event, the next swimmer in line would be bumped up if one of the top two places opts out of swimming the race.

Of note, 35-year-old Laszlo Cseh is listed as the 2nd fastest Hungarian swimmer in the men’s 200m IM, having achieved an Olympic-qualifying time of 1:57.79 at the 2019 FINA World Championships. His spot, along with Dominik Kozma’s spot in the 200 free, are marked as being ‘unprotected’ by the Hungarian association, which means that those swimmers could still be bumped by a better performance at the Budapest Open, which runs from June 16-19.

The rest of the entries are considered “protected.”

This would mark Cseh’s 5th Olympic Games if he winds up on the roster.


Maxim Lobanovskij, Kristof Milak, Nandor Nemeth, Dominik Kozma, Gabor Zombori, Akos Kalmar, Gergely Gyurta, Richard Bohus, Adam Telegdy, Tamas Takacs, Mate Kutasi, Tamas Kendersi, Laszlo Cseh, Peter Bernek, David Verraszto



Fanni Gyurinovics, Zsuzsanna Jakabos, Katinka Hosszu, Ajna Kesely, Boglarka Kapas, Katalina Burian, Petra Halmai, Eszter Bekesi, Dalma Sebestyen

The European Championships squads are outlines as follows:

Men (31)
Bernek Péter (1992) BVSC-Zugló
Betlehem Dávid (2003) BÚK Veszprém
Biczó Bence (1993) FTC
Bohus Richárd (1993) BVSC-Zugló
Cseh László (1985) BVSC-Zugló
Gál Olivér (2001) HÓD ÚSE
Gyurta Gergely (1991) UTE
Balázs Holló (1999) Egri ÚK
Holoda Péter (1996) Debrecen SC SI
Horváth Dávid (1996) Kőbánya SC
Jászó Ádám (2002) Pécsi SN
Kalmár Ákos (2000) BÚK Veszprém
Tamás Kenderesi (1996) Pécsi SN
Kós Hubert (2003) UTE
Kovács Benedek Bendegúz (1998) BVSC-Zugló
Kovacsics Márk (2002) UTE
Kozma Dominik (1991) Stamina
Kutasi Máté (1998) Vasas SC
Márton Richárd (1999) Budafóka SE
Kristóf Milák (2000)
Nándor Honvéd Németh Bp. (1999)
Kristóf Rasovszky BVSC-Zugló (1997)
Dániel Sós Vaszprém Sós (1998)
Szebasztián Szas Szabó (1996) Úse Győr
Szentes Bence Szentes (1996) ÚSE
Szöllősi (1998) Szöllősi Martin . VUK SE
Tamás Takács (1998) BVSC-Zugló
Ádám Telegdy (1995) Kőbánya SC
Török Dominik Márk (2002) FTC
Verrasztó Dávid (1988) FTC
Zombori Gábor (2002) Budafóka SE

Women (25)
Eszter Békési (2002) Egri ÚK Beatás
Bordás (1992) Hullám ’91
Katalin Burián (1995) BVB-Zugló
Fábián Bettina (2004) Szeged UE
Fábián Fanni (2002) Szegedi UE
György Réka (1996) Vasas SC
Gyurinovics Fanni (2001) Vasas SC
Halmai Petra (1997) Kaposv. SI
Hosszú Katinka (1989) Iron Swim
Jakabos Zsuzsanna (1989) Győr ÚSE
Kalmár Alíz (2002) Szombathely SKSI
Kapás Boglárka (1993) UTE
Késely Ajna (2001) Kőbánya SC
Mihályvári-Farkas Viktória (2003) FTC
Olasz Anna (1993) Szegedi UE
Ollé Mónika Beatrix (1999) Stamina TK
Sebestyén Dalma (1997) Győr ÚSE
Senánszky Petra (1994) Debrecen SI
Eszter Szabó-Feltóthy (2002) Vasas SC
Szilágyi Gerda (2003) Stamina TK
Sztankovics Anna (1996) Miskolc SI
Varga Dominika (2001) Délzalai Waterworks
Vas Luca (2000) Szeged UE
Veres Laura (2005) Gyula Castle Bath
Verrasztó Evelyn (1989) FTC

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9 months ago

A beast!!

Casas 100 back gold in Tokyo
9 months ago

Cseh’s spot is not protected from what I read. If someone else goes fast enough before June he could still be out.

Last edited 9 months ago by Casas 100 back gold in Tokyo
PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
Reply to  Casas 100 back gold in Tokyo
9 months ago

Unless there’s something truly unexpected, I doubt Bernek (or anyone else) is going under 1:57.5 in the 200 IM. Just seems unlikely that he’d taper for another meet when he’s already qualified in the 400 IM, and I have no clue who else would even be close.

Casas 100 back gold in Tokyo
Reply to  PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
9 months ago

Yes, but *technically* he is not guaranteed to make the team now.

9 months ago

They are allowing times from March 2019 that seems a little outdated.

Reply to  Taa
9 months ago

If someone goes faster at Euros that person can replace a time that hasn’t been swum recently.

There's no doubt that he's tightening up
9 months ago

Cseh v Lochte one more time, I’d love to see it!

The unoriginal Tim

It is significantly more difficult for Lochte to get there but he just might do it. Cseh is qualified based on a 1.57.7 swam two years ago when he was 33. Lochte probably has to do 1.56 in June at almost 37 years old or he won’t be there.

Sam B
9 months ago

I hope he can make it work, he should just focus on the 200 IM, make it to the finals and medal!

9 months ago

Only Hubert Kós has qualified for the men’s 200 IM with the top time. The second slot remains open.

9 months ago

This just made me smile broadly. I like the middle-aged middle distance group getting a last hurrah!

9 months ago

he has hair?

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